Best Air Hockey Table in 2023 – Air Hockey Table Reviews and Ratings

Best Air Hockey Table in 2023 – Air Hockey Table Reviews and Ratings
We spent hours of playing air hockey on different tables to come up with the results of this review. We took price, durability and performance all into consideration.

The 7 foot table from Atomic Blazer is an outstanding choice for both performance and durability. It’s solid construction will lend itself to years of playing and fun.


1. Atomic Blazer

Best Overall Air Hockey Table

5/5 Product Rating
There’s nothing more fun and exciting for the whole family than having access to an air hockey table at all times, and this model from Atomic Blazer gives you all the fun with less bulk. The 7 foot table comes fully equipped with electronic score keeping and rail-integrated display. With great technology like the heavy duty 120V blower, you get super fast playing, and there are also overhang rails to reduce puck bounce. Since an even playing surface is crucial to air hockey, this model comes with leg levelers that ensure a smooth playing surface at all times. Not only is this table perfect for air hockey, but it also can accommodate a table tennis conversion top, making it the ultimate multi-tasking amusement table. The set comes with 4 black strikers and 4 black pucks.

Enjoy the excitement and convenience of owning your own air hockey table, and see how everyone in the family will want to get involved. This table from Atomic Blazer is made from high quality materials and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Perhaps the only frustrating aspect to owning this air hockey table is that you’re going to find that all your kids’friends will come over to your home a lot more frequently, and will perhaps raid your cupboard. If you’re willing to make this kind of sacrifice, then owning this high quality air hockey table is the right choice for you.

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2. Viper Vancouver

Best Overall Air Hockey Table – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
With cool features like the sleek triangular electronic scorer and 110V motor with air flow of 80 cubic feet per minute, you’re going to find that this air hockey table from Viper Vancouver will stand the test of time, and offers you countless exciting air hockey games that the whole family can enjoy. With its smooth, glossy white playing space that resembles a frosty ice rink, you’re going to feel as though you’re playing real hockey in your living room. Air hockey is exciting for people of all ages, and your kids, and adult friends, are just going to love playing on this table for hour after hour. Give your family another option besides sitting in front of the TV or playing games on a mobile device. This table is designed to get everyone up and moving in a fun way.

This table also features dual end rail puck return, and deep inner rails. The design is meant to make air hockey as easy and safe as possible. Made of quality materials, the table will stand the test of time and survive a lot of wear and tear. Sleek and lightweight in design, the table is easy to assemble and use. You’re going to see that owning an air hockey table of this caliber is the right choice for your family, and any room in your home can be converted to an exciting air hockey arena where everyone will enjoy being spectators or players.

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3. Best Choice Products

Best Budget Air Hockey Table

4.7/5 Product Rating
This 4.5 foot air hockey table from Best Choice Products is designed for high-speed, 2-player gameplay, and features sturdy L-style legs for secure, safe playing time. The efficient 1 blower 12v motor is what powers this table, and it adheres to all UL standards. The automated puck goals and electronic scoring system are great added features to this well-functioning table, and the set also includes 2 strikers and 2 pucks. Measuring 56.5″(L) x 27″(W) x 31.5″(H), the table is a perfect size, and will fit comfortably into any game room or play space.

Overall, this is a fantastic air hockey table that is constructed from fine, durable materials and it’s guaranteed to stand the test of time. A top rated table, customers love this model because it’s affordable but still functions with the best of them. If you’re on the market for a table that fits in your budget, and is designed with special features that the whole family can enjoy, then this device from Best Choice Products might just be the perfect choice for you.

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Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Air Hockey Table Reviews

What is an Air Hockey Table?

Air Hockey Table1If you have a game room in your home, then you definitely need an air hockey table. They’re also perfect for any arcade, bar, or club, where you want your guests to have as much fun and amusement as possible. Air hockey is a fun game that people of all ages can enjoy and take part in, and the fast-paced nature of it is exciting for those who watch. It takes some skill and practice to get good at air hockey, but it’s well worth the time.

There are various types of air hockey tables available, and these include the traditional arcade-style tables with electronic effects, and the simpler tables that are often purchased for home recreational use. There are even tabletop variations and multi-game tables that you can purchase. Before you purchase one of these fun tables, it’s best to know what is out there, and what your specific needs are. You will also want to know how to spot a quality table, and where’s the best place to make your purchase. Once you have a little research under your belt, you’ll be able to make a smart decision about which table is best for you.


As mentioned above, there are different types of air hockey tables available to you. These include the fancy electronic arcade-style tables, the more basic recreational models, and portable tabletop versions.

Arcade-Style Tables

This is the most expensive style of air hockey table you can find, and they are almost always solidly constructed, and measure the full regulation size of 8 feet in length. This kind of table will features a powerful blower motor, and will come with electronic extras such electronic scoring, sound effects, and music. This is a very popular type of air hockey table, and they are the hardest wearing, providing you with years of quality playing. Very well constructed, these tables feature a commercial blowing motor for the ultimate in soft puck glide, as well as strong rink walls for perfect deflection and an extra smooth playing surface for the highest quality air hockey experience.

Purchasing this kind of high quality table is an excellent choice if you want to get the most out of your table for a long period of time, or if you want a table for your place of business, such as a restaurant or arcade. These tables are incredibly durable, and they are built to handle extensive amounts of playing hours. It should be noted that arcade tables are not used in professional air hockey leagues, so if you want a top-quality air hockey table for professional games, then this style of table will not suit your needs.

Basic Design Tables

Air Hockey Table2A basic air hockey table is often less expensive than an arcade-style table and has fewer bells and whistles. For instance, you will not have electronic scoring, flashing lights, or music with these tables. You’ll also find a wide variety of price and level of quality with these tables. A basic table is suitable for young children, but not so much for the avid teenager or adult who is looking to enhance their air hockey skills. This basic model also comes in a wide variety of sizes.


This is a great option if you want an air hockey playing space that is portable and very easy to store. If you have a room that will not accommodate a full-size table on a permanent basis, then this kind of table is right for you. Designed with rubber feet that can be placed on any tabletop, you can easily use this kind of model on your kitchen table, game room table, or even floor surface. This is usually the smallest and most economical way to have an air hockey table. Perfect for small children who are not tall enough to use a standard table, this portable table can be placed at any height.


If you’re looking to acquire several different games at once, then a multi-game table is the right choice for you. What you get is a varied selection of different games incorporated into one table, and this includes air hockey. What you often get with a multi-game table is foosball, shuffleboard, table tennis, bowling, and even board games such as checkers, chess, and backgammon. Purchasing this kind of table is a great choice if you’re looking for a fun, diverse experience that comes in one unit.

Different Skill Levels

It’s important to note that there are various different tables that will suit different skill levels. Before you make a purchase, be sure to identify what your skill level is, and what your goals are for improvement in the future. Tables will vary in price and each is designed with a different kind of player in mind.

  • Beginner: If you’re purchasing an air hockey table for a beginner or child, you don’t need to purchase a table that is expensive. Anything under $100 is sufficient for a young child who will play occasionally, or for an adult looking to develop basic air hockey skills. These inexpensive tables do tend to be made of materials that are less durable in nature, such as particleboard. These tables will also not stand up to long-term, active use. Likely to become wobbly and warped with time, these tables should be purchased with short-term use in mind.
  • Intermediate: Any table that is designed for the intermediate player will be sturdy in construction and larger than those designed for a beginner. Often this kind of table will measure 7 feet in length, and if you’re looking to purchase a table in this category, you will be spending a bit extra money. You’ll find that the playing surface is more durable, and will not be as likely to scratch or dent. Perfect for home use, this kind of table is for the player that looks to advance their skills.
  • Air Hockey Table3

  • Advanced: You’ll find that advanced players are going to need an arcade-style or top-quality, full-size professional air hockey table. Both of these kinds of tables are extra strong and durable, and will provide a flat, smooth playing surface with thick rink walls for accurate deflection. If you know that your air hockey table is going to experience a great deal of use over time, then one of these long-lasting, high quality tables will be right for you. The initial cost may be high, but it will turn out to be an investment for your family and friends, and you’ll benefit for years to come.


Owning an air hockey table is a wonderful way to have a source of fun and activity for the whole family. People of all ages can enjoy this exciting game, and there are many tables out there to choose from. Finding the right table for you is a process, and it begins with determining what level of skill you are at, how much you’re willing to spend, and how much space you have in your home. There is a style of table that is suited for every imaginable skill level, from beginner through professional player, so if you’re just starting with air hockey, it’s probably best to not drop a load of cash on an advanced table.

That being said, if you aspire to become a skilled player, then purchasing an intermediate table will give you an affordable option that still allows room for growth. No matter what table you buy, be sure that you have enough space in your home or place of business.


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