5 Steps to Making Delicious Tempura Batter

5 Steps to Making Delicious Tempura Batter

5 Steps to Making Delicious Tempura Batter

Tempura is a traditional Japanese batter used for shrimp, chicken, vegetables and so much more! If you have ever tried to recreate that light, airy, crispy fried goodness at home and were unsuccessful this recipe is for you! The batter itself is not hard to whip together, but there are many key points that will make your tempura batter turn out just right. There are so many different recipes for tempura batter, but this one is by far the easiest to prepare. You’ll never need to order takeout again because this three-ingredient tempura batter recipe tastes so good! And, you will definitely enjoy being able to make your own tempura dishes at home! Be sure to take a look at the key points before getting started. 


Key Points and Tips

  • Make sure you heat the oil before starting to prepare the tempura batter. The oil should be 375° F. If you do this first, your oil will be ready by the time you are done preparing the batter. This also ensures that your tempura batter will be at its coldest when you coat your food and drop it in the oil.
  • Prepare all of the items you plan to coat with your batter ahead of time. Go ahead and filet your fish, slice your veggies or cut up your chicken prior to mixing your tempura batter ingredients.
  • Never prepare your tempura batter until you are ready to begin frying your food. You can prep some other batters before cooking to save time, but this is not one of them. If you do, it won’t yield that light, airy tempura that you know and love.
  • Make sure always to sift your flower. This will ensure the flour is light and fluffy. It will be easier to incorporate into the tempura batter mixture.
  • The secret weapon, for crispy tempura every time, is ice water. Using ice water instead of room temperature water or tap water will help the batter stay cool and keep it light and airy.
  • You don’t want to over mix your batter. Do not use a whisk or spoon to stir your ingredients together. Try using chopsticks to incorporate the ingredients. That’s how the Japanese and Chinese do it! If you don’t have chopsticks you can use a fork, just be sure not to over mix the tempura batter.
  • While cooking, you can submerge your bowl of tempura batter into another bowl filled with ice to keep it as cold as possible.



  • 1 cup sifted, all-purpose flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup ice water

5 Steps to Making Delicious Tempura Batter


  1. Sift your flour into a small bowl. If you see any clumps of flour, sift it again. This allows air into the flour and will make it soft and light. Set aside for later. 
  1. In a medium-sized bowl, crack your egg. Beat the egg with a fork or whisk until frothy. You should see air bubbles on the top. Don’t worry about over beating the egg; the more air, the lighter your tempura batter will be. 
  1. Take your glass of ice water and scoop out the ice or you can use a strainer. Measure out one cup of ice cold water. Add the water to the medium sized bowl with the egg. Make sure not to add any ice cubes to the mixture. Gently whisk the egg and water until incorporated. 
  1. Now, add your flour to the water and egg mixture. Get your chopsticks out and start gently incorporating the flour. If you don’t have chopsticks, use a fork instead of a whisk. Make sure not to over mix the batter. 
  1. Your batter is now ready to use. Start immediately coating your prepared foods. If you don’t use it right away, you can put it in the freezer temporarily. Don’t do this for more than three to four minutes. This will help keep your tempura batter at the right temperature until you are ready to start deep frying. 

Tempura batter is traditionally used on seafood, poultry, and vegetables but you can also make it a sweet treat. If you have some leftover batter, don’t throw it out. Try sliced bananas or strawberries coated in tempura batter. You can serve with caramel or chocolate dipping sauce or top with powdered sugar for a delicious treat!

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