Best Bassinet in 2023 – Bassinet Reviews and Ratings

Best Bassinet in 2023 – Bassinet Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 48 hours researching and testing 12 different kinds of bassinets and found that durability, stability, and weight capacity were most important. The HALO Bassinet scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The adjustable base fits next to any size bed perfectly and is recommended for babies that are less than 20 pounds. It features a nightlight, music, nursing timer, two kinds of vibrations for soothing the baby and other great features. The always visible design of this bassinet makes this an excellent option to replace bed sharing and if safer for the baby too.

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1. Halo Premiere

Best Overall Bassinet

5/5 Product Rating
This amazing swivel sleeper from HALO is a unique bassinet that rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate in comfort, safety, and convenience. With this wonderful design, you can have your baby sleep as close to you as you want, while still being safely in your own sleeping area. We all know there are great risks that come with bed sharing, and this ingenious bassinet helps you to avoid that, while still being in the ideal proximity to your child. The bassinet not only brings your child close, but it also swivels to make getting into and out of the bed completely hassle free.

Because of its design, your baby will always be visible to you, and at eye level. This allows you to soothe your child instantly, and the mesh walls provide perfect breathability for your child. Also, thanks to the side wall that lowers and returns automatically, it’s easier than ever to tend to your child while you’re still in bed. This swivel bassinet is the ideal alternative to bed sharing, and is recommended by the CJ Foundation for SIDS. The stable, adjustable base fits perfectly next to almost any size bed. Recommended for babies less than 20 pounds, the bassinet also comes with a soothing nightlight, soft sounds, music, nursing timer, and 2 levels of vibrations.

The bassinet features a 100% polyester fitted sheet that is machine washable, as well as two storage pockets that help you to keep baby’s essentials close by. The polyurethane mattress pad is completely waterproof and is free from any toxic flame retards. This product has been independently tested to meet and exceed all U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission and Health Canada safety standards. It’s also JPMA certified. With all these features and credentials, you can see why this is one of the top rated and most unique bassinets on the market. Give it a try yourself, and you’re going to see how great it is to keep your baby so close.

Linda Krantz

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2. Arm’s Reach

Best Overall Bassinet – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This Curved Mini Co-Sleeper bassinet from Arm’s Reach features a unique design that allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to one another just as soon as the baby arrives. It’s designed to make it easy for you to reach over and draw your baby close when they need comforting and bonding. The bassinet also makes breastfeeding easy in the middle of the night. This is the perfect sleep solution for any concerned parent who wants their child nearby at all times. Ideal for infants up to 5 months old, you’re going to find that this bassinet adds comfort and peace of mind to those first precious months with your baby.

Sleeping in the same bed with your baby is quite dangerous, but you still want them beside you when they’re new to the world, require feeding and comforting during the night, and you become anxious when they are in another room. This bassinet is the ideal solution for this, allowing your baby to be right by your side so you can tend to them quickly. The natural color of this bassinet is soft and muted, allowing it to work in any home decor without standing out too much. The bassinet is also moderately priced, considering you’ll only need to use it for 5 months. That is, unless you want to save it for another child.

All in all, this is a fine bassinet that baby will find quite comfortable to sleep in. It’s furnished with hypoallergenic, breathable materials that are machine washable and easy to wipe clean. The mattress is nice and firm for baby, and they’re going to be more comforted through the night knowing that you’re there.

Linda Krantz

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3. Graco

Best Budget Bassinet

4.7/5 Product Rating
This fantastic all in one bassinet from Graco is called the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, and it’s a wonderful incline sleeper that is ideal for babies that suffer from colic or congestion. The bassinet was developed in conjunction with medical professionals to help babies that suffer from congestion, due to its inclined position. This design helps both baby and mommy sleep more soundly at night. The incline sleeper attachment is also removable should you not need to use it any longer. Also, it easily converts into a rocking bassinet and comes with a Light Vibes electronic unit that plays classical music, nature sounds, soft glow light, and soothing vibrations. The charming canopy mobile features plush bear toys to keep baby entertained, and there’s also a large storage basket that holds baby’s clothes and diapers.

Considering how many amazing features this bassinet has, it’s remarkable that it’s so compact in size. In fact, you’ll find that it takes up very little space at all, and is a fun and comforting place for your baby to nap and rest. It’s possible to put this bassinet right up next to your baby so that you can get to your child quickly in the night. Also, the soothing sounds and vibrations are a big help when baby is having a hard time falling asleep.

All in all, there’s a reason why this is one of the top rated baby bassinets on the market. Loaded with features that other bassinets do not have, it even has the removable inclined position that is perfect for babies suffering with colic or congestion. Designed to give your baby a better nights sleep, this bassinet will also improve your sleep, as well as your peace of mind.

Linda Krantz

Bassinet Buying Guide

Bassinet Reviews

What is a Bassinet?

We all know that new babies come into the world and then pretty much sleep most of the time. They’re going to be sleeping a lot in your arms, but they also need a quality bed to make this sleeping time the most comfortable, beneficial, and safe. Of course, you need a good quality crib, but this is more so something that your baby is going to grow into. In the early months, it’s convenient to have a bassinet due to its portability, allowing you to keep your baby close both day and night.

There are a number of different fun styles and colors to choose from, as well as many bassinets that come with remarkable features that make it easier than ever to soothe and tend to your child in the night. With so many options out there, you might be scratching your head wondering which bassinet is right for you. Lets explore some of the key features and benefits of bassinets, and that should help you to narrow down your search.

5 Benefits of Bassinets


  1. Keeping Baby Close: Bassinets are designed to allow you to keep your child as close as possible. Even if you already have a nursery space in your home, you’re going to want to keep your baby close at night in the early months. Studies show that infants who sleep with their parents having a reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Bassinets are designed to allow you to keep your baby nearby, and many feature drop down sides so that they literally function like a sidecar to your bed.
  2. Compactness: Bassinets are designed to be compact. When you have limited space in your home a bassinet is a great piece of baby furniture that doesn’t take up too much room. They’re smaller than cradles or baby beds, and can easily be placed anywhere in your home, and some are even compact enough for travel.
  3. Safety: Bassinets are incredibly safe, and as you know, safety is the number one priority. There are a number of safety features that should be highlighted. For instance, the portability of the bassinet makes it safe because it keeps your baby close at all times. Also, bassinets are small in size and this suits the size of your baby. Almost all models come with an extra firm mattress to eliminate the risk of strangulation, and they are constructed of sturdy materials.
  4. Affordability: We all know that having a baby is expensive, and many parents choose not to purchase too much baby gear right away. When you purchase a bassinet for your infant you’re delaying your need to purchase an expensive crib. Bassinets are naturally less expensive than a crib, and this makes sense considering that you’ll only use it for about 5 months.
  5. Fun Styles: Bassinets come in a wide variety of fun styles, and many parents enjoy purchasing a bassinet that has a bit of whimsy. There are, of course, the old fashioned bassinets that are sweet and wholesome, and then there are modern and stylish ones that look sophisticated in the home. Since your child is so young, this is the time to choose the style that fits your fancy, then once your baby’s personality begins to develop, you can begin to purchase baby furniture that you believe suits their character.

Choosing the Right Bassinet for You

Bassinets have been used for centuries in one form or another, and today you can find them in an unbelievable variety of incarnations. This compact baby bed can feature a frame made of wood, wicker, metal, or plastic tubing. Usually covered with fabric, there are many bassinets that come with wheels, making it easy to take them from room to room. You’ll also find that most bassinets are shaded with a hood to help block the light. There are even bassinets that have shelving and other storage options. Modern bassinets will provide all kinds of fun features such as soft lights, music, and soothing vibration.

There are even high-end strollers that come with a bassinet, and they’re called carrycots. These are quite handy for newborns. All this being said, you can see how many different kinds of bassinet there are out there, and when it comes to choosing the right one for you, you need to ask yourself which features you desire most, and which are unnecessary for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of a bassinet. These are the main components that you want to consider when you’re researching which bassinet will work best in your home.


Keep in mind that you’re not going to be using the bassinet for a very long time, so look for the features that will serve you best during that short time. Do be sure to find a bassinet that is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association. Aside from this certification, keep your eyes out for the features below.

  • Functionality
  • Movement
  • Portability
  • Toys
  • Sound Effects, Vibrations, and Light
  • Bedding
  • Canopy
  • Storage


Bassinet2Many bassinets are designed with pockets and storage underneath so that you can conveniently store diapers, clothes and wipes. Some bassinets can even be used as a changing table, while others easily convert into a bedside sleeper that attaches to your adult bed. Other functionality benefits include models that allow you to lift the bassinet from the stand so that you can carry it along with you. With these various elements of functionality, you’re able to basically convert the bassinet to a form that works best for you. It’s suggested that you favor a bassinet that has more elements of functionality, as this will prevent you from needing to purchase extra pieces of baby equipment. When your bassinet can do it all, you’re saving yourself time and money.


Some bassinets are designed to be rocking, so that you can gently lull your child to sleep through movement. You can also find a bassinet that has a vibrating motion, which babies find incredibly soothing and calming. Movement is an amazing way to get your baby to relax, and if you have to do something that requires your hands, it’s an amazing help to have a bassinet that provides the movement for you. Some will even have this movement on a timer so you can set how long the soothing motion will take place.


Look for a bassinet that has a handle so that it’s easier for you to carry around. There are also models that feature casters so that you can roll the entire unit around your house. It’s important to note that you should never move the bassinet when your baby is inside. When you find a good bassinet that is designed for portability then it’s easier than ever to take it with you on the go to grandma’s house, while traveling, or simply transporting it from room to room. In terms of portability, you’ll also want to pay attention to the various weights of each bassinet, as this effects portability.


Of course, babies love toys, and having them attached to your bassinet gives your infant visual stimulation. There are many models that you’ll find that have detachable mobiles or canopies with fun toys attached. Always make sure that the attached toys are soft to the touch, and safe to go in your baby’s mouth. It’s possible to find a bassinet with all different kinds of toys, such as friendly animals, butterflies, fun characters, and so much more.

Sound, Vibration, and Light

We’ve already discussed how bassinets often include soothing music and nature and heartbeat sounds. This is almost always accompanied by volume control which can be adjusted from a keypad or sometimes just a switch. Many bassinets also feature a soft nightlight which allows you to take a peek at your child in the night. All of these extras almost always run on batteries, so don’t be surprised if you will need to replace these frequently. Sometimes this is all too much stimulation for your baby, so be sure to listen to your baby’s cues that it’s too much for them. It’s a great idea to find a bassinet that plays classical music, as this is said to be soothing and good for your baby’s development.


The bedding is very important on your bassinet, as it not only keeps your baby comfortable, but proper bedding will also keep them safe. All bassinets will have a thin, firm mattress and a fitted sheet, and many will also have a fabric lining. Sometimes they’ll have a liner that comes with a ruffled hood and bed skirt, usually cascading to the floor. This frilly style is what we associate with a traditional bassinet. You’ll most likely need to buy the bedding separately, and this will include a liner, hood cover, and sheet. Do be sure that the bedding you buy will fit the size of your mattress.

If you really want to decorate your bassinet to the nines, and you have a bit of extra money to spend, it’s possible to get some custom made extras using fabrics such as toile, gingham, vintage florals, white eyelet, as well as colorful plaids. The current trend these days seems to be un-dyed, organically grown cotton bedding that comes in natural shades such as brown, cream, and green. No matter what you choose, do be sure that the bedding is machine washable, and you may want to air dry to prevent shrinking.


Bassinet3A stiff canopy is meant to block the light from your child, allowing you to read before bedtime, or do things that involve light, without waking your child. This canopy will usually be retractable or removable, which is a good thing if you plan to change your child’s diapers in the bassinet. You should keep in mind that frilly fabric canopies may look charming, but they are a potential strangulation hazard. Very tiny babies who are not terribly mobile will be less at risk for this, but once your child is able to grasp it could become a problem.


Bassinets will often feature a bottom storage basket that is great for storing toys, diapers, baby clothes, and wipes. If there’s a flowing bed skirt on your bassinet then it will unfortunately block access to this storage space, so look for a bassinet that has a shorter skirt if you plan to use the basket. The storage basket is often made of a mesh material so that it’s ultra-lightweight and you can see what’s inside. There are also some bassinets that will have pockets outside.


Owning a bassinet is a wonderful way to help your baby sleep soundly in those first months of life. They offer the convenience of placing the baby right next to your bed while you sleep so that you can get to them in an instant when they need you. There’s nothing better than having a new infant sleep by your side, but we all know how dangerous it is to sleep in the same space as your child. A bassinet solves this problem, and offers you the ultimate proximity and maximum safety at the same time.

There are literally countless models of bassinet on the market, so it might be quite confusing when you want to purchase the right one for you. Be sure to refer to the above buyer’s guide, as well as the most highly rated bassinets on the market. When you do your research and learn which features make some bassinets stand out from the rest, you’ll be better able to find the perfect bassinet for you.

No matter which bassinet you choose, you’re going to love how convenient, safe, and comfortable a bassinet is for your child. Look for some of the best features on the market, such as bassinets that provide music, lights, and vibration, as well as those that come with fun toys and designs. It’s possible for you to customize your bassinet and use gorgeous fabrics in any style or color you choose.


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