Best Air Fryer in 2023 – Air Fryer Reviews and Ratings

Best Air Fryer in 2023 – Air Fryer Reviews and Ratings
It seems new health scares tend to pop up quicker than unhealthy food trends tend to disappear. Of course, why wouldn’t this be the case? There’s certainly no magic button you can press to make you stop loving French fries. As it turns out; however, there is a button you can press which can make French fries a healthy food. The air fryer is a fairly recent invention to have hit the mainstream which not only does a great job as a health product, but preforms well as a kitchen appliance, even if you don’t care about your health to begin with.
Best Air Fryer

1. Philips HD9220

Best Overall Air Fryer

5/5 Product Rating
The Philips AirFryer perhaps markets itself as being the most heavy-duty and the most versatile air fryer on the market. Upon looking at its list of features and specs, it’s impossible not to appreciate everything this product brings to the table. All of its main features seem to revolve purely around the saving of time and specific cooking options, which is exactly as a fryer should be. After all, this is a product which is supposed to offer the quickest way of churning out restaurant-grade food at home.

One example of such convenience is the actual material that the Philips AirFryer is made of. Because it is all completely safe to run in the dishwasher, you won’t have to worry about sticking your hand into the unit just to wipe in clean. It’s also quite easy to disassemble as well, making the process of actually getting it in the dishwasher in the first place a very easy ordeal. Despite this, it doesn’t come with too many parts that need to be disassembled, ensuring you don’t have to keep track of twenty different items just to wash one appliance. This is a huge time-saver that we can all appreciate at some point or another. Even if you don’t plan on running it through a dishwasher, you’ll still find it exceptionally easy to clean by hand.

It also comes with heat settings. It’s not the fact that it has these settings that is impressive (all similar products have heat settings in some form or another), it’s just how these settings work in the first place that make the product rather interesting. While many products have you select from a few different food-specific heats (one setting for fish, one for red meat, one for vegetables, etc.), the folks down at Philips understand that everyone prefers something different in the food they cook, which is why the Philips AirFryer allows you to choose your exact temperature. Whether you prefer the low-and-slow approach to cooking or you simply need to quickly sear something one last time before serving it, you can be sure the Philips AirFryer will be able to help you get the job done.

The above characteristic goes in great contrast to many other similar products currently available on the market. While they can certainly get the job done with the least amount of pre-emptive planning required, they just don’t allow you to get that specific cooking experience that you’re looking for. Of course, this will only come in handy if you’re willing to adapt your recipes accordingly. After doing so; however, you’ll never want to use another air fryer again. This makes the Philips AirFryer perfect for those serious cooks who have a certain taste they’re unwilling to stray from. If this sounds like you, you’ve found the best model on the market.

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2. Avalon Bay

Best Overall Air Fryer – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Avalon Bay 100B Air Fryer is certainly the simplest of the bunch. Of all air fryers exhibiting the same level of quality, the Avalon Bay 100B Air Fryer is sure to prove the most convenient of them all. This is achieved through its very straightforward settings and its easy-to-navigate design. In fact, this is a characteristic which becomes very apparent simply upon first gazing eyes on the unit. The first thing you’ll like notice is that it doesn’t have a single button dedicated to settings. You’d almost think it was an electric kettle of sorts.

It is this simplicity that can leave the Avalon Bay 100B Air Fryer as being your best or worst option, depending on just what it is you’re looking for in an air fryer. If you’d simply like to get to it and stop messing around with a bunch of features, this is it. After all, how many buttons can you possibly need to make a bowl of potato chips in an air fryer?

However, despite its very high level of simplicity, you’ll find that it still comes with all of the basic features that you should expect in air fryers of all sorts. One such example is its automatic shutoff function. After running for thirty minutes straight, this function will turn the fryer off to prevent any safety issues from presenting themselves. It also comes with and inner basket, the same type you’d expect to find in a deep fryer. This is easily your best option if you simply want to get dinner on the table as quick as possible and would rather not mess around with different features to do so.

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Best Budget Air Fryer

4.5/5 Product Rating
Perhaps you’d rather not have to fidget around with temperature settings. Perhaps you’re okay with your air fryer calling a few of the shots for you, so long as it still produces a perfectly-fried end result. If this is the case, look no further than the GoWISE USA. This particular air fryer comes with the aforementioned cooking settings which have you choose a food (meat setting, fries setting, etc.) rather than mess around with different heat settings just to make a couple of potato chips. It goes without saying that relying entirely on these settings will offer you less in the way of customization potential, meaning you may not be able to fine tune the product to your tastes as much as you’d like. On the other hand, its tendency of automating much of the cooking process certainly makes it one of the more convenient products of its type.

It also comes at a very low price. While one hundred and ten dollars might not sound all that low, the GoWISE USA’s price tag is certainly a lot more forgiving than those of most other air fryers currently available on the market. It also gives you a high amount of customization potential relative to other air fryers featuring the same type of cook settings. While said potential may not be as great as that of the above unit we covered, it will certainly prove to be enough to tackle any possible cooking jobs you may find yourself undertaking. Because said customization is completely optional, you can always revert back to the simpler cook settings at any time to have the unit do everything for you. Whether you’re looking to make a culinary masterpiece or would simply like to cut down on the amount of time you spend cooking after work, the GoWISE USA is sure to get it done.

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Expert Opinion

If you are someone who is always tight on time and could use an appliance that can do the functions of an oven in a shorter time or if you have kids who love french fries, nuggets and other fried foods, buying an air fryer is a great investment. Not only does it cook the food with 80% less oil which means you can give your kids the foods they love with a clear conscience but you can do it in almost half the time.

Sawsan Farha author of

I have had Philips Digital Airfryer for almost 2 years now and I can honestly say that it has been a great addition to my kitchen. I use it to cook food, heat food, and even bake. I particularly love it for making fries, nuggets, samosas and spring rolls. It is amazing how with just oil spray, it can give me the same crunch and color that frying with oil can produce.Added to that it doesn’t heat up the kitchen like the oven does and my kids can use it safely while I would never allow them to get anywhere near the kitchen when I am frying with oil. The only downside to it perhaps is that despite being Large, you still have to do the food in batches if making enough for a family of four but in my opinion the benefits outweigh this mild inconvenience


Air Fryer Buying Guide

Air Fryer Reviews

What is an Air Fryer?

Don’t feel limited if you find neither of the above products seems to have just what you’re after. By following the advice laid forth in the buyer’s guide below, you’ll find there are a whole lot of quality air fryers available on the market, assuming you know what to look for.

What will you be cooking?

Air Fryer1This is really what it all comes down to. If you plan on cooking cake (yes, these products actually fry cakes (quite well, I might add)), you’ll need to make sure your air fryer of choice comes with a cake pan, rather than the standard wire basket. On the other hand, said wire basket is essential if you plan on cooking foods which are generally deep fried (battered fish, chips, fries, etc.). It’s important to know just what you’ll be using your fryer for in the first place before finalizing your purchase.

How much effort are you willing to put in?

If you’re a foody of sorts, and only find yourself interested in air fryers for their potential health benefits, then it’s always a good idea to opt for a product which gives you a whole lot of control over the temperature at which you cook your foods. On the other hand, if your interest in these fryers stems from their potential to effortlessly whip up fried foods, you’ll want to get an air fryer which makes a lot of the decisions for you. Typically, these will require you input the type of food you’re making, after which the fryer will take care of the rest.

Types of Air Fryer Heat Settings

I’ve touched base on these briefly throughout the above review. This is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to figure out which particular product is best for you. Let’s take a look at the two major types of heat settings. Note: these settings often overlap.

  • Temperature Control – Just like an oven, many air fryers will merely have you set their temperature to your preferred figure. After doing so, you merely take your food out when it’s done cooking.
  • Food Settings – An unofficial term, these settings merely have you press a certain button based on what food you’re cooking. This adds a degree of automation to the process.

Common Air Fryer Features

There are certain features which are always nice to see in an air fryer, no matter your personal preference. Here are those features.

    Air Fryer2

  • A Traditional Wire Basket – This will give you an excellent finished product through allowing you to quickly shuffle the food in your air fryer, allowing you to give a more consistent cook. A basket which can be removed while cooking is always
  • A Large Food Capacity – You’re probably not going to find yourself using one of these in your car on the way to work. As such, a bigger unit will reduce the likelihood of your air fryer being unable to tackle any given cooking job.


Simply by knowing which cook settings you need and how much customization potential you prefer, finding your dream air fryer is easy. Now that you know which factors should be kept in mind while shopping for an air fryer, picking up the best model for your needs should be a very easy ordeal.


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