Best Charcoal Grills Reviewed In 2023 – Best Offers

Our expert poured over the best charcoal grills on the market in order to find the best knowing their features, pros and cons and value for money.
Best Charcoal Grills Reviewed In 2023 – Best Offers
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Best Charcoal Grills Reviewed In 2018

Some of the most enjoyable meals in our homes nowadays are usually grilled. From meats, burgers to vegetables. Having grilled meals with friends and colleagues is often times a great way to relax and enjoy a nice time out. 

Some people prefer using gas grills as against charcoal grills. They are both good at getting the end result using different methods. SeriousEats did a definitive guide on the difference between gas and charcoal grills here

Charcoal grills are one of the most recommended cooking items for preparing these well cooked and delicious meals on demand. It could be difficult to start but the model in which Charcoal grills employ in cooking food especially with the smoky flavor that comes attached with the meals are some of the things that gives it an edge over electrical and gas powered grills.

We have reviewed some of the top grills that you can use and enjoy this year and we hope you find them useful when next you decide to make a shopping decision.

10. Kingsford GR1031-014984

Kingsford GR1031-014984

This is one of the biggest and most spacious charcoal grills in the market featuring some interesting features that would knock you off your feet.

It comes with a thermometer for controlling temperature in the grill with a large cooking area, at approximately 783 square inches. This large cooking space is also paired with a bottom rack and an expandable metal shelf for storage of utensils, ingredients and other food items.

This Grill is a ‘must have’, if you are really serious about your outdoor grilling


  • Comes with a thermometer for controlling temperature in the grill
  • Durable cast iron body which is used to pass on the heat from the grill to the food.
  • Has a large cooking area (approximately 783 square inches) giving you flexibility to grill multiple meals at once.
  • Has a large bottom rack and metal shelf that is expandable for additional storage of ointments and ingredients.
  • Lasts longer and is more durable than other charcoal grills.

9. Kingsford OGD2001901-KF

Kingsford OGD2001901-KF


The Kingsford OGD2001901-KF is another top of the line grill from Kingsford and it comes in a much different and compact design than the model reviewed above.

It is built as a 22.5-inch kettle grill with porcelain durable grates that enhances the heating up and cooking of different types of meals without burning them. It comes with a mini storage rack beneath the grill and a warming rack.

The Kingsford OGD2001901-KF is among our best charcoal grills for this year. It is targeted at small to medium families and you would find the transportation wheels as another feature that makes this grill worthy of being on our best grill list.


  • It is 22.5-inch wide
  • The coated grates are durable and heat up well
  • It is used mainly by small to mid-sized families
  • It has a small storage space beneath and a warming rack.
  • It has wheels beneath it for moving it with ease from one location to another.

8. Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D


Is one of the biggest charcoal grills on the market and it is extra-large with space for grilling lots of meals and a huge storage basket beneath it for keeping the ingredients and other items that you would want to use later.

It has a three cast iron grade that is very durable and does not rust over time. The Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D is made from premium steel and it is suited for heavy duty grilling.

It is strong, versatile with a lot of interesting features that would blow your mind.

The Dyna Glo comes with an adjustable flu cap that helps regulate the internal heat between the food being grilled or baked inside. The 8-inches resin wheels also mean you can wheel this grill from one location to another without much trouble.


  • Great for heavy duty grilling in homes
  • Comes with porcelain-enameled designs
  • It heats up very fast and distributes heat evenly to grill food fast
  • Comes with an adjustable flu cap for regulating heat
  • Has heavy duty 8-inches resin wheels for easy flow of movement

7. Fox Outfitters Quick Grill

Fox Outfitters Quick Grill


The Fox Outfitters Quick Grill is an affordable and convenient grill that is best suited for use indoors or outdoors with friends and family. It features a 12 inch X 12 inch cooking space that supports the use of both charcoal and wood which gives you more cooking options.

This grill is made from premium heavy duty stainless steel and it doesn’t get rust over time. It is easy to fold and placed inside its carry bag (which it comes with) giving you more convenience with how you can move it around.


  • Offers a 12-inch by 12-inch cooking space
  • Indoors grilling
  • Can be folded easily saving you space and enhancing faster movement
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Made from premium stainless steel which prevents rusts over time.
  • Provides support for both charcoal and wood

6. Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D (Dual Zone)

 Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D (Dual Zone)VIEW ON AMAZON

The Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D (Dual Zone) is a bit similar to the Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D

It comes with large cooking spaces with a stainless lid that helps spread the heat evenly in the grill. It is a much more advanced grill and it can allow you to grill two different food items at different temperatures. This is where the name “dual zone” is coined from.

It has a durable lid covering with an adjustable tray by the side.


  • Ability to grill and sear two different meals at different temperatures
  • It is more advanced than the Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D which we placed at #10 on our list
  • Offers 816 square inches cooking space.
  • Comes with adjustable tray and storage basket
  • Made from durable cast iron materials
  • Has a stainless steel lid that keeps the heat within the grill for great cooking performance.

5. Char-Broil Santa Fe

Char-Broil Santa FeVIEW ON AMAZON

This is a premium all action packed grill that helps you to get the best grilling experience anytime you are in the mood.

It comes packed with a porcelain enameled grates, durable lid with chrome plated cool touch safety that doesn’t get your hands burnt during cooking.

The Char-Broil Santa Fe has two foldable shelves for storage or for warming of food and it has two resin wheel tyres at the back for easy movement from one location to another in the yard.


  • Premium charcoal grill.
  • Has 800 square feet of cooking face
  • Two folding shelves that can handle a myriad of tasks
  • Wheels for movement

4. Weber 15501001 Performer

Weber 15501001 PerformerVIEW ON AMAZON

This is a more mechanical like kind of grill. It looks smaller than other models listed here but it is a deluxe cooking accessory with very interesting features.

The Weber 15501001 Performer performs better than some grills that are much bigger in size.

It doesn’t require toxic fluids to start as it comes with an ignition button for kicking into action.  It comes with a cook timer (which displays in LCD) for monitoring grilling process as you would in a microwave and a thermometer for regulating heat temperature in the grill. It is a must have.


  • Smaller in size
  • Comes with an ignition button
  • Has a cook timer with LCD display
  • In built thermometer
  • Has heavy duty wheels for easy movement

5. Char-Griller 1515

Char-Griller 1515


This is a compact grill that offers 256 square inches of cooking space. It has two resin wheels at the back for movement from one location to another.

The design is compact and simple. The Cha-Griller 1515 has a side drawer for keeping ointments and other items that might be used for the meal.

This grill uses charcoal and takes up less space wherever it is placed

6. Weber 1211001

Weber 1211001VIEW ON AMAZON

The Weber 1211001 is a portable charcoal grill that is durable. It uses charcoal and gets extra ordinary results. IT is very suitable for small to medium families due to its small cooking area.

It offers 240 square inches of cooking space for preparing barbecue for a small number of people. Among the items a customer would get with this grill includes an aluminum ash catcher and a reinforced handle.


  • Very portable
  • Offers 240 square inches of cooking space
  • Comes in a premium all black construction
  • Comes with an ash catcher and a glass reinforced handle

The only downsides to this grill are:

  • It offers a small cooking space and it is suited for small families.
  • No wheels for easy movement. You would have to carry it.

7. Weber 741001

Weber 741001VIEW ON AMAZON

This is a compact and heavy duty grill that continues to perform years after purchase.

It comes in the design of a kettle and it offers a large cooking space at 363 square inches.

The Weber 741001 features a premium plated cooking grates which produces excellent results. The porcelain enameled lid retains heat very well and the kettle like shape means it is evenly distributed around the grill.

There isn’t any culinary equipment that measure up to the Weber 741001.

Some grills would burn; some would rust while others would be abandoned due to the problems they give you every time you use them. This isn’t one of those grills.

The only way to enjoy your BBQ is to use the Weber 741001. Trust us, it would be a decision you won’t regret.


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