Best Camera Strap in 2023 – Camera Strap Reviews and Ratings

Best Camera Strap in 2023 – Camera Strap Reviews and Ratings
Photographers of all levels will agree that a camera strap should be made of durable material and easy to use when shooting.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best camera strap.

If you want to cut to the chase the Metro Camera Strap by BlackRapid scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. This strap is comfortable to wear and is fully adjustable.


1. BlackRapid RS10SC-1AO Metro Camera Strap

Best Overall Camera Strap

4.9/5 Product Rating
This comfortable camera strap offers users easy access to their cameras with this lightweight classic strap. Photographers of all skill levels will love wearing this strap diagonally across their body from the shoulder to the hip.

It is fully adjustable so you can get just the right fit. The pad of the strap has a mesh underside that offers plenty of breathability.

This strap is perfect for anyone that loves to travel with their camera for business or vacation pleasure trips. The strap fastens to the camera tripod socket with the locking FastenR-3 screws for a secure fit. The ConnectR-2 attaches the strap to the fastener.

The camera will hang upside when it is connected properly, resting securely against your hip. The user will be able to have both hands free for carrying other equipment if needed.

The BlackRapid strap is 63” long and is best suited for lighter photographic situations but it is still durable and long lasting. The top of the camera strap is made of nylon and has a bottom of foam and mesh. The smaller strap makes storing during travel easy. It works for use on the right or left shoulder. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

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2. Altura Rapid Fire Quick Release Sling Shoulder Neck Strap

Best Overall Camera Strap – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an enthusiast, the quick release sling shoulder neck camera strap makes it easy to grab your camera because it is hanging, ready to go, at your side.

This lightweight strap features a neoprene pad that distributes the weight of the camera evenly for maximum comfort. It is designed to fit around the user’s shoulder comfortably for frequent use and for traveling as well.

There is a zipper pocket on the strap to carry memory cards and extra batteries as for the user’s convenience.

The solid metal plate is reinforced and durable and ensures a secure connection between your camera and the strap. The bottom of the metal plate has a rubber bottom layer that prevents slipping and scratching.

The camera and plate easily attaches to a tripod without having to remove the plate first. The quick-release feature allows for fast attachment and removal. It makes taking pictures on the go super simple.

The Rapid Fire Quick Release camera strap is compatible with any type of DSLR camera that has a standard ¼” tripod stud screw. Altura offers consumers who purchase the Rapid Fire camera strap a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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3. BESTTRENDY Universal Camera Neck Shoulder Strap

Best Budget Camera Strap

4.6/5 Product Rating
The BESTTRENDY camera strap has come through many procedures and quality inspections to get where it is today, which is at the top of the list of favorite camera straps. Made of high-quality pure cotton webbing, top cowhide and ultra soft fiber cloth, this strap is comfortable and durable too.

The fasteners are plastic but not just any plastic, they are Japanese Nifco and American Duraflex high-tensile plastic which ensures that you won’t have to worry about the camera getting scratched or damaged by any metal pieces.

The extra strong Japanese threads are stitched securely so the strap won’t come apart. The strap is adjustable so it will work with most people, regardless of height.

The design is eye-catching and pleasing too. The strap has had environmentally-friendly anti-freezing edge oil applied to it which protects it against damage even in super cold weather.

The BESTTRENDY camera strap is compatible with cameras of all types and brands thanks to the universal interface.

Users will love the look and feel of this strap that makes carrying your camera along wherever you go easy and stylish too.

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Camera Strap Buying Guide

Camera Strap Reviews

What is a Camera Strap?

Many photographers never use the strap that automatically comes with the camera due to the fact that they are usually low quality and weak or they advertise the camera.

This is not a good idea, as having a strap with a name like Nikon or Canon on it can draw attention to you and your camera and make you stand out to those with less than respectful intentions.

You can always take the strap that comes with the camera and resell it since it is brand new and there are many that would love a new camera that are not out in the field on a regular basis. Different cameras need different straps depending on the weight of the camera.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice on which camera strap is the best for your needs.

Why Straps are Important?

Camera straps need to be made well because they have a very important job and that is to hold your camera securely when your hands are not on it. You don’t want your valuable camera hitting the ground because a cheaply made camera strap broke.

A lot of responsibility is on that strap so you need to make sure that it will protect your camera while you have it around your neck or over your shoulder. There are many different types and styles of camera straps available. We’ll go over the different kinds so you will know the benefits and specifics of each.


  • Stock Straps – Depending on your personal preferences and what you do with your camera, the strap that came with your camera is just fine. This strap is fine if you don’t use your camera a lot and do not plan on walking around with it hanging from your neck or shoulder.

    These stock straps tend to be cheaply made since they are given away and can unexpectedly break when used a lot. If you use your camera a lot, travel with it ore walk around carrying it, you will need to get a stronger, higher end camera.

  • Neoprene/Cushioned Straps – Neoprene straps are super comfortable, soft and slightly stretchy. They are thicker than the stock straps and provide the user with a lot more comfort as well. They are considered a step up from the stock strap.

    Camera Strap2The extra cushioning provides much more comfort for the photographer, especially around the neck. One reason that neoprene is not very good for the professional photographer, especially an outdoor one that might have to do some running to catch the shots.

    The neoprene’s stretchiness can feel a lot like a rubber band which isn’t typically a problem when you are just walking. When you are moving around a lot though, the elasticity can put more force on your shoulders and neck.

  • Sling/Speed Straps – This type of camera straps tackles two different but common problems: slipping and maneuvering the camera up to your eye quickly to catch a shot. Most of the camera manufacturer’s on the market have some sort of sling strap that accommodates many different models of camera. These are a good choice for a professional but they are not the only choice a professional has.

    They cost a bit more than standard straps, but most that use them feel they are worth the extra cost. A few of the benefits of using a sling strap include reduction of the camera slipping of your shoulder, more comfort when carrying the camera due to the even weight distribution the sling strap offers.

    Carrying the camera across the body is much more comfortable than around the neck. It is also supported by the hip since that is where it rests. A downside of the sling strap is that it uses the tripod mount to attach the strap so anytime you need to use your tripod you will have to take the strap off.

  • Straps that Grip – You want to make sure that the strap you get grips your shoulder securely, not uncomfortably. Many cameras, especially with longer zooms attached, can be quite heavy so finding a strap that holds your camera sturdily and securely is a real plus and takes a level of worry away.

    When you are on assignment, concentrating on taking photos, the last thing you want to worry or even think about is whether the strap is going to hold the camera securely. The difference between a stock strap and a grippy strap is that the grippy strap has a non slip lining on one side and the stock strap does not.

    Otherwise they are almost exactly the same in length, width and weight distribution. One of the downsides to the grippy straps is that the rubber that is in the straps can breakdown and become gummy, leaving residue on your hands and clothing. Making sure that you get a high quality grippy strap can reduce the likelihood of this from occurring.

  • Leather Straps – Leather camera straps are the old school straps that are still reliable and solid. If you’re looking for something strong and that will last for years, leather is the way to go. Leather is by far, one of the most durable fabrics known to man.

    Because of that dependability, leather straps can’t be beat in terms of lasting a long time. They are also very comfortable. Leather camera straps are not made by many manufacturers any longer. Many photographers that love using them usually have had them made by smaller companies that provide handmade professional camera straps. They are more expensive than most straps but you can expect to have it years and years which make the extra cost more than worth it.

How to Wear a Camera?

Camera Strap3Many photographers, both professional and amateur, wear their cameras over their neck and shoulders. Wearing it around the neck looks very touristy and silly; it also is very uncomfortable and if your camera has any weight to it at all, it can actually hurt your neck. Wearing it around the shoulder and neck distributes the weight and prevents neck strain. You can also grab your camera easier with this position as well.


Regardless of what kind of camera you have or what weight it is, there is a camera that will fit your needs and preferences. Whether it is silk or cowhide, camera manufacturers have taken pains to create camera straps that fit a variety of needs and preferences. There are also plenty of configurations that fit any type of shooting style and career level.

Although many people think that the camera strap is simply an extra accessory, anyone who takes pictures on a regular basis knows just how important having a high quality camera strap is. While it won’t specifically improve your pictures itself, it will make shooting much easier which in turn can result in better pictures.


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