Best Car Backup Camera in 2023 – Car Backup Camera Reviews and Ratings

Best Car Backup Camera in 2023 – Car Backup Camera Reviews and Ratings

We spent 55 hours researching and testing more than 20 different types of car backup cameras and found that ease of installation, cost, and performance were the most important factors with consumers who were looking for a car backup camera. LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear View Camera scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. The LeeKooLuu is one of the best backup cameras on the market thanks to the super sensitive sensor that provides you with the ability to see the slightest movement behind your car even if it is small.  It is very convenient to use and is waterproof as well so you don’t have to worry about the weather messing up the camera.

Car Backup Camera Reviews

1. LeeKooLuu

Best Overall Car Backup Camera

5/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a reliable, quality car backup camera, take a look at the LeeKooLuu Reverse rear view camera.  This sensitive camera offers you the ability to see and sense even the slightest movement behind your vehicle when you are backing up. 

There is no need to strain your neck trying to see what is behind you using the rear view mirror and side mirrors. The backup camera will allow you to see everything you need to see to keep you and everyone around you safe.

This waterproof camera is resistant to bad weather conditions and will not affect the performance and accuracy of the sensors.  You will also be able to detect things behind you when you are backing up at night as well thanks to the IR sensor property that monitors everything while you are backing up even at night.

The LeeKooLuu backup camera is user-friendly so there are no special skills needed to get it to work properly. Attach it to the license plate of your vehicle and fit the convenient LCD monitor to your dashboard and you’re all set.  Many drivers like to use this camera as their rearview mirror in addition to a camera because it is so accurate.

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2. Camecho

Best Overall Car Backup Camera – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

Another great car backup camera is the Camecho RC car backup camera. This unique camera features two channel video input and a 7” LCD monitor that provides clear, easy-to-see viewing of what is behind you before you back up. 

The system auto switches to the rear view when you go into reverse for easy-to-use convenience that will prevent a large number of backup accidents.

Mounting options are flexible and include mounting on the dashboard or the roof, whichever you prefer.  Many drivers use this backup camera as a full-time monitor that can be easily connected to the vehicle’s motor wiring system. 

This waterproof camera is safe to use during inclement weather without sacrificing performance or accuracy.  This backup camera is also accurate for night viewing thanks to the 18 IR LED.

The durable Camecho backup camera is durable and long lasting and features a strong hard, metal case that is shockproof and mud proof and will not heat up easily and cause problems. There are many different types of vehicles the Camecho backup camera can be used for including cars, trucks, campers, RVs, fifth-wheels, and more.

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3. Garmin

4.3/5 Product Rating

Garmin is a well-known name in the GPS world and also has other great devices including this wireless backup camera. 

This wireless camera is user-friendly and helps you monitor what is going on behind the vehicle with ease and accuracy.  The company offers plenty of video tutorials that help you install it so a professional is not needed.

The performance of this backup camera is superior and very efficient.  It is compatible with the Garmin Nuvi that will allow it to use up to four cameras that the same time.  It will easily detect people, pets, vehicles, and other objects in the way and alert you to their presence so there are no accidents.

If you are looking for reliability, ease of use, an affordable price, and performance you can count on Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera is the right choice for your backup camera needs.

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Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

What is a backup camera and what does it do?

A car backup camera is a device that turns on when you put your vehicle in reverse and start to back up. The camera will show you what is going on behind you via a dashboard video screen or sometimes through the rear view mirror so you can see a real-time image of the area that is in the blind spot when using traditional means. This camera can prevent you from running into other vehicles, fences, pets, children, bikes, and many other things.

Even if your vehicle did not come with a backup camera you can purchase them aftermarket and have a variety of models to choose from. Most of the backup cameras on the market are fully able to be integrated with a display panel that offers touchscreen capability even if there are no navigational capabilities.

Types of Backup Cameras

There are four basic types of car backup cameras on the market to choose from. We have listed all four below so you can see what is available and what the differences are between the different systems.

Camera-Only – This type of system can be added to your vehicle if there is a screen already present in the dash. Most camera only styles have the instructions needed so you can connect them to the existing monitors correctly.

All-in-One – This kind of backup camera system features both the display and the camera that you can mount in your vehicle. These all-inclusive models have everything you need to install and use a car backup camera and start reaping the benefits of safer driving.

Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

Camera and Mirror Display – These can be purchased separately. With this type of system the display is placed on the rearview mirror and can be viewed that way while the vehicle is in reverse.

Individual cameras and display units – These are also purchased separately and can include a variety of different cameras and displays to fit any number of needs. If you want to choose individual components keep in mind where you want to mount the camera and display, how much room you have to work with, what your budget is and how handy you are at mounting products like this.

If you are adding a backup camera to a vehicle that already has a display in place you will end up spending less money than if you have to purchase a whole system. When purchasing a camera-only system you will wire it into the vehicle’s electrical system and use the existing monitor to provide you with the view. Make sure that any aftermarket cameras you purchase are compatible with your specific vehicle and also includes the proper interface needed to transfer the signal to the screen properly.

How to Choose the best Backup Camera

There are several things to consider when you are looking for a car backup camera for your vehicle. We have listed these considerations below.

Image Sensor – the majority of backup cameras have one of two sensors: the CMOS sensor or the CCD sensor. These sensors convert the light into a signal in two different ways. The CMOS is digital and the CCD is analog. The CMOS will take less power and works better in low light conditions. The CCD sensor is better at adjusting to light that fluctuates. Consider the type of environment you drive in to determine which style is best for your needs.

Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

Mirror Image – The view that you see from your monitor is reversed like a rearview mirror is. Some systems allow this to be a selectable feature which can be helpful if you plan on using the camera as a front-view camera at times as well.

Parking Lines – A lot of the backup cameras on the market provide users with guidelines onscreen that will help you back up in tight conditions ore when trying to back into a tight spot. They can also help you determine distance between you and objects in your path, if you want the opportunity to opt out of parking lines look for systems that offer selectable parking lines as an extra feature.

Viewing Angle – Backup cameras off a great horizontal viewing angle that can be as expansive as 190 degrees. The wider the angle the more you will be able to see. Look for cameras that have a large angle of site so you can see all the areas you need to see when you are backing out of your driveway, out of a parking space and anywhere else you need to back up.

Low light conditions – Some camera systems have a minimum Lux rating that informs you of the least amount of light that is required to get a clear picture. A lot of cameras enhance their low light features with infrared light or additional LED light that comes on when the car is put into reverse.

Mounting Information

Mounting is one of the most important aspects of a car backup camera. You want to choose one that is easy to mount and that works for you vehicle type, your needs, your budget, and your ability to mount it. Even some that state they are easy to mount may not be very simple for someone who does not put things together or mount things very often. Read the comments from other consumers that have purchased them to see how easy it REALLY is.

License plate mounts – there are many car backup cameras that are able to be mounted onto the license plate frame or that can be mounted with a strap. The strap mount fits over the license plate using the license plate screws.

Car Backup Camera Buying Guide

Lip Mount – If you have an area of the car that is inset you can probably use a backup camera that is an angled lip mount design. This is a lot more subtle than the license plate mount.

Bracket Mount – The most universal mount for all vehicles is the bracket mount that uses an adjustable bracket that allows you to mount the camera wherever it is the best for your specific needs.

Vehicle-specific – Some brands offer car backup cameras that are vehicle specific and only fit certain makes and models of vehicles. You will need to enter your vehicle information to find the right vehicle specific car backup cameras. You can get vehicle specific cameras for trailers, ATVs, boats and others.


Purchasing a car backup camera for your vehicle is an excellent safety addition that will help you be a safer more aware driver. Backup accidents are sadly, far too common but they can be avoided with the right devices. The backup camera is one of these devices. Even if your vehicle did not come with a car backup camera there are plenty of aftermarket styles to choose from.

The three top-rated car backup cameras that we have featured above are all examples of quality backup cameras that will work with a variety of vehicles. All three are high performing, easy-to-install cameras that will give you the kind of visibility you want when it comes to what may be behind you.

Even if you look behind the vehicle before you get inside to drive away, pets and children can run behind the vehicle and be out of sight before you even realize they are there. With this car backup camera installed in your vehicle, you will not have to worry about accidentally missing something even if you are backing up at night or in rainy weather.

The information you have gotten in the buying guide will help you sort through the many different styles and brands of car backup cameras so you can better determine which ones are suited for your vehicle type and needs. The features we have shared with you are features that you want to look for when shopping to ensure that you get the kind of quality, user-friendly backup camera that will be easy to install and use and provide you with plenty of peace of mind.

Having the right information is the key to not purchasing the wrong car backup camera and then having to deal with the hassle of returning the wrong one, re-ordering the right one and having to wait longer before you can reap the benefits of using it. Once you have used a backup camera you will wonder why you waited so long to get one and how you backed up without it.

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