3 Ways to Cure Fin Rot

3 Ways to Cure Fin Rot

3 Ways to Cure Fin Rot

Curing fin rot can be difficult, particularly once it has progressed to the later, more advanced, stages. During early stages, the edges of the fin will appear milky and discolored. Most times this small change goes unnoticed until you see fraying of the fins or tail. If fin rot goes untreated, it will slowly kill the affected fish and can potentially infect other fish in your tank. While the infection spreads, you will notice small pieces of the fins and tail die and flake off. The fins will become shorter and shorter over time and will leave a jagged edge. The area affected by fin rot may appear inflamed and red. Most times this will also lead to a secondary fungal infection which will appear bloody and inflamed. If you are worried that your fish has fin rot try one of these three ways to cure fin rot:


1. Keep Stress to a Minimum

If your fish is stressed out, it will quickly lower their immune system. Make sure that you provide a natural environment with plants and maintain a proper day and night cycle. They need to feel at home in their tank, and that will help them live stress-free and maintain a healthy, natural immune system. Provide your fish with plenty of space and make sure they have places to hide when they feel stressed out and want to get away. You should also make sure that your fish has the proper tank mates. Having fish that don’t get along will quickly stress them out, and they may even turn aggressive.


2. Keep a Clean Tank

You should implement a proper filtration system for your tank based on the size of your tank. Along with the filter, you should always to a monthly water change. You don’t have to drain the tank completely, but you should be replacing at least 30 percent of the water. This will help keep the nitrate and ammonia levels in the tank down. You should also skim your tank during the water change to catch any debris that you may stir up when adding fresh water. This is also a good time to vacuum your rocks to keep them free of old food and feces. Overcrowding can also cause your tank to become dirty very quickly. Do your research and find out how much room your fish will need. Check your tanks pH levels frequently. Low pH levels can cause stress and lead to disease. Fin rot can also be triggered by low water temperatures, especially in fish with long flowing fins like bettas and goldfish.

3 Ways to Cure Fin Rot

3. Use Tea Tree Oil or Aquarium Salt

Most veterinarians recommend keeping a fin or tail rot treatment handy at all times. You may be in a time-sensitive situation, and it could be after hours or on the weekend when you realize your fish has a case of fin rot. If you find yourself in this position, there are a wide variety of natural, highly effective products on the market that will cure fin rot. These antibacterial remedies usually contain tea tree extract as the primary active ingredient. The tea tree oil naturally and quickly heals wounds and abrasions. It also helps heal and regrow damaged fins and tails.

You can also keep aquarium salt on hand to cure fin rot. The addition of aquarium salt will naturally strengthen your fish and ward off infections. Make sure you are using the correct product. Do not confuse aquarium rock salt with table salt or marine salt. All you have to do is mix the aquarium salt with water and add the mixed solution to your tank. You should do a partial water change before adding any antibiotics or aquarium salt to your tank; this will provide the best results. Always make sure to fully read and follow the directions on any medications, antibiotics and water treatments.

These are just three of the many ways you can cure fin rot. Make sure to pay close attention to your fish and inspect them regularly to catch fin rot during its early stages. The sooner you catch it, the easier it will be to cure it. Remember these are not just ways to cure fin rot; you can also prevent fin rot with these three methods and keep your fish happy and healthy.

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