Best Bath Mat in 2023 – Bath Mat Reviews and Ratings

Best Bath Mat in 2023 – Bath Mat Reviews and Ratings
We can all agree, the best math mat must be the right material, and thickness. That was our top criteria for selecting the best bath mat. The Clara Clark non-slip bath mat scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The right bath mat can make a big difference in how your bathroom looks. It can also make a difference in how neat and clean it stays after the shower or bath. If you don’t have a good quality bath mat or none at all and someone takes a shower, you may go into your bathroom afterwards and see puddles of water all over the floor.

1. Clara Clark

Best Overall Bath Mat

5/5 Product Rating
Spruce up your bathroom and giver your family something soft to step out of the shower onto, with this 20 x 32 non slip memory foam bath rug.

This soft and elegant bath mat will feel so good under your feet that you won’t want to step off of it.

The non-slip backing is skid resistant and prevents dangerous falls on the tile floor when your feet are wet.

The plush velvet is highly absorbent and has a heavy duty feel and design to it. It is also antibacterial, preventing problems like athlete’s foot if you are not the only one who uses it.

This is the perfect bath mat for your bathroom at home, vacation home, or dorm room bathroom.

The microfiber fabric is fire retardant is perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities to normal fabrics. There is no need for suction cups or rubber. The color of your memory foam bath mat will not fade regardless of how many times you wash it. It is machine washable, but users will need to follow the machine wash instructions.

Comes with a satisfaction guarantee, this luxurious feeling bath mat will be one of your favorite things about stepping out of the shower.

Sarah Lytle


Best Overall Bath Mat – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
You will love the luxurious softness of this TruSoft rug from STAINMASTER. These bath mats will absorb water that you get on them from the shower but they dry quickly so the water never becomes a problem.

These bath mats are easy to clean and have a rubber backing that prevents potentially dangerous slips from occurring in the bathroom.

This bath mat is machine washable and the color will not fade no matter how many times it is washed. There are 8 different, beautiful colors available: Linen, Cherry, Wasabi, Bali Blue, Black Pepper, Blue Sky, Cobblestone Gray, Coffee Bean, Fresh cream and Sugar Plum. There are three sizes that are available also: 17 x 24, 21 x 36 and 24 x 40 so you could even get two if you want.

Each rug is genuinely made in the USA constructed from 100% nylon pile. It is soft, plush, ultra absorbent and the perfect bath mats for your own bathroom, a guest bathroom, a dorm bathroom or you can give as a gift for someone else if you are close enough to them to know about their color schemes in their bathroom.

Caring for them is easy, just machine wash, cold in the gentle cycle and use non-chlorine bleach as you need to. Tumble dry on a low setting.

Sarah Lytle

3. Pinzon

Best Budget Bath Mat

4.6/5 Product Rating
This Pinzon Luxury Banded bath Mat is the perfect addition to your bathroom with its 100% cotton material that is comfortable, soft and absorbent. Placed in front of the bathtub or sink, this bath mat will keep your floor from getting wet.

It is not as plush or as soft as the thicker mats but the lighter weight material provides consumers with a lower cost bath mat that dries ultra fast.

It will keep your floors dry whether you place it in front of the sink or bathtub. Compared to nylon or polyester bath mats, cotton varieties are extremely absorbent. People typically prefer cotton as well.

Easily cleaned by being machine-washable, just toss it into the washer and then the dryer or you can hang it on the line to dry on sunny days as well. The rectangular, classic band is simple and attractive and looks nice in any bathroom. Each bath mat measures 20” x 31”.

Sarah Lytle

Bath Mat Buying Guide

Bath Mat Reviews

What is a Bath Mat?

Bath Mat1A bath mat is a mat or rug that is placed in front of the bathroom sink, shower or tub to help with keeping water off the floor, especially when you are just getting out of the shower or tub. Bath mats are made from a variety of materials and can be all different colors, shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Getting a new set of bath mats is a great, inexpensive way to give your bathroom a lift that will change the look, but not cost an arm and a leg.

Things to Do Before You Purchase

There are several things that you should do before you choose a bath mat and make the purchase. We have outlined these things below so your decision making process is much easier.

  • Know what size bath mat you need for the size bathroom you are purchasing it for. If you are unsure of the space you have, take a tape measure and measure the areas so you can compare that with the dimensions of the bath mat or mats you are considering.
  • If you are putting the bath mat in a high traffic bathroom, durability is much more important than if you are putting it in a bathroom that only gets minimal traffic. If it is for children or elderly, non skid is crucial so the bath mat doesn’t slide around when they go to step out of the shower or tub.
  • Read the reviews to make sure that the bath mats you are considering are performing well in real world applications. Checking customer reviews is a major part of the research we do, and you can get a lot of information about the product by doing this. Customer reviews almost always have information that you can’t find anywhere else concerning any problems they might have encountered with the product once they started using it.


  1. Construction of the Bath Mat – There are several ways that a bath mat is constructed. The first method is called the yardage method. It involves taking a piece of fabric and cutting it to the right size. Then it is coated with a non-slip backing so it doesn’t shift around when you are stepping out of the tub or shower. The second method is the table top method, which is the more durable of the two methods. The tabletop method involves the fibers being sewn directly into the rug backing which makes this type of bath mat very strong and not prone to coming apart.
  2. Materials used – The majority of bath mats are made from cotton, nylon or polyester. Cotton is the most absorbent of the three and is softer and more comfortable to stand on. The downside to cotton is that it usually shrinks when it is washed and dried. Nylon and polyester are stronger than cotton, and will usually last longer, which is why they are popular choices for high traffic bathrooms.
  3. Weaves Used – Deep, plushy bath mats are super nice to step onto when getting out of the bath. The only problem this could cause is if your bathroom takes a while to dry out after a shower or bath. If the shower is used often in that bathroom and you notice that it takes a long time to “dry” out, consider a lower pile, synthetic bath mat which is designed to dry much faster. Other non-slip surfaces include sisal or cork which make nice bath mats as well, and add the unique factor too.
  4. Color and Washability – There are many different colors and patterns available when it comes to bath mats. You can choose colors to match the current décor you have, or you can change up the color scheme by getting something completely different. Light colors will make the room look better but will show dirt a lot easier and could stain or look duller much easier. Dark colors start off vibrant but if you are not careful to get a fade resistant bath mat, could fade and lose the bright color you started with. For convenience sake, make sure the bath mat you choose is machine washable.

Useful Vocabulary

Bath Mat2

  • Absorbency – The ability of the material to soak up water. The more absorbent your bathmat is, the less you will have to clean up puddles on your floor.
  • Bacteria – Some bath mats claim that they are resistant to bacteria. In warm, humid climates, bacteria can grow if you are not diligent to make sure that the mats are drying out properly. Bacteria can cause problems like athlete’s foot which is not pleasant to deal with and can be very painful.
  • Machine Washable – Machine washable means that the bath mat can be washed in the clothes washer. Most that are machine washable can also be tumble dried in the dryer on low or cool.
  • Non-skid – This means that the bath mat has been created with a backing that is rubber or some other non-slippery material. This prevents the bath mat from sliding around on the floor.
  • Tumble Dry – This means the item can be dried in the dryer. Even if it states that the item is tumble-dry, this doesn’t mean it won’t shrink. To reduce shrinking, hang the bath mat on a clothes line or use the cool, no heat setting to dry it.


There are several types of decorating themes that consumers decorate their homes with: contemporary, traditional, and Casual. When you choose a bath mat, you want to choose one that matches well with your current decorating theme unless the intention is to change it. We’ve provided a little bit of information on the three different decorating styles listed.

Contemporary – Contemporary and modern is very similar. Patterns would have bold shapes, clean lines, and bright colors. This may include geometrics as well and may even be cut in different shapes.

Traditional – Traditional decorating includes classics like Persian and Oriental. The designs might be rich in color with a contrasting border. Traditional can also include florals or fringed edges.

Casual – If you don’t really have a specific type of design, casual bath mats are easy to incorporate into the design. Colors and shapes can really be anything you want that get the job done.


If you take care of your bath mat, it will last a lot longer and will hold its shape, plushness and quality as well. Below are some suggestions on what you can do to maintain the great look of your bath mat.

  • Hang up the Bath Mat after Using – Leaving the bath mat on the floor can lead to a host of bacterial issues including mold, musty smells and more. Hang the bath mat over the shower rod after using so it dries properly. Once it is completely dry, you can lay it back down.
  • Bath Mat3

  • Follow the Bath Mat’s Washing Instructions – Some bath mats can only be washed by hand in cold water. The care a bath mat requires is something that we recommend you look at before you purchase so you get one that is machine washable. The label or description of the product will normally have washing instructions.
  • Don’t Iron the Bath Mats – It may sound strange but some people DO iron them and that will reduce the absorbency.
  • Don’t Use Fabric Softeners – Fabric softeners put a light coating on the bath mat that can reduce the absorbency. Do not use fabric softeners on the bath mats.


Bath mats are a good way to avoid getting regular carpeting that is in the bathroom or any other kind of flooring wet after your shower or bath. The right bath mat can add color and style to the room and can also change the look of a room as well. With all of the choices available, choosing one might seem daunting.

The information in this buyer’s guide is designed to give you some information about things to look for when you begin your search. Being knowledgeable about your options is always beneficial and will ensure that you choose the bath mat that you will love using and that meets your expectations.


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