Best All-in-One Computer in 2023 – All-in-One Computer Reviews and Ratings

Best All-in-One Computer in 2023 – All-in-One Computer Reviews and Ratings
All-in-one computers are great space savers and offer consumers much bigger screens than laptops have. These all-in-ones can even take the place of some TVs for people since they can play movies, music and games too. There are many different models of all-in-ones available but trying to decide which one to purchase can be a real challenge. We’ll help make that choice much simpler for you.
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All-in-One Computer Reviews

What is an All-in-One Computer?

All-In-One Computer1All-in-One computers are gaining in popularity due to their large screen capacities and space saving capabilities. All-in-ones came out in the late 90s, manufactured by Apple. They are made of a single unit that has a built in monitor and hard drive in one. Gone are the days of having to have a large separate hard drive tower.

After Apple introduced them to the world, other manufacturers jumped in, adding touchscreens, integrated TV tuners and many more features that have increased the popularity even more. They are truly all-in-one entertainment centers.

The sleek designs that all-in-ones usually have are very appealing and look great in any room in the house due to the fact that they are much neater looking than the traditional desk top PCs. If you have decided that an all-in-one is for you, there are several things that you can look at to determine which one is the right one for you.

All all-in-one computers are similar in the fact that they have the hard drive, speakers and monitor in one unit, but there are some features and extras that some models have that sets them apart. We’ll go over those differences in this buyer’s guide.

Before You Start Shopping

One of the first things buyers need to do before they start shopping for an all-in-one is establish their needs. Are they gamers? Do they use the PC for business or just pleasure? What type of system requirements do their most often used programs require? All of these things will determine which model and what specs a buyer needs.

After you have determined what your needs are, set a budget that you want to stay under. A budget is always a good idea because it will keep you from overspending and cause you to pay more attention to the features the systems have that you are considering. Things like faster processors, more RAM and larger hard drives means that the computer’s system will perform better.

All-in-One Components to Consider

There are many different components that make up any computer and all-in-ones are no different. While they may have different or additional components they still need to compare different things to figure out which system will fulfill the needs and wants you have.

Processor – The processor of a computer determines how fast programs run. The faster the computer’s processor is the more expensive the computer usually is. Processors are usually made by either AMD or Intel. Intel processors are the more expensive of the two and are usually faster than AMD processors. The high performance processor choice is Intel Pentium with Celeron coming in second at a lower cost and slightly lower performance. AMD is also reasonable, price wise and provides decent performance as well. Most of today’s computers have multiple processors which improve performance even more. This will show up as dual core or quad core, quad core being the fastest.

Memory – RAM or Random Access Memory keeps your information in a temporary spot which prevents the hard drive from using up your memory when any programs request information. All programs require a certain amount of memory or RAM to run. It is important to know the system requirements of the programs you run most often so you choose an all-in-one computer that has sufficient RAM to run these programs. More RAM, of course, is always better, so try to get an all-in-one with as much RAM as you can afford. This will result in better performance as well.

Hard Drive – The job of the hard drive is to store files and programs, including the all-in-one’s operating system. The more storage capacity your computer has, the more files and programs you can save. Hard drive size is measures in gigabytes or terabytes. 1 terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes. If your hard drive does not have a lot of space, you can purchase an external hard drive that you plug into your computer’s USB port. If you save a lot of movies, music and high resolution images you will want to ensure that you have plenty of hard drive space.

All-In-One Computer2Optical Drive – All-in-ones can come with either a CD drive or a DVD drive that allows you to read and write data to back up files and folders or to create DVDs or music CDs. The high end all-in-ones may have Blu-ray drives for watching HD videos. Sometimes a PC might have a combination drive that will allow the user to write or read in more than one format.

Screen – One of the biggest selling points of an all-in-one is the capacity it has to have large beautiful screens. Larger screens are going to be more expensive, but having a large screen is a favorite feature of many users. Since many people watch movies on their computers, having a screen that is 21-27” or higher can make for excellent movie watching. Many of the all-in-ones are touchscreen capable, although if this feature is not wanted it can be turned off.

Connections – To properly connect to the internet or a home network, the all-in-one needs to have a Network Interface Card. It is rare to find a computer without one these days. High end models include wireless network adapters with different components for both high end and budget conscious.

Input and Output – Most users have many gadgets that they use with their computers. Devices like cameras, MP3 players, smartphones and much more can all be connected to the all-in-one through USB ports. Most all-in-ones will have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports available. The more ports the computer has the more devices you can use.

Audio and Graphics – Users want to have good sound and Graphics in their computer systems to listen to music and play games. Get the best audio and graphics you can afford.

Operating System – Your all-in-one will have an operating system pre-installed and depending on the brand of all-in-one, it will either be Windows or Mac OS. Mac OS can only be installed on Mac computers. Make sure that the operating system that is installed is compatible with the programs and features you use and/or want to use.

Extra Features – There are many extras that all-in-ones can come with. These extras include webcams, wireless keyboards and mice, speakers and even TV tuners.

Warranties and Tech Support – warranties and tech support are very important to offer the consumer peace of mind as well as help if they need it. Sometimes users have trouble setting up a new PC. If the company offers tech support, they can get help with this undertaking if it proves to be too difficult to do on their own. Warranties usually cover parts and labor for a specified period of time.

Reasons to Get an All-in-One Computer

There are many benefits to purchasing an all-in-one computer system. They definitely look fancy and save a lot of space, but are there other reasons too? Below we have listed several of the common reasons people want to purchase all-in-one computers.

    • No need for a separate Monitor Purchase – One of the reasons people love all-in-ones so much is because everything is included in one unit with the exception of the keyboard and mouse. The screens are thinner and larger and the components of an all-in-one are together so setting up one is very much plug n play. You have everything you need to get online and get started.
    • Excellent space savers – Because these units are all-in-one, they are much more space efficient than traditional computer systems. There are not a bunch of wires or cords to worry about and you don’t have to worry about where to put a hard drive and separate monitor.

All-In-One Computer3

  • Less power consumption and heat generation – The components inside of an all-in-one generate less heat than traditional desktop PCs. In addition, the savings of space and the fact that the technology is similar to a laptop makes it more energy efficient as well.
  • Easy to Use – All-in-ones are much easier to use than traditional PCs. Plug it in, turn it on and that’s pretty much it. They are also designed to be user friendly, so getting it online is just as easy.


All-in-one computers have gained in popularity over the years once people realized how easy they are to use, how much they provide that laptops and traditional desktops don’t offer, and how terrific they look. The three top rated all-in-ones that we have featured in the review above are all excellent examples of the kind of features and attractive offerings that all-in-ones almost always have.

We live in a computer era and people spend a large portion of their day interacting on the internet in some way. Having a good quality all-in-one allows for users to be a part of the internet savvy world in a stylish and fun way. The cost of all-in-one computers have come down significantly from when they first came onto the scene and getting a really good one can cost easily cost under $900. There are very few negatives when it comes to getting an all-in-one computer. With the space they save, the features they offer, the entertainment value they provide, they are an excellent choice to make when you are in the market for a new computer.

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