7 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

7 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

must have kitchen appliances


If you are good in the kitchen, you will probably say that you spend a lot of time getting things together. So, you want the best appliances that’s available today to have its own place, as you customize your kitchen according to your specific needs and preferences. From making sure all the appliances match the decor in the room to ensuring all the appliances will be completely functional, there is a lot that can be done to make this kitchen more user friendly.

With this being the case, here are 7 Must have kitchen appliances.

1. A Food Processor

There are some staples in the kitchen that people look forward to whenever they enter into anyone’s kitchen. One of the most common is the food processor. A food processor is available in so many different designs, models and versions, and they can do a wide variety of different things for the user. It is also an awesome tool that can be used for processing fruits, vegetables and even meats. In some cases, people have all in one models that can process anything the person desires to feed their family.

Based on the size of the food processor, it may be large enough for a 12 or more cup capacity. These sizes are really handy for large families, and they are great for doubling and tripling recipes so that they can be served to more people. Either way a food processor is not only a luxury item in the modern kitchen, but a necessity for expediting a recipe.

2. A Personal Blender

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A personal blender is a very useful appliance to have available in any home today. In fact, many homeowners have them on their countertops for ease in access. When a homeowner makes this purchase, they can buy the one that fits their needs the most, especially since they range in price from quite affordable to the high end expensive versions. So, it is best for people to do their research first prior to making an investment. Because some models are so versatile, they can make it easy for cooks to puree their recipes whenever they need to. Also, because a personal blender is a reliable aid in a kitchen, they are often coveted when people find a blender that they like more than others.

3. An Electric Mixer

Baking cakes, pies and all kinds of different desserts is not always easy as some people may think. However, when you are the cook, you may have access to the more modern appliances so these jobs can become easier and easier. This is one of the main reasons why an electric mixer is a must have any cook’s kitchen. Before you make this kind of purchase, however, there are some things that you will need to know. One of the most important involves the two options that you have in buying an electric mixer for your home, and they are the stand mixer or a hand mixer

Therefore, for those of you who bake a lot, you should probably do much better by getting a stand mixer. As a general rule of thumb, the stand mixer is considered to be the number-one recommended kitchen splurge for those who feel like they are part of the avid bakers group. More simply put, the stand mixers have always been designed to make any cooks life easier.

4. Pressure Cooker

While some people may think that the pressure cooker went off the scene years ago, this is simply not true. Yes, it has stayed around for a long time and is coveted by cooks who want to prepare larger sums of meats in a short timeframe. So, it really deserves a spot in your kitchen, and it will beat out other versions by a mile. Particularly, when you are comparing the pressure cooker to the slow cooker or the instant pot. Either way, the pressure cook appears to be around to stay for many many years to come.

5. The Electric Kettle

The electric kettle is considered to be one of your most deceptive of all the essential small appliances on the market. This is because most people do not know its real value until they have purchased one. Once they have bought an electric kettle and have used it to make certain foods, they can easily get hooked because of its overall features. For instance, because the electric kettle is so energy efficient, it far outweighs and beats boiling a part of water on the stove. In fact, lets just say that the electric kettle is known to be at least 10 times faster than water being boiled on a stove. So, the electric kettle can easily be a game changer for you if you like to drink your fair amounts of coffee and tea.

6. The Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is not only great to have a round when people want to warm up a small meal quickly, it can still be considered a luxury item that provides wonderful service. From microwaving a hot dog to putting oatmeal from an instant package into a bowl to microwave, this is an appliance that more than meets the needs of people all over the globe. For instance, if you believe in batch cooking on the weekend and freezing it for the next week, you want the microwave to help you with grabbing a quick meal. There are also combination microwave ovens that have been built with a grill that will help you to do your browning and your roasting too. It is also both compact and discreet enough to place discreetly in both small and big kitchens.

7. Fridge Freezer

As technology has grown and advanced in so many different areas, it has also captivated users of the modern fridge freezers. These high-tech versions of freezers have been designed with the most innovative technologies including frost free technology. These systems have been designed to keep the meat in the fridge freezers fresh. Just like the design in retro style fridges, these are very great buys.


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