Best Camping Chair in 2023 – Camping Chair Reviews and Ratings

Best Camping Chair in 2023 – Camping Chair Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 43 hours researching and testing 20 different types of camping chairs and found that durability, comfort, and ease of set up and take down were most important. The KingCamp Oversized Camping Chair scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. This oversized chair has plenty of room for a full-sized adult to sit comfortably. The weight limit is up to 260 pounds and it folds up super easy for storage when you are not using it. It is a great chair for campouts, cookouts, and other outdoor activities. It also comes with a storage compartment for your belongings.
Camping Chair Review

1. Kingcamp

Best Overall Camping Chair

5/5 Product Rating
Having a comfortable camping chair makes sitting around the campfire even more enjoyable. This Kingcamp Moon Leisure Lightweight Camp Chair is the perfect chair to take on your camping trips.

There are many features that come along with this uniquely styled chair. For the maximum in comfort, it has a padded seat. The large pocket behind the chair is perfect for personal items you want to keep close at hand.

Carrying this chair with you on the trail is very convenient thanks to the carry bag that features a comfortable shoulder strap.

This chair folds up and slides into the bag easily making it an easy chair to use when traveling and hiking too. The polyester fabric is heavy duty and resistant to tears. The iron frame us durable and long lasting so you won’t be replacing it all the time.

Along with the comfortable padded seat, the back and arms are padded too so users will experience comfort and stability regardless of where you are using the chair. This unusual and fun chair is available in blue, green, orange, red, and grey.

The weight capacity is 260 pounds. Cleaning is easy, just use a damp rag and wipe it clean. This chair has easy maintenance; just check the screws on a regular basis and tighten them when needed.

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Best Overall Camping Chair – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This supportive and portable chair is the perfect chair to bring along on your camping trips so you have a comfortable place to sit and relax. If you want comfort and durability without bulk, you’ve found it in the ONWEGO Ultralight Camping and Outdoor Chair. This lightweight camping chair weighs less than 2 pounds so adding it to your hikes is nothing at all.

Weight rating for this chair is listed at 330 pounds but the manufacturer states best results and durability is achieved by maintaining a 250 pound maximum weight. The ergonomic seat design gives you plenty of comfort around the campfire or outside your tent.

Set up is fast and easy with the aluminum shock-cord pole structure. The 4 leg design is extra stable and Velcro straps hold the frame together when it is folded up for even easier carrying without worrying about it unfolding. The frame is made from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum which is one of the strongest aluminum alloys there is.

The seat and fabric is made out of ripstop nylon for long lasting durability that you will have for a long time to come. This chair is perfect for backpackers, tailgaters, hikers, campers, adventurers, and more.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Coleman

Best Budget Camping Chair

4.5/5 Product Rating
Coleman is a well known and respected name in camping equipment so you know this Coleman Oversized Camping Quad Chair with a Cooler is a great chair to have on hand when you are planning a camping trip.

The armrest has a convenient, built-in cooler that will hold up to 4 cans of drink. The mesh cup holder will keep the can you’re drinking from close at hand.

The long lasting frame that makes up this chair is made from heavy duty steel that features a padded seat and back rest as well that will be comfortable to sit in for hours.

The Coleman Camping Chair folds up easily and can be slipped into a carry bag for easy traveling, storage and transport. The durable frame will last for a long time with normal care so you could have this comfortable camping chair for years to come.

The convenient storage pocket will keep personal items and magazines contained so they don’t get lost or dirty. The arm rest heights are adjustable to account for different heights of the people using it. It has a weight limit of up to 300 pounds and folds up easily for convenient storage and travel. The convenient carry bag makes it easy to carry while camping and setting up and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty as well.

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Camping Chair Buying Guide

Best Camping Chair

What are Your Needs?

Camping Chair1When you are considering purchasing a camping chair, knowing what your needs are, is very important. This will help steer you towards the correct chair. Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of the chair you are looking for.

  • How much storage room do you have?
  • Who will be using the chair?
  • Weight needs
  • Do you want drink holders?
  • Do you prefer attached bags for personal belongings?
  • Do you want a collapsible stool?
  • How wide do you want the chair to be
  • Will you be traveling?
  • Will you be hiking?

Camping chairs are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of uses such as camping, hiking, backpacking, tailgating, sporting events and more.

Selecting the Right Product

There are several things you want to look for in a good quality camping chair. These will include being comfortable, being easily transported from place to place and to be user friendly for starters. Lightweight is another feature that you want to look for. Just don’t choose lightweight or quality because even the “heavier” chairs don’t weight that much.

Even though a camping chair is not a necessity, there are many reasons to own one and find the best one you can while minding your own business. Once you have a camping chair and have used it, you will never want to go camping without one.

Benefits to Buying a Camping chair

There are several reasons one might want to purchase a new camping chair. A camping chair allows you to eat at the campsite comfortably without having to sit on the ground or a hard bench or picnic table. Lounging is much more enjoyable when you have a camping chair and many models even come with can coolers, drink holders and other features to make relaxing even more enjoyable.

Common Uses for Camping Chairs

Camping Chair2There are several different uses for a camping chair. They are not JUST for camping, although the camping trips can be really enjoyable and fun with a great camping chair along. We’ve listed several common uses for camping chairs.

  • Tailgating/ Car camping – There isn’t normally a lot of walking in car camping and tailgating. Durability is preferred and looking for a chair that folds up and stores well is a good idea too.
  • Beach Trips – most people that go to the beach end up bringing a beach chair. Why not one that is super comfortable ? Having a great beach chair, that is comfortable, sturdy, light color to reflect the sun, and lightweight
  • Back Country Trips – Backpacking, fishing, walking and other activities require a lighter weight chair that won’t be so cumbersome to cart around. Look for a chair that folds up well and has a convenient carry bag as well as one that only weighs a pound or two.

Types of Camping Chairs

There are two basic categories that camping chairs fall into: traditional and portable. We have outlined the differences between the two below. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional Camping Chairs – Traditional camping chairs tend to be the more comfortable than portables because they offer a lot more back support and they are usually higher off the ground so getting in and out of them is easier. If you are interested in a camping chair for the purpose of relaxing and lounging, a traditional camping chair is a good fit for you. They are heavier than the portable models but they are very easy to set up and take down. They are just not the easiest to carry around because they are so bulky.

Portable Camping Chairs – Portable camping chairs are smaller, lighter in weight, lower to the ground and require a bit more time to set up. They are not as comfortable as the traditional camping chairs and unfortunately less stable as well. If you are looking for a chair that is easy to carry around, the portable camping chair will be a good choice.

Special Features

Camping chairs have some additional features that may make them more desirable to purchase. These features don’t come with all chairs, so if any of them are appealing to you, you will want to look for the model of chairs that have the features you like.

Cup Holders – A lot of camping chairs have cup holders in the arm rests. These drink holders will typically fit a standard 12 ounce can.

Carry Bag with Strap – The majority of camping chairs have carry bags with shoulder straps on them. This makes the camping chair easy to carry especially if you are hiking.

Camping Chair3Attached Bag for Belongings – Many models of camping chairs have attached mesh bags for belongings. Sometimes they are zippered but not always. These bags are great for keeping track of keys and other belongings you don’t want to lose track of.

Coolers – Depending on the model of camping chair, it may have an attached cooler on the back or underneath it that will keep several canned drinks cold.

Padded seats, armrests and backs – The padded seats, backrests and arm rests help make the chair much more comfortable to sit and relax in.


Camping chairs are much more comfortable than sitting on hard picnic benches or the ground when you are camping. These chairs are easy to set up and depending on the chair, can have a lot of features and be quite lightweight to carry around if you are hiking.

There are numerous styles, choices and colors of camping chairs on the market to choose from. Once you know what you are looking for, sorting through the choices becomes much easier.

With the right information you will be able to make an informed decision as to the chair that will best suit your preferences, your needs, and the activities that you will be using the camping chair for if you are not buying it as a camping chair.


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