Best Airsoft Gun in 2023 – Airsoft Gun Reviews and Ratings

Best Airsoft Gun in 2023 – Airsoft Gun Reviews and Ratings
Despite the fact that airsoft activities started in Eastern Asia, it has grown to huge proportions here and is a very popular hobby and activity. The creation of airsoft guns was done so the participants in “airsoft” could get a more realistic experience.We conducted research in the airsoft gun industry and uncovered the top rated airsoft gun choices in the world. We compared approximately 20 different models of the competition in the areas of magazine size, performance, realistic characteristics, affordability and much more. The choices featured here are the clear winners in these fields and are customer favorites as well.
Best Airsoft Gun

1. Marines

Best Overall Airsoft Gun

5/5 Product Rating
There are several features about the Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle by Crosman that make it a great all around rifle.

Included in the feature lineup are a folding stock for close combat, flip-up sights, quad rail mounting system, adjustable hop-up, and much more. The magazine holds 350 BBs and the firing speed is up to 325 fps.

This item weighs about 2 pounds and measures 28” long. This military style assault rifle is designed for users to engage in intense airsoft battles. This model is part of the USMC officially licensed airsoft gun lineup and even has the USMC logo and colors too.

The quad Weaver, Picatinny rail foregrip is set up for the optional accessories if you want to mount them. It is a great airsoft gun for close proximity combat matchups and will deliver a great performance whenever you use it. One of the benefits to purchasing this airsoft gun, is that the proceeds from the sales go to the Wounded Warrior Regiment program which helps with non-medical care to the injured Marines along with their loved ones.

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2. Double Eagle

Best Overall Airsoft Gun – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This replica of a real M83 will make users feel like they are right in the middle of a real battle with an authenticity that can’t be beat.

Safely train, simulate or play without any ear of serious injury. The Double Eagle AEG Airsoft Gun Rifle fires plastic BBs that get blown out of the gun with compressed air.

This gun feels and weighs just like a real firearm and functions like one as well. It is designed for casual play rather than weapon use. The orange tip is the giveaway that this isn’t a real gun along with the BBs that it shoots.

This M83 replicate is low-powered and the use of the plastic gearbox adds an electric element to it that makes it the perfect electric airsoft gun introduction to use.

The M83 has a firing speed of 260 fps. This rifle comes with a battery, battery charger, flashlight, and the electric sight, making it a great all-in-one set up for any newbie or more experienced airsoft gun player.

You will be able to fire 6mm ammo at 500 rpm. There is a 50 round capacity, folding stock and includes an electric red cross sight, mock silencer, safety glasses, sling, tools for the airsoft gun and even some BBs. You’ll have everything you need to engage in fun airsoft combat.

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3. BBTac

Best Budget Airsoft Gun

4.7/5 Product Rating
This sleek airsoft gun is based off the Vietnam style M16A1 all the way down to the triangular hand guards.

This spring airsoft rifle is spring powered and will need to be cocked for each shot you make.

This fast, inexpensive airsoft rifle is easy to clean and keep maintained for long lasting play. It comes with the rifle, 50BBs, safety glasses and strap too.

You won’t need any gas or batteries with this airsoft gun. This model by BBTac is one of the most durable, tough airsoft guns on the market. One of the reasons it is so durable is because it is made with very few breakable pieces to worry about. It has a firing range of about 300 or more fps with .12 g BBs or 250 fps with .20g BBs. You will have to cock the gun every time you shoot.

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Airsoft Gun Buying Guide

Airsoft Gun Reviews

Different Types of Airsoft Guns

There are three basic types of airsoft guns on the market today. The different types are determined by the method they dispel the BBs. The three types are gas powered, electric powered and spring powered.

  • Gas powered – the type of gas used for airsoft guns is a “green gas” which is a form of compressed propane gas. It is kept in the reservoir in the gun. When the trigger is pulled, a burst of gas will force the pellet out of the gun.

    Airsoft Gun1This propane gas will also be part of recharging the blot and cocking the gun again. The gas powered airsoft guns provide the mist realistic shooting experience, so if you’re looking for a realistic experience, the gas powered airsoft gun will be a good choice.

  • Electric Powered – Electric powered airsoft guns are the most powerful of all the types. They are powered with a spring and also a battery powered motor that helps them cock the gun over and over so they are able to shoot repeatedly with little effort.
  • Spring-powered – All airsoft guns started off as spring-powered but over time, there were variations. The springs that are used in a spring powered airsoft gun drive a plunger that then pushes the BBs down the barrel and out of the gun. Spring-powered airsoft guns have slow rates of fire and you will need to cock the gun before each shot that you make.

Considerations to Think About When Purchasing an Airsoft Gun

There are several things that you will want to take a look at when it comes to choosing the right airsoft gun. These considerations will all help determine the path and airsoft gun choice you end up making.

  • Setting a Budget – You need to have a good range or idea of what you want to spend on the airsoft gun you choose. The price range you come up with should be based on how much money you want to spend and also how involved in the sport you want to get.

    If you are brand new to using an airsoft gun, you are better off starting off with a less expensive gun that you can use to get used to everything. The major benefit to starting off with a cheaper airsoft gun in the beginning is because if anything happens while you are learning, you will not be losing an expensive and costly gun.

  • What Kind of Play?- There are several different kinds of play that you could engage in when it comes to airsoft gun play: CQB, sniping, support gunner or some other position. You have to choose your role before you can choose your gun, or you should choose the role first. There is no point in purchasing a gun for a role that you will never end up playing. Certain guns are better suited for specific positions so take this information and use it to choose not only the right position, but the right gun to go with that role as well.
  • How Much should it Weigh? – The weight of the gun you play with is an important factor. Getting a heavy gun when you are doing to a lot of running around can tire you out really quickly. Choose a gun that you will be able to maneuver and run around with on a fairly easy basis.
  • What is Your Play Style? – The type of play you will be engaging in definitely plays a large part in determining the type of airsoft gun you purchase. There are two types of games in airsoft: Close Quarters Battle and Field. If you are more interested in CQB, look for a gun that has a shorter barrel or one that has a folding stock. If you are playing field, look for the guns that have a much longer barrel because they will be more accurate.

Airsoft Tips to Remember

There are several tips that are beneficial when it comes to airsoft. Following these tips will help you have a great time as well as be good for keeping the gun performing well and lasting a good long time as well.

  • Choose stronger, more durable guns for long term play in a physically demanding environment. The plastic parts on a less durable gun will almost inevitably break when faced with a harsher environment and longer term play. Pieces prone to breakage when they are not made with more durable parts include the stick, site and barrel.
  • Airsoft Gun2

  • Cleaning and maintaining the gun after every use will help the gun last much longer. Even though it is an airsoft gun, they do require cleaning and will perform better and last longer when taken care of in this manner.
  • CO2 guns can seize when used a lot. Let the gun warm up before using it and it will perform much better and last longer.
  • Lubricate the airsoft gun before use. This should be done with ALL guns. WD-40 is just fine and it only takes on quick spray inside the chamber.
  • Wear safety goggles when engaging in play. Due to the nature of the game, it is entirely possible to get a BB in the face or eye causing a permanent injury that a good pair of goggles will prevent.
  • Count on distance accuracy to be about 100-150 feet maximum. Snipers can usually shoot within a couple of hundred feet.


Accuracy, power, looks and durability are all super important when it comes to choosing the airsoft gun that will meet your needs and provide you with a gun that you will enjoy playing with. If you’re brand new to this fun activity, you may want to buy a cheaper gun while you get used to how it all works and to see if you want to get more serious about it before upgrading.

If you are already a participant, you can use the information in this buyer’s guide and the reviews we have provided of the top airsoft guns on the market to choose your next airsoft that will be a high quality, long lasting gun that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of as you play.


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