Best Baby Carrier in 2023 – Baby Carrier Reviews and Ratings

Best Baby Carrier in 2023 – Baby Carrier Reviews and Ratings
A baby carrier allows you to maintain communication with your child, while also giving them the added benefit of feeling your motions and hearing your voice. When you’re a new parent, there’s nothing more inexplicably beautiful than feeling your newborn against your chest, gently breathing and smiling. It may seem like you never want these first moments of parenthood to ever end, but unfortunately they do and life comes calling. If you’re looking for a way to maintain connection and intimacy with your child all throughout the day while still being able to perform the necessary tasks of your life, then you need a baby carrier.
Best Baby Carrier

– Linda Krantz

3. Infantino Flip

Best Budget Baby Carrier

Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier - Ergonomic Bear-Themed face-in Front Carry and Back Carry with Removable Character Hood for Infants and Toddlers 12-40 lbs

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Infantino developed their unique carrier on the belief that a crotch dangling design is not good for your child. Through research, they have concluded that when the baby is carried with their legs dangling it’s bad for their hip and spine development. That’s why their innovative design simulates the natural positioning of the baby’s body when a mother is holding her young one. By pressing the baby against mom’s body just as it would be during normal carrying, the child benefits physically while mom still has her hands free to do other things.

If you find that other baby carriers are hurting your back, then this new model might just be the answer for you. It is designed to support babies of all sizes, comfortably supporting smaller babies all the way through to larger toddlers. The ergonomic design promotes healthy development and is incredibly easy to use. At Infantino they’re passionate about their product and they believe that baby carriers are not just a fad. Both anthropologists and psychologists have claimed that when a baby is in constant contact with a caregiver it helps to build communication between the two of them. This closeness leads to better emotional development and babies who are carried less often show more crying fits and tantrums.

Also, the motion from carrying your baby helps him or her to develop key motor skills, while giving you the freedom to get things done during the day. Not only is the design incredibly innovative on this baby carrier, but the materials are also soft and natural and easy to clean. The cotton is machine washable and the carrier also comes with a protective hood that can snap on to cover your child’s head and protect them from the sun. All in all, this is an excellent product that parents really do praise. If you find that other carriers haven’t worked for you and you want to try something different, then the Infantino carrier might be your solution.

– Linda Krantz

Baby Carrier Buying Guide

What is a Baby Carrier?

There is no feeling more extraordinary than having your baby in your arms, your child sleeping against your chest, smelling their sweet head and feeling their breath. Most mothers cherish these early days with their newborn, but then life takes hold. You want to hold on to these beautiful moments, but you still need to perform everyday tasks and errands that demand your attention. You may even have other children that depend on you. As life becomes more busy, you still need to keep your baby close and nurture them. A baby carrier is the best way to do everything you need to do while keeping your child in nurturing proximity. According to Dr. William and Martha Sears, “Baby wearing does good things for babies, and it makes life easier for mothers.”

Benefits for your Baby

    1. Communication: Many new parents get very caught up in all the equipment they need to purchase for their newborn, but in reality, everything that they need is provided. Babies need milk and they need close proximity to you and both of these things are free. There are many cultures where babies are constantly held by their caregivers. Psychologists have done studies that conclude that when mom and baby are together they are shaping one another’s behavior and communicating with each other on a deeper level. When it’s time to feed, to sleep, to play, the baby will communicate this to their mother with their eyes, their tears and movements. That’s why closeness is so essential for mom to be able to grasp these signals.
    2. Closeness: These signals happen when baby is in mom, or dad’s, arms. When you wear your baby you are taking your child through the day with you. You can see the world from the same vantage point and your baby can hear your conversations and your laughter. When your baby picks up on your emotions, they feel comforted and connected to you. Baby is reassured by the physical contact that they constantly feel with you and wearing your baby provides a closeness that they can feel, even when they aren’t the center of your attention.

  1. Calmness: Some parents fear that when a baby is in constant contact with you that they’ll become fussy and cry for attention, but the opposite is true. When children are held they cry less and demand less attention because they can feel reassured. Studies have shown that a child is less demanding when they’re experiencing constant contact and a happy baby will be more quiet and alert. This helps the child to more confidently interact with people and when a baby sees more facial expressions and hears its mother’s voice, the baby is learning about the world throughout the day.
  2. Development: Not only does using a baby carrier help development emotionally and socially, it also helps the baby to develop physically. A baby needs motion for healthy growth and in the womb they become accustomed to hearing mom’s heartbeat. They become attuned to their mother’s movements. After birth, being held close to mother’s body helps them to reclaim that sense of safety, while still being able to move their arms and legs. Throughout the day, it’s remarkable how many babies will fall asleep in their carrier, because they’re comforted by the motions of their parent. Laying your child in a crib will not have this same effect. According to Bill and Martha Sears, the stimulation your baby experiences in a carrier, “helps babies breathe and grow better, regulates their physiology, and improves motor development” (Sears and Sears 2001).

Benefits for You

  1. Makes Life Easier: We all know how hectic it is to be a new parent, and wearing a baby carrier simply makes your life much easier by keeping your hands free throughout the day. You’ll find that leaving the house doesn’t require nearly as much preparation and baby calms down faster after having a flare up of emotions. It’s also much easier to bring a baby carrier along with you than it is to bring a stroller. When it’s not in use, it can be simply folded up and stored in any diaper bag or even purse.
  2. Confidence Boost: Being a new parent is hard, but when your baby is contented it makes you feel more confident and competent in your role as a parent and a baby carrier will help you to achieve this. When a baby is there, right under your nose, you’re much more attuned to what is bothering them and what state they’re in. This makes you, the parent, much more on top of your child’s needs and you can sense what is beginning to bother them. The more confidence that you have as a parent the more you can relax and enjoy your child. According to Simeon:

A large part of confidence is the ability to read babys cues successfully. When a baby is held close in a sling, a parent becomes finely attuned to babys gestures and facial expressions….Every time a baby is able to let his parent know when he is hungry, bored, or wet without having to cry, his trust in the parent is increased, his learning is enhanced, and a parents confidence is reinforced. This cycle of positive interaction enhances the mutual attachment between parent and child, and it makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

Baby Carriers and Breast Feeding

One of the perks of using a baby carrier is that it makes it easier to feed your baby more often. This helps babies to gain more weight and be more nourished. Did you know that the shorter the amount of time between feedings the more fat content there is in mother’s milk? By using a baby carrier you can more easily respond to your child’s feeding cues. It’s also easier to breastfeed in public when baby is in a carrier. Mother can more quickly pick up on the child’s cue that it’s time to feed, therefore avoiding crying which attracts more attention at the time of feeding.

The extra fabric from the carrier sling can easily be pulled over the child’s head, which allows for more privacy for both mom and child. Also, when your child feels comfortable and secure, it will be more easy for them to feed in general. When they’re less fussy it’s much easier for them to latch on and take in nourishment.

Some Practical Points to Consider

    1. Baby Requires Less AttentionWhen your baby feels close to your body at all time, they will not scream out for your attention as much because they feel comfortable and secure. Baby wearing makes tackling life’s tasks more easy because your hands are free and your baby is calm. For example if you want exercise, you can put your baby in the carrier and go for a walk. This is superior to using as stroller because your baby benefits from feeling the motion of your body.
    2. Easier for Mothers with Multiple ChildrenIf you have a newborn and also other children in the house, you have an enormous challenge each day. There are multiple children demanding your attention and needing your care and a baby carrier will allow you to handle the newborn at all times while also freeing you up to deal with other kids who need your attention.
    3. Keeps Baby EntertainedWhen your child is on your chest and facing outward, they can see and be stimulated by the world while simultaneously being comforted by the presence of your body. They will demand your attention less because they’re enthralled by the sights, sounds and faces of the world. Your everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning and gardening will become fascinating and stimulating for your baby.

  1. Experience All Kinds of TerrainIt’s very difficult to push a stroller over rough terrain such as sand at the park, wood chips, and through grass. The great benefit of using a baby carrier is that it allows you to go wherever you need to go without being slowed down by a stroller. It’s also perfect at the supermarket, allowing you to traverse the aisles without having to push a stroller or put your baby in a questionable shopping cart.
  2. Be More SocialHaving your baby on your chest allows you to go out and enjoy the world, have an evening out with the girls, or attend your favorite meetings and Mommy groups. Your child will stay comfortable and it will be easier to feed them when the need arises. Often they’ll even just fall asleep in their carrier on these outings.
  3. Go to WorkMothers these days are using their baby carriers to bring their newborns to work. The baby stays calm and mom is able to get a lot of things done with their child securely on their chest.
  4. Great for Moms and DadsBaby carriers are no longer just for moms. Fathers can also benefit from the comfort and security that they provide. Baby will be comforted by any adult who wears them close to their body and it allows dad to have that intimate contact with the baby that often only the mother enjoys.
  5. Perfect for Different Weather ConditionsYou can take advantage of a baby carrier even in cold weather. Mothers will wear the carrier and put their jacket over it to keep their baby warm. It’s even possible to be fashionable and wear a shawl or scarf over the baby and this will lock the warmth of your body against the child.


Using a baby carrier is an incredibly smart choice when you want to integrate your baby into your daily life, while keeping them calm, happy, and connected. It’s possible to not only accomplish the tasks that you need to, but you can also interact with your child throughout the day, breastfeed more frequently, and still have your hands free to play with another child in the home and accomplish your various tasks. There are a number of benefits for your child when they can see and be stimulated by the world throughout the day. It also contributes to a parent’s confidence when their child is calm, secure, and connected to them.

Newborns are still used to being soothed by the sensations of the womb and wearing your baby is the closest you can get to giving your child that experience again. We all lead such busy lives and so many moms today go right back to work after having a child, need to care for other children, or just have endless tasks throughout the day. Wearing a baby carrier allows you to accomplish all this while giving your baby the benefit of experiencing enhanced communication with you.

There are many different styles of baby carrier on the market, but what it comes down to is comfort and personal tastes. Sometimes you need to experience a couple of different carriers before you find the one that is best suited to you and your baby. No matter which carrier you choose, you’re going to be amazed by the new connection you feel with your child, while still being able to tend to the events of your life.


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