Best All in One Printer in 2023 – All in One Printer Reviews and Ratings

Best All in One Printer in 2023 – All in One Printer Reviews and Ratings
If you have a small office or a home office, you will find that one of the most often used piece of equipment is the all in one printer. They make up the types of tasks that normally need to be done in an office and put it all in one place. Extensive research was conducted on many top rated all in ones. They were compared against each other for performance, features, ease of use, paper feed ability, paper tray size and ppm speeds. The top choices we have featured here won out in those comparisons and they are customer favorites as well. Purchasing an all in one can simplify many of the office tasks by making some of them able to be done from anywhere.
Best All in One Printer

1. HP 8600

Best Overall All in One Printer

5/5 Product Rating
Get a printer that allows you to print on your own terms. The printing speed is up to 18 ppm black and white and 13 ppm color. Everything you print will look professional, crisp and clear.

The touch of a button enables you to print from you NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet. You won’t need a router or access to the local network to print whatever you need.

Fast, double-sided printing is just one of the features you will use with the HP Officejet Pro all in one color printer. You can manage all your tasks and access the apps you need to with just a tap and swipe of the 4.3” touchscreen. You will be able to do all kinds of important office tasks with this all in one printer.

  • Copy
  • Print
  • Scan
  • Fax
  • Wireless printing
  • Airprint
  • Two-sided printing

You will be able to print professional color documents for up to 50% lower cost per page than using lasers that have an all in one for business printing. It’s a great way to save money when you require a lot of printing on a regular basis. The simple set up means you’ll be up and ready to print in no time. The fastest in class speeds make it the perfect all in one for a small office or home office.

This all in one supports many different sizes of paper that it accepts including: letter, legal, government legal, executive, statement, 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 13 x 18, 8 x 10, 10 x 15, Photo 2L, Envelop (#10, Monarch, 5.5 bar) cards (3×5, 4×6, 5×8). You will be equipped to handle almost every printing need you could possibly have. HP offers consumers a one year limited hardware warranty and offers its customers 24/7 support.

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2. Brother

Best Overall All in One Printer – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
If you are looking for a good quality, all in one printer for your home office or small office, the Brother Compact Laser all in one printer is perfect for the job. You can connect through wireless or wired networks or USB ports. The print and copy speeds go up to 27 ppm.

You will be able to do color scanning, high speed faxing, and auto duplex printing. The auto feeder handles 35 pages. The adjustable letter/legal 250 sheet paper tray provides a decent amount of paper capability, even for big printing jobs.

This fast and reliable all in one, monochrome laser is compact, desk friendly in size and is perfect for offices, home and commercial, that have space issues. It will print and copy professional, sharp black and white pages up to 2400 x 600 dpi resolution. You will also get to add the benefits of a business-friendly scanning and faxing. The high yield replacement toner will help reduce your operating costs.

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3. HP 7645

Best Budget All in One Printer

4.7/5 Product Rating
The HP Envy provides plenty of versatile performance for all your home printing projects. You’ll be able to create borderless, lab quality photos, fulfilling and unique creative projects and standout documents for business effortlessly.

The automatic document feeder handles 25 pages at a time. You’ll be able to edit and print photos from the touchscreen that measures 3.5”.

The Instant Ink ready feature ensures that you won’t run out of ink. Mobile print from anywhere using a tablet or smartphone with the free HP ePrint app and you won’t need a network using the Wireless Direct printing feature.

The HP Envy supports paper sizes of letter, legal, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x10, and #10 envelopes. You can also do automatic two-sided printing and borderless photo printing as well so there is virtually no trimming needed. They offer customers 24/7 support and a one year limited hardware warranty as well.

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All in One Printer Buying Guide

All in One Printer Reviews

What is an All in One Printer?

All in One Printer2An all in one printer is a single machine that handles many jobs that would normally have to be handled by several different pieces of equipment. An all in one prevents you from having to buy these different machines. All you will need is one good quality all in one and you will be able to handle a multitude of jobs front faxing important documents to printing double-sided brochures.

All in One Printer Functions

There are several different things that all in one printer will be able to handle for your business. We have outlined the most common functions below.

  • Print – The printing function of your all in one produces a copy of the digital information that is sent. It can print from documents, the internet and more, depending on what your needs are. It can also include pamphlets, booklets, reports, and even photos. A standard printer can usually only print what the computer sends to it.
  • Scan – Scanning is taking an image of the document, photo, etc that you have scanned and stores it in your files. You can open the scanned file later and print it from that scan copy.
  • Copy – The copy function of the all in one makes a copy of the document and prints it right away. No copy is saved when you are just doing standard copying. A basic copier doesn’t need to connect to a computer and doesn’t send or receive digital information.
  • Fax – The fax function of an all in one requires a connection with a phone line and sends digital copies of the documents to the recipients who have the capability to receive faxes. Official documents are sometimes transmitted via fax for quick delivery of important documents. Faxing isn’t as popular as it once was so not all all-in-one printers have the fax feature anymore. There are many offices that still rely on faxes, so if you can find a good quality all in one that has this capability, it is good to have.

Other All-in-One Printer Features

Depending on the model, there are some all-in-one printers that have additional features that may be of use to you. These features make the printer more expensive but also more valuable. We’ve listed these additional features below.

  • Color – One of the benefits to a good quality all-in-one printer is the ability to scan documents in color. Some models will print in color as well but others only print in black and white. If you have an all in one that only prints in black and white, it will save on ink and paper too. If documents make up the majority of what you print, this is just fine. If you will be printing images, presentations, marketing materials, pamphlets, posters, cards and more, you will need an all in one that prints in color. It will cost more in ink, but you will be able to print beautiful projects that will work well for your business.
  • All in One Printer1

  • Wi-Fi Enabled – Many of today’s all in ones have a printer that will require a connection to a computer to work. Wi-Fi enabled printers connect to the wireless network to allow printing from any device that is connected to the internet. The benefit to this is that the all in one printer doesn’t have to be right next to the computer. Many computers can use the all in one when it is set up this way which makes things very convenient for the office workers.
  • Scan to Email from the Printer – faxing used to be the only way to send and receive digital documents but that is not the case anymore. Now emails can be sent with attachments that work the same way that scanners do. This capability enables the office to be as paperless as possible. Sometimes an all in one printer has the ability to scan a document directly to email. Most people are used to the process of saving a document, writing an email, attaching the document. The scan to email feature is a real time saver if you have a lot of documents to send.
  • Memory Card Readers – These slots are built into the printer and can read and process information directly from a memory card. These memory cards can come from a camera, tablet, phone or other device. Card readers are very beneficial for offices that deal with pictures often or if it is for home use. The documents that are stored on the memory card can be processed and accessed easily without a need to connect the device to the computer at all. You can also store and access the documents from the cards which provide a level of security for the documents stored on the memory cards.
  • Touchscreen – Many of the newer models of all in one printers have touchscreen capability. This will enable the user to access files and also print straight from the printer itself. The touchscreen make navigating very easy and also adds the ability to do some troubleshooting and maintenance on the printer itself. Many people love the touchscreen features but others may prefer the old fashioned way.
  • Automatic Document Feeder – If you don’t do a lot of scanning or only scan or copy a couple of pages here and there, you will benefit from the automatic document feeder. Most machines that have this feature can hold up to 35 pages at one time to automatically feed into the printer. The all in one printer that has the auto-doc feed feature can usually scan, collate and then process whatever you are sending.
  • Duplex Scanning/Printing – Double-sided printing is a real convenient feature to have but they require that the person doing the printing turn the paper over a certain way so the other side can be printed. Some of the higher end models print on both sides without the user having to do anything. This double sided printing feature is very useful for businesses.

What Consumables will the All in One Printer Use?

All in One Printers can use a lot of different consumable supplies. These consumables should be included in the budget for the all in one. Extras that you will need for your all in one include:

  • Ink
  • All in One Printer3

  • Printheads
  • Paper
  • Additional printer supplies

It will depend on the kind of printer you have, the amount of documents and papers you have to print and the type of documents you will be printing to determine the cost of all these consumables.


A good quality all-in-one printer helps a home business or small business run efficiently and more professionally by being able to handle several office tasks on its own. Even a basic all in one can take the place of several office machines making it a great time saver as well. Instead of purchasing a copier, a scanner and a fax machine, you can purchase a great quality all-in-one and you will have access to a lot of tasks that you weren’t able to before. It is a great addition to any home office or small office and will increase office productivity.


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