Best Camping Toilet in 2023 – Camping Toilet Reviews and Ratings

Best Camping Toilet in 2023 – Camping Toilet Reviews and Ratings
When you are out camping it is important to have access to a toilet of some kind. This is an amenity that most people don’t really want to give up even when roughing it. Thanks to the invention of camp toilets years ago, you don’t have to use the bushes anymore, even when camping in the wilderness. We looked at the 22 most popular camping toilets on the market and considered their ease of use, hygienic properties, design, size, cost, customer feedback, and other considerations. The three camping toilets that are reviewed below are at the top of the list in all of the considerations we looked at. Any one of these camping toilets would be an excellent and welcome addition on your next wilderness camping trip.
Best Camping Toilet

1. Camco

Best Overall Camping Toilet

5/5 Product Rating
Be prepared for bathroom needs with this Camco portable toilet. This 5.3 gallon toilet is the perfect thing for camping and hunting or extended fishing trips.

Some even use it as an emergency option on extended car rides. This convenient camp toilet is made from durable and long lasting polyethylene that is compact and lightweight despite its durability.

Empty it weighs 11 pounds and can support up to 330 pounds. Each camp toilet from Camco comes with a TST Orange drop in sample. The total capacity of this portable toilet is 5.3 gallons.

The top half of the flush tank holds fresh water up to 2 ½ gallons. The toilet has a lid, seat and bowl. The top has a removable cap where you can fill it with clean water so it’s ready for the next flush.

The bellows style pump flushes the water into the bottom tank for easy removal of waste. There are side latches that secure the waste tank to the toilet so there are no accidental tip overs. There is a valve on the side that is a sliding style gate that will open for waste and then closes, providing a water tight and odor tight seal so leaks are not a problem. The width of the seat is 13”. This is an excellent product to take with you on camping trips where there are no other facilities.

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2. Stansport

Best Overall Camping Toilet – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Stansport Easy-Go Toilet is portable and perfect for hunting trips, overnight fishing trips, camping, and more.

It features a full sized toilet for maximum comfort and a lid that has thick construction that is durable and sturdy.

This convenient toilet supports up to 350 pounds max and includes a disposable sanitary bag.

Carrying the toilet is easy with the built in handles that allow for simple transport.

The construction of this camping toilet is sturdy enough to provide plenty of support when you are using it and the heavier lid stays down thanks to the weight of it. The convenient size of the Stansport portable camping toilet makes it easy to fit into most cars and other vehicles.

This camping toilet is large enough for most anyone to comfortably use yet small enough to store easily when needed. Get this along with a privacy shelter and you’re all set for wilderness camping.

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3. Hassock

Best Budget Camping Toilet

4.5/5 Product Rating
If you are a hunter, camper or boater this Hassock portable self contained toilet is the perfect way to take care of business in areas where there are no bathroom facilities.

This lightweight toilet features a contoured seat that is similar to a regular toilet for user comfort. The internal splash cover is one feature along with a toilet paper holder are other features of this convenient camping supply.

The dimensions are 14.7” x 14.7” x 15.4”. It has a removable inner bucket for easy waste disposal and is compatible with the double waste bags from Reliance.

It weighs five pounds so it is not excessively heavy. It comes with one eco-fresh packet and more can be purchased separately.

This camping toilet comes with a five year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects and is the perfect item for wilderness campers and hunters.

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Camping Toilet Buying Guide

Camping Toilet Reviews

Types of Camping Toilet

There are several different models of camping toilets. The styles and functions will vary from one to another but overall there are three basic styles of camping toilet that you will encounter. We will explain the differences between the three styles so it will help you determine which one is going to work the best for your outdoor lifestyle.

Camping Toilet1Bucket Toilet – This type of camping toilet is the simplest version available. Other names that they have been called include bucket potty, commode pail, and potty pail. This camping toilet has no frills at all and is the most basic you can get. The basic design is a bucket, a toilet seat and a lid. There are 5 gallon versions that are very simple to the more advanced designs that have toilet paper dispensers, removable liners and other features that make using the camping toilet a little easier.

The bucket toilet is lighter weight than the other styles that have flushing capabilities but they are a bit bulkier and harder to store. Even though this type of camping toilet has no frills or special features, it is a good choice for the camper or hunter that doesn’t want to fuss over the mechanics of the camping toilet.

Collapsible Toilet – This foldable camping toilet is very lightweight and is on the less expensive side of things. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes but overall the design is the same which includes a seat, a waste bag and steel tube legs that fold up. There is also a briefcase style that is made from heavy duty, durable plastic. This type of camping toilet is the most portable of all of them due to the collapsible feature. If you get a lower quality model, the collapsible feature could pose problems but if you make sure that you choose a good quality model and check the customer comments, this will not be a problem. The foldable camping toilet is perfect for storing behind the seat of the car or in the trunk.

Portable Flush Toilet – This type of camping toilet is the Cadillac of portable camping toilets. They offer many conveniences including a full size seat, lid, toilet paper dispenser, and other features. There are many different portable flush toilets on the market. The only drawback to this type of camping toilet is that they are much heavier and bulkier, even more so when filled with water. If you are on a boat, in an RV or car camping this isn’t a problem but they do not make good choices for hikers or campers that are traveling. Another drawback of this type of toilet is that the waste is retained in the bottom container until is it disposed of and cleaned out.

This can be a very unpleasant experience for some who may not want to deal with these types of activities. There are chemical deodorants that can be added to the flush toilets to help with odors. Portable flush toilets cost more than the other models due to the many features they offer but many campers and hunters like the “most like home” features they offer.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Camping Toilet

The majority of camping toilets need supplies of some kind. What you need for each will vary from one type of camping toilet to another. There are many of the flush camping toilets that come with deodorizers and you can purchase more separately. These will keep the odors down. Other supplies include waste disposal bags (look for biodegradable), powder that will convert the liquid waste to solid and biodegradable toilet paper. It is also important to bring along a spade to dig a hole for the waste to be buried in and covered up.

Potential Problems to Watch Out for

Most camping toilets are usually reliable and the three top rated toilets we have featured above are at the top of the list for durability and are well designed for easy use. Sometimes there can be problems though. We have outlined the potential problems that can occur when it comes to camping toilets.

    Camping Toilet2

  • Stability – Stability can be a problem with camping toilets if care is not taken to ensure that you have chosen a well constructed and durable model. There are some manufacturers that have designs brackets that can help with the stability issue if you find that it is a problem with your particular model. One of the best ways to avoid this is to check customer comments and see if anyone is complaining of this issue.
  • Odors – Portable flush camping toilets typically are designed with a double seal that is located on the waste part of the toilet. This is to prevent a problem with odors. Some models have a pipe that acts as a vent that takes the odors away from the toilet area. If you notice that there is an odor problem coming from your camping toilet, check to make sure no debris is blocking the seal and preventing it from closing properly. If that is nit the culprit is could be the valve itself and will need replacing or repairing to get rid of the problem.


There are many different types and styles of camping toilets on the market for camper and hunters to choose from. Having this toilet when you are camping out in the wilderness or in a place where there are no bathroom facilities can make a big difference in how comfortable you are. Most people don’t like using the bathroom outdoors.

A camping toilet along with a privacy tent can make things much nicer when you are away from home.

With all of these choices, you can feel lost if you don’t know what to look for. We have provided this information to you in this buyer’s guide so you can sort through the choices and make a decision based on your outdoor activities and preferences.

Having the right knowledge can save you from spending money on a substandard product that you will have trouble or be unhappy with. Use the information we have given you to make the right decision for your camping toilet.


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