Best Cat Litters Review of 2023 – Reviews and Guide

Which is the best cat litter? Our editors analyze expert and user reviews to pick the top cat-friendly and human-friendly choices for the litter box.
Best Cat Litters Review of 2023 – Reviews and Guide
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Best Cat Litters Reviewed – Buyer’s Guide

A large majority of Americans love cats. We simply adore them.

We also find it hard to resist them irrespective of their colors or sizes. This explains why we have so many cats in America than dogs.

According to the Assocication of Protection of Cruelty to Animals, it is estimated that there are over 70-80million dogs and 74-96 million cats owned in America.  More than 35% of cats are acquired as strays. 

Cats are usually more open than dogs. They are genuine and they know how to pass the love back to us when we give it to them.

There is something special about cats and if you own one (which probably is the reason why you found this page), then you would definitely understand where I’m coming from.

We are so fond of our cats that we spend thousands of hours at the vet trying to get medication for them. But there is a bad side to these feline creatures that irks the living day light out of everyone I know that has a cat.

This is about their waste. Their poop and pee especially those ones done outside of the litter box.

Have you ever opened your door after a stressful day at work – you make yourself a lemon juice, get a quick shower and then decide to lie on your bed. You fall onto the mattress and then it smells funny.

At that moment, you know your cat had done it again. It had gone to your bed or your coffee table, sofa or even your carpet to pee. It can be unbearable at times and you wonder why you have to go through so much pain to keep these lovely creatures.

Sometimes, your cat would use the litter box but somehow, the unwelcome smell would still make its way down to your living room or to your bedroom. This could be very embarrassing when you have a date around.

So, how do you prepare against incidences like this?

Look no further; we have prepared a list of the best cat litters available that neutralize the poop odor and where you can buy them online.

10.) Arm & Hammer Fresh Step 261323 Cat Litter

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Arm & Hammer Fresh Step Cat Litter Box is a heavy duty cat litter for both young and older cats and it does a lot of things that gives you the peace of mind that you need every time you cat pees or poops.


  • Very easy to use and empty the contents
  • Comes with an advanced odor controlling system
  • Has a dual duty clumping system for neutralizing smell of urine and feces
  • It is quite affordable.

9.) Yesterday’s News Cat Litter, No Clumping

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This is one of the top cat litters on our lists and it is also recommended by top US Vets for cats recuperating from surgery. It is made with recycled paper and it has been tested and found to be dust free.

This litter is safe, eco-friendly and easy to use.

This litter is safe for the cat’s paws as it is soft and made from paper pellets. It is very powerful in absorbing moisture than litters made with clay. It also helps to reduce ammonia odors.


8.) Feline Pine Cat Litter

This is one of the most impressive litters we have seen. It comes with 100% natural pine for eliminating ammonia odors and preventing tracking. The pines are also 100% dust free.

The Feline Pine Cat Litter uses pine wood pellets to absorb moisture while the solid feces remains on the wood for easy scooping. This litter does not use chemicals or perfumes.

After a sizeable number of usages, the pellets would start to form sawdust; it is usually advisable that the owner changes the pellets before it gets to this stage.


7.) World’s Best Cat Litter 3910324

This flushy kitty litter comes with a natural smell of corn that would make your cat more comfortable and enjoy the litter more than usual.

It is also known as Corn Cat Litter. The natural smell that comes with this litter is scintillating attractive and it would put off any odor coming from your cat’s waste so it doesn’t disturb guests that come visiting.

It is not dusty and clumps better than most litters. The poop won’t stick to your cat’s paw so it won’t move it around your home.

6.) Tidy Cats Cat Litter (Breeze)

This litter does a lot that gives credit to its claims. One, it is easy to setup and use on a daily basis. Secondly, it uses special pellets and not clay so it is not harmful to the cat. These pellets are also effective in eliminating odor and they are 99.6% dust free and anti-tracking.

The function of the pellets in the Tidy Cats Litter is to allow the urine pass through where it gets absorbed by the pad. The poop, on the pellets remains for easy removal.

This litter isn’t scented so you don’t have to worry about the cat coming out of the box with a smell. The absorbing pad that absorbs the urine is easy to wash and they would absorb and eliminate the odor from the urine for as much as a week.

5.) Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter (Great for Training)

There are different ways to get your cat to like your litter box but none could be as effective as Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter. It makes any cat love the box as it was when it first stepped in. It is made of natural materials and safe for your kittens.

It is more favored for owners who want to train their cats on how to use the litter box.

The waste gets clamped hard so it’s easier to scoop and clean and it also has a superior odor controller.

4.) Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance

Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance

This is the litter that deals with every odor that comes from your cat’s poop and pee. It features a triple odor protection to minimize the smell of urine, feces and ammonia. It’s normal for one to have a pounding headache due to cat’s ammonia. With this Cat Litter, there is great protection against this. It also promotes quick clamping, making it easy to remove the waste.

This litter is dust free and reduces tracking.

3.) Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter

If there is one area where Arm & Hammer excel, it’s in ammonia and odor reduction. With years of experience in manufacturing cat litters, it is safe to say that no one does it better than these guys.

This litter comes with a 7-day odor control and it is what you need if you have a cat in the house.

It seals and destroys ammonia with striking ease and precision.

It also clumps immediately and it becomes easier to scoop the waste out. It doesn’t allow tracking and they are softer and much more convenient to use for your pet.

1.) Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This is the biggest kitty litter and also the most reviewed online.

When it comes to safety, it kills it.

When it comes to clumping of feces, it has it locked down.

There is nothing you want your kitty litter to do that the Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter doesn’t do.

It doesn’t allow moisture to form underneath the box and it stays true to its nature making clumping as natural and as painless as it should be as the clumps don’t break apart.

It is 99.9% dust free and it reduces tracking through the use of dense granules. It can be used in homes for more than two cats.

For owners with more cats, it is usually advised that you scoop the litter twice to thrice a day

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