Best Apple Cider Vinegar in 2023 – Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews and Ratings

Best Apple Cider Vinegar in 2023 – Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews and Ratings
Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a popular product that has many surprising uses and health benefits. It has been around for centuries and has the reputation of being somewhat of a miracle liquid. Some of the known benefits of Apple cider vinegar include, lowering cholesterol, curing skin ailments, reducing chances of diabetes, improving digestion, and improving heart health. The best quality apple cider vinegar on the market has not been pasteurized, filtered, or processed in any way. Our top pick, Viva Naturals, is an organic cider vinegar with Mother.

1. Viva Naturals

Best Overall Apple Cider Vinegar

5/5 Product Rating
This naturally fermented vinegar comes from certified organic apples. This fermentation process is the traditional method that has been used to produce a wholesome, tangy flavor that is perfect in place of traditional white, rice and balsamic vinegars. ACV is also widely known for its health and beauty benefits.

With this brand, you don’t have to refrigerate the vinegar even after opening the bottle. Viva Naturals Organic Apple Cider Vinegar contains live cultures that are called “Mother”.

These live cultures are said to be responsible for the many benefits that ACV provides. This cider vinegar is undiluted, unfiltered, and raw making it the purest vinegar you can find.

This cider vinegar is perfect for improving the complexion by diluting it with water and using it as a toner. The Mother in the vinegar will improve your complexion by balancing skin tone and promoting a healthy, radiant glow. There are no preservatives in this ACV and it is Kosher and Non-GMO as well.

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2. Bragg

Best Overall Apple Cider Vinegar – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Bragg is a well-known brand of Apple Cider Vinegar that is renowned for its quality. This ACV is rich in potassium and enzymes that provide many health benefits to the body. This cider vinegar is made from organically grown apples that have been certified by organic certifiers.

It is also kosher certified and Non-GMO certified. Braggs also contains Mother which is the important contributing factor in the potency and enzyme-rich properties of this vinegar.

Using this raw ACV has been shown to relieve muscle pain from exercise, improve the condition and appearance of healthy skin, and help control weight gain and maintain pH balance. It is a wholesome, organic way to add flavor to a variety of foods while also helping to improve your health.

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3. Dynamic Health

Best Budget Apple Cider Vinegar

4.6/5 Product Rating
Dynamic Health Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is USDA Organic, Vegetarian, unfiltered, raw, unpasteurized and Kosher too. It is made from organic apples that are USDA certified. This vinegar contains Mother which is formed naturally by the acetobacter that is found in unpasteurized vinegar.

It is Mother that gives Dynamic Health ACV is dark, cloudy appearance. The Mother comes from naturally-occurring pectin and apple residue. When you see Mother in an ACV product you can be assured that the most important and healthful part of the apple hasn’t been destroyed.

Dynamic Health Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has been used to fight infections, relieve arthritis and stiffness, and guard against osteoporosis. It has also been used to promote healthy digestion and improve metabolism. There are even people who swear by it as a weight loss aide because of its ability to increase metabolism.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Buying Guide

Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews
There are numerous benefits to using apple cider vinegar, all of which contribute to its popularity. We have listed the most well-known benefits below.

  • It Can Kill Bacteria – Apple cider vinegar has been effective in killing nail fungus and has been used for disinfecting bacteria and for cleaning and treating ear infections. It is also an effective preservative that can prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • It Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics – If you, or a loved one, suffers from diabetes, you will be interested to know that apple cider vinegar has many properties that can help bring glucose levels back to normal. It has also been found to improve the health of those with insulin sensitivity and can help to lower fasting, blood sugar levels if taken before bedtime. Take two teaspoons before bedtime and your blood sugar level numbers will be lower by the time you wake up.
  • It Can Help With Weight Loss – Studies have shown that consuming 1-2 tablespoons every day can help you feel fuller and consume fewer calories. Over a 12-week period of following this regimen, you might find yourself having lost 4 pounds.
  • It Can Improve Heart Health – Lab tests have shown that apple cider vinegar is effective in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels and can also lower blood pressure. These tests have not been conducted on humans yet but there is a small Harvard study that showed lower risks of heart problems among women who used apple cider vinegar on their salads.
  • It May Protect Against Cancer – Although this theory has not tested on humans yet, tests done in labs have shown that apple cider vinegar was effective in shrinking tumors and slowing down cancer cell growth. Other tests in China showed a reduction in esophageal cancers when patients used ACV.
  • Contains Many Healthy Ingredients – The Mother that is present in certain apple cider vinegars contains potassium, certain amino acids, and antioxidants too. These ingredients are very good for the body and can increase health.
  • Can Reduce Inflammation – ACV is used to reduce inflammation in the joints. Studies have shown that it can be effective in relieving arthritis and joint pain when taken on a regular basis.
  • Can Help Fight Allergies – Apple cider vinegar can help fight allergies by breaking up mucus that can be a part of having sinusitis, post-viral infections, and allergies, especially when consumed daily. The ACV is flushed out of the body quickly and therefore needs to be consumed daily to notice any difference in allergy symptoms.

Choosing the Best Apple Cider Vinegar

When you are ready to start researching apple cider vinegars there are a few things that you want to keep in mind.

  • Avoid plastic bottles – Plastic bottles can have the potential for toxic materials. You are much safer choosing glass bottles for your ACV.
  • Look for Organic ACV – Look for brands that are Non-GMO certified, and certified organic. With all the harmful ingredients that can be present in foods, looking for organic will minimize the toxic chemicals or preservatives that can be in the product.
  • Choose Raw Vinegar – Raw apple cider vinegar means that it has not been exposed to any chemical process or filtration that would remove Mother and make the vinegar clear. It also should not contain any artificial flavors or chemicals. Any process that is not necessary will rob the vinegar of important nutrients that benefit the body.
  • Unfiltered is Better – Unfiltered vinegar is the type of vinegar that is sure to have the “Mother” in it. Filtered apple cider vinegar has had Mother removed which removes a lot of the benefits as well.
  • Choose Unpasteurized – You do not want your apple cider vinegar to be pasteurized. Pasteurizing a product means that it has been heated to destroy harmful bacteria that may be present in the vinegar. The problem with this process is that it kills the good bacteria as well.
  • The “Mother” is The Best Part – If the apple cider vinegar you are considering is cloudy and contains brown stuff floating in it, the vinegar has Mother in it. It will also state this on the bottle as well. Clear vinegar has been pasteurized, artificially flavored, overheated and processed. This means that any true benefit you could gain from using it has been destroyed.
  • Look at the Color – Apple cider vinegar can range in color from a brownish orange to a lighter lemon yellow. The color of the apple peels determines the color of the vinegar. Dark red apples will produce darker color vinegar and pale pink apples will produce a more yellow color.


Apple cider vinegar has many uses in both cooking and cleaning. It also has many health and beauty benefits. With the many ways in which it is said to improve your health, it makes sense to add it to your daily regimen. However, as will any natural health product, it is advised that you consult your doctor before starting any new health regimen.

To get the most from your apple cider vinegar, don’t purchase just any vinegar you come across. Look for the best quality cider vinegar you can find and do your research to make sure that it is free of preservatives, that it is unfiltered, unpasteurized and certified as a non-GMO product.

If you take care that the quality of the cider vinegar you choose is good, you will receive the many benefits this miracle liquid has to offer. The top-rated products we featured above are great examples of the type of apple cider vinegar you should purchase for yourself.

The information in this buyer’s guide is designed to help you sort through the different ACV products on the market. You have learned what ingredients a quality ACV contains and how it is made. You have also learned what to look for when reading ingredient labels. Now that you have read this buyer’s guide, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Here’s to better health!


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