6 Quick Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Great New Look

6 Quick Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Great New Look

bathroom-a-great-new-lookIf you are looking for a way to improve and change the look of your bathroom, you don’t have to lay out the money for a full remodeling job.

Instead, there are several things you can do and add to your bathroom that will make it look as if it’s been remodeled without spending all that money.

Some of these suggestions may sound painfully simple, but they have dramatic impact on how your bathroom looks and feels.

Each of the suggested projects below cost less than $100 to implement.  You can choose to try one at a time or do several as your budget allows.

1. Buy a Brand New Shower Curtain Set

One of the quickest ways to change the look of the bathroom immediately is to purchase a new shower curtain set.  Rather than just having a plain liner or plastic shower curtain, why not transform your bathroom into whatever you choose by purchasing a special shower curtain set that has a particular type of theme or design?  Make sure you get a new shower rod as well to complete the look.

Theme Shower Curtains – Now more than ever before, consumers can find designs that fit every preference.  Whether you want to transform your bathroom into a jungle or make it look like the ocean itself is inside your bathroom, you’ll be able to find a shower curtain that will accommodate it.

Once you choose the type of shower curtain you want, you can complete the total image by decorating the rest of the bathroom to complement your new shower curtain.

buy-a-brand-newYou can give your bathroom a whole new feel by simply adding this element alone, but most consumers want to complete the look through accessories that will match the curtain either in theme or color.

An example of putting the theme overload into action is purchasing a jungle theme with a leopard on it and purchasing bathroom accessories with a leopard design on them.  Outfitting the bathroom in a new theme is not difficult; just beware of overwhelming the bathroom with the same recurrent theme over and over.  It loses its effect when there is too much of it.

One of the enjoyable things about the theme designed shower curtains is that you can choose a different one for every bathroom in your home and give each bathroom its own special design and look.

Piece Shower Curtain Set – Another look that you can utilize in your bathroom is a more elegant style and includes 3 pieces:  the shower liner, the outer curtain, and a topper. The liner is very simple and can be purchased in any number of solid colors or patterns.

The outer curtain should complement the liner and can have ruffles or scalloped edges. The outer curtain usually has tie backs for each side, much like a regular curtain. The topper goes across the top of the shower curtain on its own rod and gives the whole ensemble a finished look.  This is a good look to choose for updating a guest bathroom.

2. Bath Mats Can Do More Than You Think

Bath mats may sound like a simple decoration, but the right bathmats can add a lot to any bathroom.  They are available in a number of colors and materials.  The size of your bathroom will determine how many bathmats you want to get.

If you have a larger bathroom, choosing 2 or 3 bathmats and placing them in different places in the bathroom can give it a very nice look. It’s also a lot nicer than standing on the cold tile.

Most bathrooms will be able to accommodate a bathmat in front of the tub and one in front of the sink as well unless the bathroom is very small.  Make sure you get bathmats that will complement the color and/or theme of the room and that are easy to wash.

The majority of bathmats have non-skid bottoms so people don’t slip when walking on them.  They can still be washed in the washing machine but if they have the non-skid bottom, it is better to line dry them and keep them out of the dryer.

3. Towels That Will Make Your Bathroom Welcoming

towels-that-willBig, fluffy towels are always welcome additions to a bathroom, especially a bathroom that guests are using.  Replacing all the towels with brand new ones can give the bathroom an instant facelift.

Choose from a large selection of colors and styles and don’t forget to add hand towels and wash cloths as well.  Monogrammed towels and the “His and Her” towels are not as popular as they used to be, but they are still widely and readily available and come in a wide array of designs and monogram choices.

You can do a lot with towels in the bathroom as accent pieces as well.  Get a large wicker basket and roll the towels up and place them in the basket, stack them on the back of the toilet or a shelf and any number of other ways.

If you’re adding towels to a guest bathroom for them to use, be sure that they are plush and comfortable and smelling great. They will truly appreciate this sign of hospitality when they take a shower and wrap themselves in a large, plush, fragrant towel.

4. A Fresh Paint Job is Easier than You Think

Many people think that painting is automatically going to be a difficult and costly job, but for a room the size of most bathrooms, this is a fast and even economical way to give your bathroom a facelift.  In most cases, it will only take one, maybe two gallons of paint at the most.

You can choose any number of colors for your bathroom, although in most cases, lighter paint colors work better.  Make sure you get paint that is suited to bathroom walls and that will stand up to the moisture that they will encounter.  Painting a bathroom is typically a one day job and you should allow 24 hours to pass before things are put back and the bathroom is used.

Freshly painted walls can be a real boost to the look of a room and will not cost more than $100 unless your bathroom is exceptionally large.  Don’t forget to tape off baseboards, ceilings, and accessories like coat racks before you start.  Don’t rule out specialty painting if you’re feeling particularly creative. Sponge painting is beautiful on the walls, especially if a light base color and coordinating darker color is used.

5. Updating the Fixtures

updating-the-fixturesReplacing the bathroom faucet or showerhead is another way to add some new life to your bathroom.

There are so many different styles and designs on the market that the choices are almost endless.  Bathroom faucets come in many different styles, sizes and finishes.

If you are replacing the bathroom faucet, make sure it will complement and/or match the other fixtures in the bathroom, especially if you are only replacing the sink.

You can go an expensive as you choose to go with a bathroom faucet, spending hundreds of dollars if you choose, but the great news is that you don’t have to spend several hundred dollars to get a beautiful faucet that will breathe new life into your vanity.

There are even special shower heads that resemble rain, those that have LED lights in them so the water is colored and beautiful designs that will fit any preference you may have.  Keep in mind that bathroom faucets and showerheads can be very costly the fancier you get, but if you are just looking for a basic style, this can be accomplished quite easily.

6. The Effect of The Right Accessories

the-effect-of-the-rightThere are many different ways to accessorize your bathroom. You can choose toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, towel racks, trash cans, toilet paper holders, bathrobe hooks, drinking cups and those are just the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to use plants, wall hangings, special lighting and mirrors, new toilet seats and many other things to transform the look of your bathroom from plain to spectacular.

A special night light is always a pleasure to have in a bathroom and can make midnight treks much easier and less startling than turning on the usual bathroom light with its bright, blinding lights when you’re half asleep.

Some people get really fancy and choose to put telephones, clocks, and radios in their bathroom as well.  The accessories that you choose can make a real difference in the look and feel of your bathroom.

An elegant, luxurious bathroom is a real pleasure to walk into.  Your guests will certainly remember what it was like to be in there and it is something you and your family can enjoy every day.

If You Want to Do A Lot More

All of the 6 suggestions above are designed to provide you with ideas that you can use to change the look of your bathroom without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  If you have a bathroom remodel budget and you want to do more, there are many things that you could choose to do to give your bathroom a makeover.

  • A New Vanity – Replacing the bathroom vanity is one such job that can run several hundred dollars but will make a drastic difference in how the bathroom looks. Vanities come in all sizes and designs.  There are some truly unique, beautiful vanities on the market so take your time deciding which one you want to use for upgrading your bathroom.
  • if-you-want-toA New Bathtub – Replacing the bathtub in your bathroom could be a pretty big job but if you have a very old tub that has seen better days, getting a new tub can be really exciting.  There are many different bathtubs available on the market today with plenty of styles and designs for every preference.  Finding what you are looking for should be fairly easy with those kinds of choices available.
  • New Flooring – This is on the more complicated and expensive side of bathroom remodeling but it is one of the most significant when it comes to looks. Replacing the flooring in your bathroom is a big job that can take many days, especially if you work outside the home. A new floor looks fantastic though and is a popular way to give your bathroom new life.  Choose flooring that will be relatively easy to install and that will last a long time. Popular bathroom flooring choices include: ceramic tile, slate, wood, bamboo, vinyl, concrete and a few others.  If you know a lot about DIY and plan on doing it yourself, there are many ways that you can save
  • New Tile – Replacing the tile in a bathroom can be considered a major remodeling job in most cases but it is one that will change the whole look of the bathroom. If you are not knowledgeable about how to lay tile, you may want to enlist the help of someone who is. This can be a really challenging job but the results are very rewarding.  If your budget and time can afford it, replacing the tile in your bathroom is an upgrade that will make your entire bathroom look different. There are many places you can go online to learn how to remove the old tile and lay new, but remember to take it slow, do a thorough job and don’t take short cuts.

The bathrooms in your home are one of the most versatile areas when it comes to changing the look they have.  As we have illustrated with the suggestions above, this can be accomplished through easier, less costly methods or if budget allows, through more significant means.  Whichever you decide to do, there are plenty of choices available to appeal to many different tastes and budgets.

One thing to keep in mind is if you are looking to sell your home, updating and upgrading the look of your bathroom is one way to increase the appeal of your home.  Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to a potential home buyer.  The better and more updated your bathroom looks; the more appealing the house will be to them.

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