5 Simple Woodworking Projects That Sell Fast

5 Simple Woodworking Projects That Sell Fast

Woodworkers who are interested in selling their craft for profit often wonder: What should I make? Will my customers like it? Will it sell?

Finding a few great items that are popular, easy to sell, and quick to create, will have you well on your way to generating a decent income while also enjoying something you love.

Can you imagine what it would be like to know exactly what items have a proven track record for selling, and which wooden projects make money?  We’ve researched all of this for you and came up with some great suggestions based on our findings.

However, there’s one thing to take note of before we begin–some wooden crafts are more suitable than others depending on the area in which you’re selling.  For example, rustic designs don’t sell as well in the city as they do in more rural areas, so do your homework, and know what style is popular in the area where you will be selling.

Children’s Toys

Children’s items are a hot item no matter what medium you work with.  People love to buy gifts when there is a small child or baby involved and parents often buy things for their kids before they even buy for themselves.  Think about simple toys such as blocks, tic tac toe boards, and puzzles.  Be sure to use all safety standards and adhere to all laws in your state when it comes to child products.

Wooden Boxes

Who doesn’t need a place to keep things?!   If you’re like me, you are constantly looking to find “a place” for everything in your life.  A place where you’ll know exactly where to find the item you’re looking for.  Even if you don’t own a miter saw, boxes can be a simple project that you can create with scrap wood that’s lying around from another project.  People will love to use them as a place to keep keys, jewelry, glasses, note pads, and a million different items that we all need a place for.

Floating Wine Bottle Holders

Once you get the hang of the exact measurements for this project, you’ll be able to create them in no time!  All you need to calculate is the exact angle at the bottom of the piece of wood and the location of the hole at the top.  After that, it’s all just a matter of the center of gravity taking over and the wine bottle will appear to float in the air. You can really accentuate this piece in many ways with using different types of wood and stain.  Create many different combinations of woods and stains to give your buyers a variety of options to choose from.   And don’t forget the bottle of wine and wine opener when displaying this to show your customer its full potential.

Candle Holders

Wooden candle holders can be a very creative gift.  Your imagination can go wild as you design these pieces which everyone is sure to love.  You can use all-natural woods will rough edges, smooth woods, make them tall or low, long, or short.  As with the wine holders, there is no limit to the number of unique designs you can imagine with these.  One great tip is to be sure to include the small votive candles with the holder so that the gift is ready to go.  Buyers love when everything is packaged and ready for them to give!

iPad Stands

Who wouldn’t love to receive a simple wooden stand that can hold their iPad!  I can think of a million places that I could use this.  I can’t tell you how often I get tired of holding my iPad while trying to watch a video or read a recipe.  In fact, I, personally, think that the kitchen would be a fabulous place for one of these as it’s a place where your hands are always busy and unable to pick up the device to check on something.  Dress it up or dress it down, there’s no limit to what you can creatively do while designing these.

These 5 woodworking projects are sure to have the buyer loving their purchase.  More importantly, they are popular items that many people are looking for which fit into the décor and lifestyle of so many people these days.  Adding these 5 simple woodworking projects to your line is sure to get your items selling quickly and make your business more profitable.

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