Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Women are not the only ones who should get anniversary gifts.  An anniversary is usually for a couple so both should get gifts from each other.  If your anniversary is coming and you are worried about choosing the right gift, worry no more.

There are things you can do to ensure that you choose a gift that he is going to really like.  If you have been paying attention to the things he talks about and the hobbies and interests he has, you will have a very easy time choosing gifts that he is sure to love.

We have listed 10 terrific gifts that would make great anniversary gifts for him.  If none of them appeal to you as a gift to give him, use the ideas as a means of inspiring your own creativity.

Customers love the 3-in-1 value this laser level provides that includes an 8 foot tape measure as well.

Tools are almost always a great choice for an anniversary gift, especially if he does a lot of projects around the home or likes to build as a hobby.  A laser level is a very valuable tool to have in his toolbox.

This multipurpose level is a combination of a triple positioning leveling bubble, a fine-tuned tape measure and a laser level as well.

It can be used anywhere precise measurements are needed or wherever a straight line is desired.

Situations where this tool comes in handy is hanging photos, measuring locations on a wall, hanging curtains and making furniture.

The 8 foot tape measure that is part of this multi-level has both metric linear and imperial and has graduations as low as 1/32nds of an inch.

This Qooltek laser level has a battery backup and comes with the battery it needs to keep working perfectly. He will love this very useful tool and will undoubtedly use it often in his projects and repair jobs.

Customers love the quality and design of this soft, comfortable T shirt

This cute T shirt will make him feel good knowing you think he is such a great husband that you will announce it to the world in the form of a comfortable and attractive T shirt for him.

The T shirt is made from a mixture of poly/cotton blend and 100% preshrunk cotton.  The ink used to print the lettering is made from the highest grade, state of the art technology and equipment so the lettering is vibrant and long lasting.

There are many different sizes and colors to choose from so you can get his favorite color. These T shirts are designed to have a slim fit so it is better to order a size or two larger than you would normally wear.

The T shirts are machine washable. All you need to do is turn them inside out to wash in cold water and then hang dry do not dry in the dryer.

Customers love the beautiful elegant style of this razor and stand.

If your husband shaves with a regular razor he will love this razor set with a razor that has an imitation ivory handle.  This attractive razor set has the main handle, a convenient stand and extra blades.

The stand is made of chrome and fits the razor perfectly, keeping the bathroom counter organized.  There are two Mach III blades that come with it as well and you can purchase additional Mach III blades when you need them.

Include this stylish razor in a gift basket with shaving cream, a face towel and even aftershave for an excellent and very personal gift just for him.

Customers love the reliable Stanley name and the tools that this set includes to be a useful home repair set.

Here’s another wonderful gift for the tool and project lover. This Stanley 65 piece Homeowner’s Kit has everything he will need to take care of projects and repairs around the house.

The tools come in a blow molded carrying case for storage ease and portability as well.  All the tools are made from high quality steel.

Ratchet handles have a thumb operated reverse switch that is easy to use and the handles are ergonomically designed as well.

The sockets in this set have a Max-Drive design that gives them 15% more torque than regular socket wrenches have.

The extensions will stay locked onto the drive until he takes them off using the low-profile quick release button. This great tool set will be a big help for him to take care of almost any repair or project that comes up around the house.

Customers love the all in one organizer that keeps all his valuables safe and organized.

Give him a gift that helps him stay organized in a convenient, easy to use way.  He will really like having a play to put all his valuables when he comes home after work.

This catchall stand gives him places for several items.  There are slots for his keys, a place to put his glasses or sunglasses, Bluetooth headset or any jewelry he might wear.

There is also a place to place his cell phone so it can charge. The charging cable slides through the slot so connecting it to the phone is easy.   The stand is designed to be compatible with most phone cases.

Other features of this terrific catchall organizer are a place to hang his watch and a routed groove in the front where he can put a stylus or his special pen if he carries one.  Last but not least is the slot on the end that can hold his wallet.  Made from hard plywoods and has a natural finish but it could be stained later if you chose to.

Customers love the ID theft protection and style of this slim bi-fold watch.

A new wallet is an excellent anniversary gift and there are many different kinds to choose from.

This stylish wallet looks great and feels great too. It is long lasting and very durable and will resist wear and tear for a long time.

The bi-fold design is slim and easy to wear in your pocket.  The superior lining of this wallet doesn’t get stiff like lesser quality wallets do.

Another huge benefit to this sleek wallet is the RFID blocking capabilities it has.  This wallet has the widest range of blocking available.

It’s been tested for HID I class 125 KHz which is the same level of Metro transit cards and security. There are 8 credit card slots, 2 hidden cards, 2 sleeves for paper money and 1 ID window that flips out.  Everything is protected against the RFID scanners.

Customers always love this water bottle for its easy carrying characters and light weight and more durability.

If your husband or boyfriend works out or spends time participating in sports or other outdoor activities, he will really appreciate this cool water bottle fro, LifeStraw.

It holds 23 ounces of water and contains a replaceable LifeStraw filter.  You won’t have to worry about leaks with this BPA-free, Tritan made bottle.  The bottle can be used over and over again and the only thing you need to replace is the filter when it needs it.

This Go Water Bottle exceeds the EPA standards when it comes to removing Giardia, E. Coli, and Cryptosporidium cysts and other water contaminants that may be present.  It also removes almost 100% (99.9999%) of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites.  There is no iodine, chemicals or bad aftertaste when using this bottle.  The silicone mouthpiece is food grade and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Customers love all the features of this terrific emergency hand crank radio.

One of the things that most men seem to like is gadget-type devices that have a specific function.

A great example of this is this Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio. He won’t need any batteries to run this emergency radio.

It is solar powered and has an option for a hand crank to get it working. Features include a flashlight, blinker, AM/FM radio, siren and a cell phone charger too!

It comes with a USB connector too.  He will never have to worry about batteries running out again.

This is just the thing to have on hand for camping trips, boating, fishing, and any emergencies at home too.  He will love this useful radio and if the power ever goes out you will not have to worry about not being prepared.

Customers love the sturdy and long lasting construction and beautiful leather accents this tote has.

This canvas leather overnight gym bag is perfect for short business trips, going to the gym after work, or weekend getaways.

Men are not usually heavy packers so this bag fits the bill perfectly.  This gym tote is made from heavy duty, durable canvas with genuine leather accents and details.  The buckle is large and thick and there is a double zipper too.

The lining of the bag is designed in such a way that it won’t block the zipper.  There are several pockets in this convenient and stylish tote including a zipper pocket for personal items, two slots for items like cell phones and wallets, 2 pen pockets, two outer snap pockets that are good for electronic devices and two side pockets for items like water bottles and sports drinks.

The interior is very roomy and has plenty of room for him to fit a couple of day’s worth of clothing and items for short 203 day business trips.  He’ll have no bags to check with this attractive and lightweight tote that fits into the overhead compartment of the plane easily. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Customers love the roomy interior and tons of pockets, making this stylish and functional backpack a pleasure to have on hikes.

Get him something he will love using on his hiking and camping trips. This nylon internal frame backpack is a high quality backpack that features a Breathable System that allows the heat to spread out and away from the body.

This design prevents his back from becoming sweaty.  It’s comfortable to carry and is lightweight as well making it nice to carry on hikes.

This internal frame backpack has many features that make it really stand out from the others.  The top of the backpack has two drawstrings that can expand the pack and provide more compartment capacity.

There is a front sleeping bag compartment that has a divider, internal hydration compartments for the water bladders, (not included) there is access for the water tube to be connected externally and tons of pockets.

There are 2 hip belt pockets, 1 sleeve for a water bladder, a front pocket, top back pocket, 1 compartment for the rain cover, two elastic pouches, and front sleeping bag, along with a key ring in the main compartment where you can clip your keys.  This is the ultimate in hiking packs and has everything he needs to have an enjoyable hiking and camping trip.

The padded shoulder straps and hip belt enhances the air circulation for your back and shoulders making long trips much more comfortable.  There are two D links on both sides of the shoulder straps where you can clip items to as well.   This pack is available in several bright and attractive colors.

Choosing the Right Anniversary Gift for Him

Picking out the right anniversary gift for your husband or boyfriend is important. You want him to love it and you want it to be something that he will get a lot of use out of. We have put together a list of tips and pointers that will help make the choosing process super simple.  Following these tips will make finding the perfect anniversary gift enjoyable and fun rather than something to stress about or dread. 

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Pay attention to what he talks about, the TV shows he watches, the activities he likes to participate in, his hobbies and even his career. These things give you a large selection of potential gifts that are guaranteed to be winners because it is already things that he loves to do.
  • Listen for him to talk about brand names if he is talking about tools or any kind of outdoor equipment. Most men have specific ideas about the brand names they prefer and this is very important.  If you are going to purchase tools for him, don’t get the generic brand, budget for the brand he likes and wants and this will make the gift perfect.
  • Choose the gift yourself. Many people fall into the habit of giving gift cards or handing their spouse cash and letting them buy their own gift.  While this does ensure they choose what they want, it takes away from the excitement of opening a gift and being surprised. 


  • Make statements as to how hard or difficult he is to buy for. This can ruin the gift when you actually get it for him because there will be a tone of him being a bother. When you follow the tips we’ve outlined for you, buying his gift will be easier than it ever has been so you won’t be feeling that he is difficult to buy for.
  • Resort to gift cards unless he has REALLY asked for them. If he is asking for gift cards because he always ends up with gifts he won’t use and doesn’t like then you want to show him that you CAN buy great gifts for him.  This is the occasion that you turn his opinion of the gifts he receives from you around!
  • Worry about finding the perfect gift. If you have been listening to the things he talks about and you are not trying to choose the gifts that YOU want for him, there is nothing to worry about.  You will be able to choose great gifts that he will be shocked and ecstatic to see when he opens them.

Anniversaries are wonderful occasions to celebrate and they are not just about the woman side of the relationship.  You want to show him how important he is to you as well.  The tips, pointers and gift suggestions we have provided for you in this guide is all you need to choose some spectacular anniversary gifts for him that he is going to love.  After he opens your gifts, he’ll be telling his friends that you buy perfect gifts for him.

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