Best Balance Bike in 2023 – Balance Bike Reviews and Ratings

Best Balance Bike in 2023 – Balance Bike Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 45 hours researching and testing 15 balance bikes and found that design, performance, and durability were most important. The Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This balance bike is the perfect bike for your child age 18 months to 5 years of age. It helps them learn to ride a bike without having to worry about training wheels. The balance bike is easy to assemble and adjust. There is not another balance bike on the market with a lower seat or lower weight or that offers as wide a range of adjustment options. The bike weighs only 6 ½ pounds so your little one can pick it up if it falls over.

Toddler with Balance Bike


1. Strider

Best Overall Balance Bike

5/5 Product Rating

Perfect for ages 18 months to 5 years, the 12 Sport Strider balance bike will help your toddler learn to ride a bike without the usual complications of training wheels.

This balance bike is super easy to assemble and adjust when needed. It has the lowest seat height, lightest weight and widest adjustment option of any balance bike.

The tires on the Strider 12 sport are maintenance free and light weight. They are durable and long lasting, designed to never go flat.

The bike weighs only 6.7 pounds so it is light enough for your toddler to lift it up and handle it.

Maximum weight of the rider should be no more than 60 pounds. This is a perfect bike to be your child’s first and will last years. They will love it and you will love the easy way your child can learn to ride a bike sooner and without fear.

– Sarah Lytle


2. Schwinn

Best Overall Balance Bike – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

Schwinn is a very popular name in bikes and they have joined the Balance Bike craze by creating a 12” balance bike.

The unique foot to floor design builds confidence while the bike teaches the fundamentals of balancing and steering.

The air tires and tubes make the bike roll easily and the adjustable seat height is perfect for adjusting as the child grows.

The handlebars are adjustable as well so you can provide your child with a bike that has been created especially for their size.

By the time the child is ready for a regular bike they have already mastered balancing and steering thanks to the Schwinn Balance Bike. It will change the w3ay your child learns to ride without fear of falling or the hassle of training wheels.

– Sarah Lytle


3. KaZAM

Best Budget Balance Bike

4.3/5 Product Rating

The KaZAM Balance Bike is the perfect bike for your 3 to 6 year old who is not riding a regular bike yet. This balance bike is designed to prevent your child from ever having to mess with training wheels.

Toy experts and parents agree that the KaZAM is the best balance bike and also the easiest way your child can learn to ride a bike.

The KaZAM teaches your child to balance and steer, two elements that are very important for successful bike riding. It is the ideal training bike that has a unique footrest so the child can lift their feet up and position them on the footrest naturally.

This helps them learn proper balance early on. The bike is small enough that if they lose their balance they don’t fall down very far, if at all, as they can catch themselves on the KaZAM.

There are several features that are a part of the KaZAM classic Balance Bike including air inflated tires, a 12” steel frame that is patented with a unique footrest, adjustable seat and handlebars, quick release saddle adjustment and a weight capacity all the way up to 75 pounds.

– Sarah Lytle

Balance Bike Buying Guide

Best Balance Bike Buying Guide

Why Buy Balance Bike

Balance Bike1There is a reason that parents are purchasing balance bikes rather than purchase training wheels. We’ve outlined some reasons below why balance bikes outshine tricycles and bikes with training wheels.

  • Regular bikes slow the child down due to being likely to bump into every object in the street. They also occupy more space than a balance bike does.
  • Regular bikes are much more difficult to move around.
  • Kids have to focus on steering, pedaling, and braking when using a regular bike. It makes the whole process more complicated.
  • They tend to fall more often and lose balance easier
  • Regular bikes are larger and harder to travel with since many times they don’t fit in the trunk.
  • Studies have shown that kids that have balance bikes at 2 or 3 start riding a regular bike at age 3 or so.

The Benefits of Having a Balance Bike

  1. They are safer for the child
  2. Injuries are few and far between
  3. A Balance Bike provides increased confidence because they catch on so quickly
  4. Balancing skills are enhanced
  5. They learn how to keep control and maneuver the bike in less than perfect situations.
  6. They learn to react quickly
  7. They learn to ride pedal bikes faster

Considerations when Choosing a Balance Bike

  • Look for the balance bike that is the perfect height for your child or one that can be adjusted to your child’s height. It may be hard to find the bike that matches their height exactly due to their being so many balance bikes on the market.
  • Look for safety measures that will increase the safety for your child. Some will have a steering limiter, no sharp edges and specific tires that match certain terrain.
  • The type of frame depends on personal preference but overall there are wood frames, metal frames, aluminum frames, and plastic frames. Wooden framed balance bikes are the lightest but they are susceptible to bad weather. Metal frames can be susceptible to rust and plastics can be very fragile. Steel frames are typically the strongest and most durable but ultimately it is your choice which kind you purchase.
  • Some bike makers offer customization for the balance bikes. The best way to find out what bike manufacturers offer this is to go to the website and look for what customization options are available.

What are the Basic Differences among Balance Bikes?

Balance Bike2Even though a lot of balance bikes may look the same, there are some differences between styles and brands. Things like height of the seat, overall construction and of factors come into play. Some balance bikes have footrests and some don’t, some include handbrakes and others do not have it. The tires may be different from one balance bike to another as well. The tire construction will determine the lightness of them as well.

Key Features to Consider before You Buy Balance Bikes

There are several features that a balance bike has that you will want to check into. Make sure that the bike or bikes you look at have these features.

  • Adjustable seats – Adjustable seats are very beneficial for allowing the bike to grow with the child. The ideal height is the child sitting on the seat of the balance bike with their feet on the floor and their knees slightly bent.
  • Weight – The weight of the balance bike is very important. A balance bike for a 2 year old will not weigh as much as a bike for an older child and it will likely weigh more than one for toddlers. If the weight is too heavy, the child will not be able to maneuver the bike very well. Ideally you should get a bike that is no more than 30% of the child’s weight.
  • Footrests – Some models of balance bikes have footrests and some don’t. Footrests are really an added feature that doesn’t really help the child learn to balance. It is personal preference but it you want the child to learn to balance and steer quickly, leave the footrests off.
  • Bolts – Make sure that the bolts on the balance bike you purchase are rounded and recessed for the child’s safety. Covered also, is even better. The bolts could wear out over time and could possibly scratch the child’s legs. Try to avoid balance bikes with exposed bolts.
  • Warranty – A good warranty is very important so only consider balance bikes that have them. Most of the warranties offered will cover frame problems but natural wear and tear will not be covered.
  • Materials – The materials that are used in the construction of the balance bike are very important. You want them to last as long as possible, so look for construction materials that are rust resistant and strong. Having the balance bike last is always a good idea when you have children of multiple ages as the younger ones can learn on the same bike their older siblings did.
  • Colors, Designs and Styles – There are tons of different colors, styles and designs in balance bikes for you to choose from’ anything from green to pink or blue. Many times they will have colorful accessories such as handlebars, seats and tires that are coordinating colors. Oftentimes they have mudguards, lights, bells, and there are even accessories like baskets that you can take adventure.

Which Accessories Are Worth your Money?

There are several accessories that you may want to look at getting along with the balance bike.

    • Lowering Kits – Some of the balance bike modes include a lowering kit which allows you to adjust the frame to fit the child. It is a good choice for when the balance bike is for a child whose feet don’t touch the ground yet when seated on the bike.
    • Bells – This is not a necessary accessory, but they sure are fun. Bells can also have a functional use as well, in helping children understand traffic rules, paying attention in the stress and being extra careful.

Balance Bike3

  • Baskets – Baskets are terrific when your child wants to carry around some of their cherished belongings like action figures or little stuffed animals. They also look really cute. While they don’t have any bearing on how fast your child learns to ride, the child will love having a means in which to tote all their favorite things.
  • Helmets – Helmets are extremely important for the safety of your child even on something as small as a balance bike. They can still topple over and hit their heads and a helmet will protect their heads and necks. In addition, it sets a good precedence for the gear they will need to wear when they start riding a regular bike.


Balance bikes may be relatively new, but they are gaining in popularity due to the faster, speedier and simpler way kids are learning to ride bigger bikes. The principles behind using balance bikes to learn is that the design is constructed in such a way that they work on the most crucial aspects of bike riding first. These elements include balancing and steering.

The information in this buyer’s guide was designed to help you sort through all of the styles, colors, brand names and other things and choose the right balance bike for your child’s needs and wants with confidence.


  1. Strider –
  2. KaZAM –
  3. Schwinn –

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