5 Beautiful Gift Basket Ideas for Any Occasion

5 Beautiful Gift Basket Ideas for Any Occasion

Gift baskets have been a popular gift item for decades. It is a great way to purchase several items at once and have them arranged in an attractive and appealing way. Even though it may have started out being fruit baskets or the familiar cheese and cracker baskets from one well known cheese empire, they have evolved into something even more spectacular today.

You can purchase premade gifts baskets in a variety of types from baby baskets to corporate baskets for office people. Another great option you have when it comes to gift baskets is creating your own which opens the door for some really creative and fun basket themes.

If you’re looking for some already made up gift basket ideas, we’ve got some great suggestions for you below.

If you have a child that is going to college, this gift basket that contains 52 sweet and salty snacks is going to thrill them and their friends.

Each item is individually wrapped and includes student favorites like chips, gum, granola bars, cookies, popcorn and much more.

All of these delicious, name brand snacks come in a reusable, 6 quart snack bin that will keep all the delicious goodies in one place for them.

The gift recipient is guaranteed to receive fresh, never stale snacks that will get them through many long study sessions.

Each bin measures 14” x 9” a 5”.  This gift basket also works great for your son or daughter who is in the military or for a truck driver that is on the road a lot.  Even your kids at home will enjoy this huge array of exciting snacks that they will love going through.

You can use a trip to the gift bin as a reward for doing all their homework, keeping their room clean, etc.  Kids love to choose from a variety of things, so opening the bin’s lid and letting them choose from all of the delicious snacks could be one of the high points of their day.

This is a perfect gift basket for a friend, mom, sister, daughter, aunt or female co worker. Vanilla is one of the most popular bath and body scents available.

This beautiful and unique French Vanilla Bath Gift set is packaged in a wooden jewelry box and is sure to please her immensely.

The wood of the jewelry is two-tone and trimmed with a faux leather look trim.  It also has thumbnails and a mirror too.

After you take all the terrific bath items out of the jewelry box, you will have a great keepsake to put right on your dresser or vanity to hold all of your special jewelry.

This deliciously scented gift basket includes several enjoyable items including a shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, body spray, body lotion and 2 bath fizzers.  There are plenty of items in this luxurious basket that will show someone how much you care.

This is the perfect basket for a mom that has just had a baby, a teacher that has worked hard every day, your daughter the nurse who is on her feet 12 hours or more every day.  It will make them feel pampered and appreciated while surrounding them with the wonderful scent of vanilla.

There are so many people in the United States and all over the world, actually that love coffee.  Some are bigger coffee lovers than others.  This yummy gift basket will be enthusiastically received and immensely enjoyed.  This unique, gourmet basket is full of everything you would want to have to go along with some great coffee.

Included in this coffee lover’s gift basket is:

  • A durable and long lasting steel with black trim travel coffee mug with a lid
  • Tiramisu filled pastry cookies
  • Biscotti that is almond hazelnut flavored
  • Beth’s chocolate chip cookies
  • Butterscotch coffee
  • Bali’s Best Espresso coffee candy
  • Espresso glazed almonds
  • Mocha Hazelnut Java wafer cookies
  • Café mocha wafer dipping cookies
  • Beth’s chocolate chip cookies
  • Premium, dark Columbian coffee
  • Hazelnut Cappuccino
  • English toffee caramels
  • Café latte mix
  • Chocolate covered espresso beans
  • Caramel cappuccino Java Bon Bon Candy
  • Italian Amaretti Cookies
  • Chocolate Crepe Cookies
  • Jamocha Almond Fudge Coffee

All of these delicious gourmet treats and coffees come in an attractive dark stained wicker basket that can be reused after it’s emptied and looks great in the den, bathroom or living room.  Each of these great gifts are individually wrapped, handcrafted and tied with a pretty bow.

This coffee lover’s dream gift basket will give the person you present it to lots of enjoyment and great new treats and coffees to try.  It is perfect for a birthday gift, bridal shower gift, or even an engagement gift for a coffee-loving couple.

Every mother-to-be that is having a little boy would flip over this adorable and functional baby gift basket.

If you are looking for the perfect gift basket for a baby shower or to celebrate the birth of a baby and you know it’s a boy, this is a perfect choice.

This sweet basket features Eli the elephant who is dressed in blue and tucked into the basket amid all kinds of other baby goodies. The attractive basket is made from quality woven reed that features wood handles.

Once the contents are emptied they will have a great basket to keep in the baby’s room for storage or they can place it in any other room in their home.

They will get to enjoy several wonderful baby gifts in this sweet gift basket including:


  • Eli the elephant
  • Blue onesie
  • Blue pants
  • Blue baby booties
  • Blue baby cap
  • Elephant baby rattle
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby jungle plate
  • Baby jungle bowl
  • Baby jungle sippy cup
  • Baby elephant bath toy
  • Matching baby spoon
  • Decorative elephant accent

And it all comes in a woven basket that is shrink wrapped for extra effect and tied with a sweet bow.  It is all ready to give as a gift or you can get a large gift bag if you don’t want them to see all the great gifts this beautiful blue basket provides.

Now more than ever there are a lot of people who have discovered they need to eat a gluten free diet.

If you have a child that is a student or in the military or just have a friend or family member that follows a gluten-free diet, they will love this gluten free snack food gift basket.

The best way to get this large selection of gluten free snacks ready is to put them in a large basket or container yourself once you get them.

The items do come in a white flip top box that is reusable, but you could definitely repackage them into something more gift worthy.

The gift recipient will be able to enjoy a combination of 55 sweet and salty snacks that are all gluten-free and low sugar as well.  Many of the treats are also Paleo compatible, peanut free and dairy free too, but read the ingredients because not every product has these peanut and dairy free capabilities. They will truly appreciate all these delicious and healthy snacks that they can eat worry free.

Choosing the Right Gift Basket

As you can see from the great gift baskets listed above, there are many different types of baskets that are available for any one you want to purchase a gift basket for.  Gift baskets make terrific choices for gifts because there are so many variations available regardless of the age of the person you are buying one for.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of gift baskets you can give as a gift.

There are a few things you will want to decide and think about before you purchase a gift basket. These factors will help you decide the kind of gift basket you want to get for the person you are purchasing a gift for.

What is the Occasion?

Are you purchasing a gift for a baby shower?  A birthday?  A friend or family member’s promotion?  Make sure that the occasion is very clear so you can find or create the perfect gift basket that will match that occasion.

What is the Age/Sex of the Gift Recipient?

The answers to these two questions are very important.  The age of the guest of honor and whether they are male or female will have a lot to do with the type of gift basket you get and what types of items you want inside it.  Gift baskets are great gifts for any occasion, any age, any sex and any activity level.  All it takes is a little creativity and thinking on your part and you will come up with a unique gift basket that is everything they wanted.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take some time to jot down creative gift basket ideas for the person you are purchasing a gift for. Write down any gift basket theme ideas you can think of that will match the recipient’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, décor and more. You can go back through and narrow the list down until you decide on the gift basket theme you want to go with.
  • Decide if you want to get a pre-done gift basket or make one of your own. There are some beautiful pre-done gift baskets available but if you want to have a lot more flexibility in terms of theme and also what is in the baskets, you may want to decide to create your own.
  • Look for gift baskets that will fit the person you are purchasing one for. Around the holidays, there are gift baskets of all kinds in the stores. It is tempting to just grab one, but it is a lot more special to think about the personality and interests of the one you are buying for and come up with a great basket that celebrates those interests.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to create your own gift basket if you have decided to go that route. This is not something you want to just throw together.  You can have a lot of fun with the creation process if you let yourself and give yourself enough time.


  • Opt for the first gift basket you see. Take the time to look at what is included in the gift basket and see if it is worthy of giving as a gift. You don’t want the person you are giving a gift to, to be disappointed once they open the basket.
  • Be limited by the redone gift baskets that are available. Even if you don’t think you’re a creative person, you will be surprised how easy it is to create a breathtaking gift basket for any occasion. You also may become so hooked on the fun it is to come up with new and different gift basket themes for your friends and family that you may start being known as the basket maker.
  • Purchase cheap, flimsy gifts for the gift baskets. If you have decided to make your own, don’t opt for low quality items for the basket. The idea is for them to oooh and ahhh over each item in it, not wonder why something so flimsy or cheaply made was included.

Gift baskets are not slowing down in popularity.  They are a great way to give a special person in your life a fun and exciting present that they will love opening and love using as well.  No matter what the occasion or interest, you can either find or create a gift basket that will match it.

Gift baskets don’t always have to be huge. Even a small basket with 5 or 6 items is exciting and enjoyable to open when you have taken the time to make sure it is something that they love and are interested in.

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