Best Beach Blankets in 2023 – Beach Blankets Reviews and Ratings

Best Beach Blankets in 2023 – Beach Blankets Reviews and Ratings

When summer rolls around and it is time to head out to the beach—having the right accessories for your trip is paramount and one of the best accessories to bring with you. A quality beach blanket should not only be fun and easy to pack, but made of the right material to withstand beach use. 

We looked at a variety of different features that can help separate your average blanket from a quality beach blanket and determined that the Camco Handy Mat was the best overall product available right now. We not only reviewed why this is our top choice, but included a few other top picks for those looking to buy a new beach blanket.

Best Beach Blanket Reviews

1. Camco

Best Overall Beach Blanket

5/5 Product Rating

This beach blanket is made of a durable mildew-resistant polypropylene material that is perfect for the beach. It won’t be damaged or develop mold and mildew if it gets wet and it is easy to clean off and difficult to stain. The mat itself isn’t just low maintenance, it is also UV-stabilized meaning it won’t fade over time even when you constantly have it out in the sun.

This beach blanket is 60” x 78” in total size, big enough for several adults to use at once, and when you are done, you can fold it into a 10.5” x 15” tote that has a handle for easy carrying. When we say this blanket folds into a tote, we really mean it too—it not only has a secure loop and hook flap to keep it all in place, but it also has two exterior pockets on it as well so you can store your beach goodies in it

In addition to being packed full of features, this beach blanket earned our top spot because it is extremely budget friendly and available at a fraction of the price of other beach blankets—making this a smart, budget-friendly purchase for your upcoming beach trip.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Wekapo

Best Waterproof Beach Blanket

4.7/5 Product Rating

If you are going to be taking your blanket to the beach, you better hope that it can withstand getting a little wet. While many beach blankets can get wet, there are a few that are truly waterproof—and if you are looking for a beach blanket that can double as a towel then this is a great option. Our top pick for waterproof beach blankets is this portable, colorful option from Wekapo.

This blanket has a soft fabric on one side and a water-resistant tarp-like PEVA linter on the other. We love that this blanket can withstand any sand, mud or water that the beach may bring and still has plenty of cushioning and comfort to provide a relaxing place to lounge. At 120 x 108 inches it is also quite large, and big enough for four adults to sit comfortably. While it may be big while unfolded, it easily folds up and is secured with a Velcro flap, making it lightweight and easy to bring with you in your beach bag.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Sand Escape

Best Compact Beach Blanket

4.6/5 Product Rating

Beach blankets are great when they are big enough for you and a few friends to lounge on, but it is also important that they are easy to transport—you don’t want to be carrying around a heavy comforter in your beach bag. While some beach blankets are easy to carry, there are some that are particularly compact and can fold up into extremely small and portable packages. If finding a compact beach blanket is important for your travel needs, there is no better option than the Sand Escape Outdoor Beach Blanket. 

What we love about this beach blanket is that it is actually huge when unfolded and is 9’x7’ in total size. However, thanks to its lightweight, parachute nylon construction—it can easily fold up into a tiny 6”x7” package that can be easily tossed into any beach bag. Another one of our favorite features of this blanket is the fact that it has four included sand anchor pockets that will help keep the blanket on the ground—even if you are in high wind situations. Plus, when you are all done, all you need to do is shake off this nylon blanket and the sand will instantly fall away.

Jonathan Maxwell


Beach Blanket Buying Guide

Best Beach Blanket Buying Guide

Going to the beach? Well a beach blanket can be a great item to take with you. It is important to remember that a beach blanket is different than a bedroom blanket, a picnic blanket or a beach towel. There are a number of different factors that go into shopping for a beach blanket and a number of different features that make a beach blanket what it is. A beach blanket is meant to be big enough for multiple people and able to withstand the common elements that you find at the beach.

We know that there are a number of different beach blankets out there, so we’ve decided to make it easy on you by creating a comprehensive buying guide on how to shop for beach blankets and how to find the right item for your next beach trip.


Beach blankets are meant to provide you with a safe and comfortable surface for you to lounge on at the beach. This is why the size of your beach blanket is so important. Some of our top beach blankets on our list will fit 3-4 adults comfortably, so think about how large of a sand-free space that you are looking for with your beach blanket and how many people you want to be able to use the blanket at the same time.

While a large unfolded size is important, it is also essential that you look at how small the blanket is when you fold it up as this will also impact portability.


There are a few different things to consider when it comes to the portability of your beach blanket. One of the key features that differentiates a beach blanket from your average blanket or towel, is that these beach blankets are meant to be folded up and taken with you on-the-go. Most beach blankets will fold up into a compact package—some smaller than others. Make sure that you look and see what size the beach blanket folds up into.

Best Beach Blanket Buying Guide

Many beach blankets will actually fold up into totes or bags. This means they are not only secured shut with a button or piece of Velcro, but that they also have handles as well that will make this blanket act like a bag so you can throw it over your shoulder and take it with you. Many of these blanket-to-tote options also have pockets in them as well so you can really use the blanket as a bag and store your extra items like your sunglasses or sunscreen right in the pocket.

Another feature to look for when it comes to portability with a beach blanket is the weight of the blanket—which mostly has to do with the weight of the material used to create the blanket. Many beach blankets are made of lightweight nylons or blends that make them light and easy to take with you.

Beach-Friendly Features

Above all things, a beach blanket should be able to withstand being used at the beach. This is why you should look for beach blankets that are designed to withstand the elements that you will find at the beach. These are some of the features that you may want to look for in any blanket you plan on taking to the beach.

Waterproof – Waterproof features are great for the beach. Obviously if you are going to be frolicking in and out of the ocean, you are going to want a blanket that can withstand getting a little wet. Some beach blankets will be entirely waterproof and meant almost to act as a towel. In addition to being waterproof, many beach blankets are also mold and mildew-resistant, meaning if you get your blanket wet, and fold it up and take it with you, you don’t have to worry about it getting moldy or smelly.

Sand Proof – Putting a blanket down at the beach means putting a blanket in the sand. You want to find a beach blanket that can withstand being in the sand. Blankets made of plastics or nylons are typically best for the sand as the grains won’t stick directly to the fabric and you can easily shake the blanket off and remove all of the sand.

Best Beach Blanket Buying Guide

UV Resistant – Beach blankets often come in fun, bright summery colors. However, if you want to keep your beach blanket looking its best, it is important to make sure that your blanket is UV resistant. Finding a blanket that has a UV coating on it will protect it from the sun and make sure that constant sun exposure won’t fade or damage the fabric.

Windproof – While many people look for beach blankets that are lightweight and easy to carry around, this can also present a problem if you are taking your blanket to a breezy beach. Blankets that are windproof, typically have weights in them that will prevent the blanket from blowing away should their be a strong gust of wind.

Not all beach blankets will necessarily have all of these features, but it is important to look for blankets that have the features that you value most when you are going to the beach.



If you’re planning on going to the beach anytime soon, then a beach blanket can be a great item to bring with you. This is why it is so important to take your time and really shop for a beach blanket that has the features you need for your outdoor adventure. We have detailed some of the best beach blankets out there as well as insight into the best way to shop for a new blanket so you can make a smart investment that you are sure to love no matter how many times you are planning on taking it to the beach.

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