Best Bowling Wrist Brace in 2023 – Bowling Wrist Brace Reviews and Ratings

Best Bowling Wrist Brace in 2023 – Bowling Wrist Brace Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 40 hours researching and testing more than 12 bowling wrist braces and found that comfort, level of support, and cost were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for bowling wrist braces. Kool Kontrol Wrist Positioner scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The construction of this durable wrist brace keeps your hand dry thanks to the design that allows sw3eat to evaporate. The classic styling keeps your wrist in the right position all the through the swing and release of the ball. The metal supports add comfort and support to protect your wrist.

Bowling Wrist Brace Reviews

1. Kool Kontrol

Best Overall Bowling Wrist Brace

5/5 Product Rating

The Kool Kontrol bowling wrist positioner is made from fabric that allows sweat to evaporate away so your hands stay dry. 

This soft fabric stays comfortable even during long games. The design of this wrist brace keeps your wrist in the correct position through the swing and release of the ball.

This stable positioning increases the accuracy and consistency of your throws which will result in better scores. 

The metal supports that are added to the wrist brace ensure comfort and support during the whole bowling process.  The purpose of this wrist brace reduces the chances of injury as well.

The 3 Velcro straps are removable and adjustable for the best fit and will not allow the brace to shift or slide around. It is a great choice for you regardless of your skill level.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Mongoose

Best Overall Bowling Wrist Brace – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

One of the best rated wrist braces in the industry is the Mongoose Optimum bowling wrist brace. It is designed to fit your hand and wrist and stays comfortable throughout your game.

 This wrist brace features a technology referred to as the “optimum” which combines an equalizer and a lifter.

The equalizer is the hand strap and the lifter is the finger strap. You can use this brace with or without the finger strap.  Using this quality wrist brace will allow you to have a fluid game without worrying about injuries to your hand or wrist. 

While supporting the wrist, this brace also forces the fingers to perform properly which makes the ball easier to lift.  Bowlers of all skill levels can benefit from using this wrist brace. If you have wrist pain, the Mongoose will help. If you have weaker wrists, this brace will help.

Using the Mongoose wrist brace will provide you with the position you need to have a consistent roll that will perform great and learn a lot if you are a beginner.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Brunswick Bionic

4.5/5 Product Rating

The Brunswick Bionic wrist brace for bowling looks like it should be on a bionic arm with its sleek look.  If you are bowling below average this wrist positioner and brace can help.  Using it properly will help you develop a great roll and will improve your scores with consistent use.

The materials used to create the Brunswick Bionic brace include aluminum that is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. There are multiple lateral and cupping positions that this brace allows that will improve your throw and your overall game.

If you have any kind of wrist pain whatsoever, this wrist brace will allow you to bowl without pain, including those who suffer from arthritis.  You can benefit from this wrist brace regardless of your experience level which means seasoned as well as beginning bowlers can use it.

The glove takes a little bit longer than some others to adjust, once it is on accurately it will feel like part of your hand and you will not want to bowl without it.

Jonathan Maxwell


Bowling Wrist Brace Buying Guide

Bowling Wrist Brace Buying Guide

If you’ve not bowled very much you may not realize the benefit of having a quality wrist brace. The main purpose of the wrist support is to keep your hand and wrist in the proper position so injury doesn’t incur or re-injury if one is already present. There are several points you want to consider before you purchase a wrist brace.

Materials – Neoprene is a common material used in the creation of bowling wrist braces. Other materials include leather and nylon. Nylon wrist braces will be more flexible than leather but a leather wrist brace will be more durable. Look for wrist braces that feature metal or plastic inserts for added support and help in keeping your wrist in the correct position. Different models ensure different levels of support so make sure you understand what your needs are, including any pain or injuries you may have.

Design – think about the design you are looking for when shopping for a wrist brace. Do you want one that offers extra thumb protection? One issue that is commonly seen with braces that offer thumb and finger protection is that they tend to be shy on ventilation which can heat your wrist up. This is especially true for longer games. While the wrist braces that do not have thumb protection offers better ventilation, they can also leave you open to getting blisters. Look for a wrist brace that works well, is lightweight so it won’t bog you down but that holds your wrist in the right position for a great throw. Make sure the wrist supports are fitting well and are not too tight or so loose they flop around while you are throwing the bowling ball. You can even look for a wrist brace that is stylish and matches your clothing appropriately.

Breathability and Comfort – Breathability and comfort are very important features to look for in a wrist brace. You don’t want your hand and wrist to become sweaty during the course of a game nor do you want the brace to be uncomfortable. This discomfort can take your focus off the game and put it on your discomfort or pain. Look for breathable wrist braces that allow ventilation and sweat evaporation and that values comfort as the most important thing.

Bowling Wrist Brace Buying Guide

Left or Right Handed – Some bowlers bowl left-handed and some right-handed. Your wrist brace will go on the hand that releases the ball so make sure that you choose the right wrist brace for the hand you bowl with. If you are just getting started with bowling and have never picked up a ball before you will more than likely bowl with your dominant hand. (the one you eat and usually write with) It should be easy enough to figure out which hand feels the most comfortable releasing the ball. Once you have chosen the hand that you bowl with then you can choose the right wrist brace to support that hand and teach you the proper positioning.

Stability – One of the most important parts of a bowling game is stability. Keeping your hand in the right position with the palm rigid and straight can be really difficult for you if you are just beginning. A wrist support will help keep your hand in the right position. If you are a beginner you want to find a support that has metal or plastic additions that will help you. Your game will improve with the right wrist brace due to this added stability.

Durability – Most bowling wrist supports are made from Velcro and fabric that can wear out very fast. If you want a brace that will last for a longer amount of time, look for those made with aluminum which is resistant to getting damaged even if you use it frequently. When you are done using it you can extend its lifespan by wiping it off with a damp cloth and allowing it to dry out without becoming misshaped. Try to avoid sweat if possible as that can make a mess of your wrist brace. Look for a strong closure that is easy to operate and secure which will provide a more comfortable fit.

Release – The type of wrist brace you get should allow for different types of releases. Choosing a wrist brace that is adjustable can help you put your wrist in the right position that will allow your thumb to leave the ball before the fingers do. The right wrist support can also help your wrist tilt the way it needs to and will allow your thumb and fingers to leave the ball at once. It can also help achieve a longer sliding motion for the ball as it picks up a roll in the middle of the lane or at the back end of it.

Sizing – Wrist braces come in a variety of sizes. It is important to know what size you need to ensure that the brace is not sloppy or too tight. Depending on the brand sizes can range from small to X-large. You will need to go to the manufacturer’s website to get the proper measurements for each size as this will vary from company to company. Make sure you measure accurately so you do not waste your money or time on the wrong size.

Bowling Wrist Brace Buying Guide

Brand Names – Just like with most sports equipment, brand name is important. There are some great brand names in the bowling industry including Brunswick, Ebonite, Storm, and others that offer quality products you can count on. Don’t put everything on brand name alone but it should definitely be a consideration when you are comparing one wrist brace to the other.

Cost & Budget – Wrist braces come in a range of prices so there is one for almost every budget. Since you want to get one that is long lasting and durable it is best to choose the best one you possibly can and not go for the cheap models. Brand names tend to be more expensive than off brands but they are also better made and more durable as well. If you want to set a budget, set a realistic one and look for the best wrist brace within that budget.

Customer Comments –Reading customer comments about any wrist braces you are interested in is very beneficial to your decision. Personal experiences from people that are using the wrist braces you are considering can give insight you won’t get from reading the description or sales copy. You can learn how comfortable the brace really is, find out if the sizing information is accurate, learn how durable the brace is and much more. Make sure you take a look at these customer comments for any wrist brace you are looking at so you can get the insider information that can prevent you from purchasing a brace that claims to be good but that turns out to be the opposite.


One of the best accessories you can purchase to improve your bowling game is a quality bowling wrist brace. Choosing the right brace will help beginning as well as experienced bowlers master their games and improve their form. If you are dealing with an old wrist injury or you just have weak wrists you will be amazed at what a bowling wrist brace can do for your wrist strength.

The three top-rated bowling wrist braces we have reviewed above are all examples of the kind of great wrist brace you want for your wrist. All three of them offer plenty of features that will enhance your game, help you with positioning, and will prevent pain or injury while you play. Each of these great selections is available in a variety of sizes that will fit bowlers of all sizes.

If you want a quick solution when it comes to purchasing the right wrist brace, you can choose any one of the three top braces we have featured above and be assured that you have chosen a great product. If you need more time to look around the buying guide information you have read will help you in that journey.

Familiarizing yourself with the features you want to look for and then sorting through the different bowling wrist brace choices to see which ones match the features you want is the best way to get a brace that will be everything you want it to be. The right brace will definitely improve your game and allow you to play more often without hurting afterwards.

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