Best Cake Decorating Kit in 2023 – Cake Decorating Kit Reviews and Ratings

Best Cake Decorating Kit in 2023 – Cake Decorating Kit Reviews and Ratings
Cake decorating has become very popular over the years. It used to be that you had to go to a professional baker or store to get a decorated cake but that is not the case anymore. With the availability of cake decorating tools and the books, classes and videos available, every day people are learning to do their own cake decorating and having a great time doing it. We looked at the 24 most popular cake decorating kits and considered them for variety of tips, storage capacity, instructional value, extras, and brand name reputation. These three cake decorating kits featured below came out on top in all the areas we looked at. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cake decorator, anyone of these three kits will more than meet your needs.
Best Cake Decorating Kit

1. Wilton

Best Overall Cake Decorating Kit

5/5 Product Rating
Whether you are already a professional or wanting to be, this Ultimate Professional Cake Decorating Set by Wilton will help get you there.

It is Wilton’s largest and most extensive set they offer with all of the tools you need to decorate ANY type of cake or dessert. This is the set you need if you are a professional or if you want to be.

Not only do you get TONS of cake decorating tools, you get the Ultimate Tool Caddy as well to keep it all in. This excellent tool caddy features sectioned drawers, spatula slots, pegs for keeping all of the tips in place and organized, an oversized drawer that houses the larger items and much more.

You won’t have to worry about the tools flying all over the car when you transport the caddy thanks to the secure snap lid that each drawer has.

Included in this Ultimate Cake Decorating Kit is decorating bags that are featherweight, stainless steel spatulas, precision-cut metal decorating tips of all kinds, assorted shape cutters, flower nails, a rolling pin, a practice board, fondant smoother, ribbon cutter and embosser, modeling sticks, an 8” circle and much more; 177 pieces total. The 3-level, sturdy plastic Caddy measures 14 ¾” x 12 ¾” x 8” and has a convenient handle on top for easy carrying.

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2. Wilton Master

Best Overall Cake Decorating Kit – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This Wilton Master Tip Set has a wide selection of decorating tips for you to choose from. In addition there are couplers and a flower nail as well for creating beautiful icing flowers.

The coordinating and handy tip organizer has room for all 55 standard sized tips. There is enough room for you to stack them 3 high since they nest together.

Some of the popular tips included in this extensive set include the round, star, petal, leaf, and ruffle basketweave. There is a drop flower and specialty tips too.

The couplers work for standard-sized tips and users can change tips easily without having to make a big mess. The flower nail gives you the perfect amount of control for creating beautiful flowers.

Your 55 piece Wilton Master Decorating kit includes:

  • 11 round tips
  • 12 star tips
  • 7 star tips
  • 7 Leaf Tips
  • 6 Drop Flower Tips
  • 5 Ruffle Tips
  • 2 Basketweave Tips
  • 3 Specialty Tips
  • 1 Cake icer Tip
  • 1 Grass Tip

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3. Schast’ye

Best Budget Cake Decorating Kit

4.7/5 Product Rating
This beautiful and functional cake decorating kit is fit for a professional with 32 Russian Piping Tips included that are made from 304 stainless steel.

It is packaged inside a solid and convenient storage box and includes a 4 piece coupler and 5 pastry bags so you have everything you need to get started decorating cakes immediately.

These well crafted piping tips allow cake decorators of all skill levels to create beautiful frosting designs. Just attach the piping tip with the coupler and you can make all kinds of roses, lilies, tulips, stars, grass, and many other great designs that are sure to please everyone who sees them.

These Schast’ye Original Piping Tips are a lot larger than the regular common ones by other companies. This large size tip allows you to create whole flowers in one squeeze rather than having to keep doing the tedious, squeezing that is necessary with other bags.

Theses stainless steel , professional grade, Russian tips are rust resistant and resistant to bending and cracking. They are also dishwasher safe and will last you a lifetime with the proper care. The word “Schast’ye” is a Russian phrase that means “Happiness”.

It is commonly used as a greeting. The company’s goal is to make all of their customers “Schast’ye” and this well made, versatile and professional set of cake decorating tips will certainly do that. They come with a lifetime guarantee.

Sarah Lytle

Cake Decorating Kit Buying Guide

Cake Decorating Kit Reviews

What is a Cake Decorating Kit?

Cake Decorating Kit1People see a cake’s appearance before they ever taste it. Of course a beautiful cake can taste terrible, but overall, you want the cakes you decorate to look at wonderful as they taste. With the availability of cake decorating kits on the market, you don’t have to hire a professional to decorate anymore.

A cake decorating kit is everything you need to decorate a cake from beginning to end. All of these things are available individually but a kit makes them much more economical and a lot easier to keep organized since most kits have carrying cases or caddies of some kind.

Basic Cake Decorating Set

There are many things that typically come in a basic cake decorating kit. We have outlined all of the items that you can expect to see in the kits you are looking at. All of these ingredients are not written in stone, but overall, most kits end up having these items.

  • Cake Decorating Bags – Decorating bags are sometimes called icing bags. These are the bags that hold all of the frostings and icings. When you are doing flowers, piping and writing, you will need a cake decorating bag along with the tips to achieve this.
  • Pastry Tips – This is the main stay of a good cake decorating kit. Without tips, all those basket weaves and flowers that you want to create are impossible. The pastry tips fit on the pointed end of the pastry bag and are held on with a piece called a coupler. Pastry tips can have many different ends that will create numerous designs. Things like stars, round dots, leaves, and much, much more. Many people purchase a basic cake decorating kit and will add specialty tips as they are needed.
  • Food Coloring – Food coloring in a cake decorating kit comes in liquid and paste form. The paste is more concentrated and produces much better coloration. Food coloring is used to add many different colors to plain white frosting when decorating.
  • Writing Gel – This ingredient comes in both pen and tube form. It is used for letting and adding more defined details.
  • Sprinkles, glitters, sanding sugar, pearls, etc, all edible – Decorating embellishments are a major part of cake decorating. The best time to add edible embellishments is when the icing or frosting is wet. That will help them stick well.
  • Serrated Knife – This will cut the cake into horizontal slices when you are making multi-level cakes.
  • Icing Spatulas – These spatulas come in different widths and lengths. They usually have offset or straight handles. They are used to spread the frosting and icing on the cakes. Offset spatulas are better at keeping the right angle when you are smoothing the frosting around the cake.
  • Cake Decorating Stand – A cake stand gets the cake up higher which makes the decorating job much easier. Some kits have an elevated cake stand and others kits do not, so if this is something that you want and your chosen kit does not have it you will need to purchase it separately. If you are getting into the more professional end of cake decorating, you will want to invest in a rotating cake stand which makes the decorating process even easier.
  • Cake Base – Extra – These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The cake base is what the cake rests on and prevents the cake from coming apart when it is moved. If you are moving a large, heavy cake you will want to get a very sturdy cake base to support it properly.
  • Fondant – Extra – This thick, pliable sugar paste is used for many different decorating tasks. It creates a very smooth sheet of icing that can either be cut into different shapes or draped over the cake completely to make a smooth surface for a multitude of flowers and other frosting decorations. Fondant can be purchased at specialty stores or made at home. There are videos available that can teach people how to make fondant if you don’t already know how.
  • Cake Decorating Kit2

  • Molds and Cutters – Extra – These are used in cake decorating for forming fondant and/or gum paste into 3d shapes for the cake. You can find molds in a variety of patterns and materials. Pastry cutters can be used to cut fondant shapes as well.
  • Airbrush – This is used to spray decorating paint onto the frosting. This paint is edible. Airbrush kits are available that have everything you need to do airbrush cake decorating. There are also hours of tutorials online that can help you learn to do this. You cannot use the same airbrush that you paint with to decorate cakes with.


Cake decorating is a great way to express your creativity and enjoy baking. Decorated cakes are a real show stopper at gatherings and parties. It doesn’t have to be stressful and nerve-wracking to decorate a cake. Even if you are a beginner, you can do a lot with a cake by watching a few videos.

Choosing the right cake decorating kit is the first step in learning how to decorate cakes properly. The right tools makes learning much easier; especially if they are high quality kits like any of the three we have featured above.

The information in this buyer’s guide tells you the items that are typically in a cake decorating kit. If the kits you are looking at don’t have the items listed above, you can look for kits that do or you can purchase the additional pieces separately to give yourself a complete kit.

Cake decorating is a fun and rewarding activity that will please family, friends and even complete strangers. Some people just decorate cakes for their own families and friends and others decide they love it so much they want to make a career out of it. Whichever you choose, remember that the foundation for decorating cakes properly starts with a quality cake decorating kit. Start with that and the sky is the limit.


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