26 Products That’ll Solve Every Single One of Your Summer Problems

26 Products That’ll Solve Every Single One of Your Summer Problems

1. An amazing insect repellent that users swear by to get rid of bugs all during the hot days

Promising review: “This stuff is FANTASTIC! We took it on a long, wet canoe trip through the Adirondack mountains (which are notorious for bad insects) and it worked better than anything we’ve ever used before including DEET (which I hate using, hate having on my skin, and hate damaging all my gear with!). On the first day, I applied this lotion like sunscreen to every bit of exposed skin and noticed that I seemed instantly invisible to the mosquitoes. They were everywhere and would sometimes even land, but never bit AT ALL. The lotion smelled kind of pleasantly like Elmer’s glue when it was wet and then quickly dried and had no smell at all. The bottle said to reapply after 14 hours but I didn’t. About halfway through the second day, I went swimming. As soon as I got out of the water I was absolutely swarmed! The lotion had lasted for about 36 hours and then only washed off when I swam. I applied more lotion and the mosquitoes instantly DISAPPEARED!” —John Vee

Get four ounces of the lotion from Amazon (also available in nine other sizes and as a spray)

2. A cooling, multi-usage aloe gel that will have you waving goodbye to sunburn in no time at all.

Promising review: “This is the best aloe gel EVER! I use it as a facial moisturizer or on my arms and legs as lotion. It’s great for bug bites and sunburns and just has SO MANY USES. Plus, it absorbs into your skin quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.” —Molly

Get it from Amazon

3. Bandelettes that are almost magic. They’ll protect your thighs from the soreness that comes as a result of your legs rubbing against each other.

Promising review: “I’m in love! I always have problems with chafing and these work soooo well. They don’t slip, they don’t show through light dresses, and they won’t leave red marks. They’re true to size. What’s not to love? I purchased a size C after measuring my thigh at the widest part (approximately 25 inches). I’m usually a size medium or 6/8 in pants.” —Cat

Get the beige in size C from Amazon 

4.  An odorless anti-chafe balm that will make your thighs glide over each other without rubbing.

Promising review: “This stuff saved my beach vacation. My son always gets a nasty chafe and rub rash from playing in the water and then running around in his wet shorts. Usually, halfway through the day he’s ready to go home because it stings so much. We put this on his inner thighs every day before we went to the beach, and he never even had pinkish skin, let alone a rash! It’s very dry, not greasy, and it goes on smoothly and colorlessly just like deodorant, but with no scent. It’s absolutely a lifesaver!” —C. Millin

Get it from Amazon.

5. Tarte’s Lifted Sweatproof Mascara an animal cruelty-free, vegan mascara that’ll instantly give your lashes volume, and will stay on all through the day no matter how hot it gets.

Promising review: “This is the best mascara I’ve used! I went to a running event, then an afterparty, then an after-afterparty, and danced for more than 3-4 hours total. I sweat so much but this didn’t smudge, clump, or anything! It stayed on perfectly. I love this!” —jjoy0328

Get it from Sephora.

6. A super cute and extensive summer emergency kit that has the solution to almost every emergency that may come up in summer!

Promising Review- There’s no summer problem it can’t solve. How many wonders can one cute kit hold, you ask? A heck of a lot. This little lifesaver has a mini comb, hair bands, bobby pins, dry shampoo, a mini USB fan, aloe, cleanser, blotting paper, sunscreen, a blister bandage, double-stick tape, a tampon, a deodorant towelette, a foot wipe towelette, and even a flip-flop fixer!

Get it from American Eagle

7.  Totally adorable packing cubes so you won’t leave behind any outfit because your case ran out space. You’ll even be able to fit in some keepsakes too!

Promising review: “These were the greatest purchase ever! They’re amazing and I can’t believe I’ve been packing without them my whole life. They’re great quality and come in fun colors. I appreciate the mesh lining that allows you to peek inside. I packed my clothes, shoes, and toiletry bag for a 10-day trip to Europe as I normally would first, and then packed them in the packing cubes. There was so much more room after packing in the cubes! Here’s a list of items I fit in the cubes and bag: two jackets, one jean vest, four pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, a romper, four dresses, a maxi skirt, seven tank tops, four shirts, three camisoles, three pajama sets, 15 pairs of undies, six pairs of socks, and four pairs of shoes. Why are you still reading? Go buy these cubes!” —Tiffany

Get a set of four plus a laundry bag from Amazon (available in nine colors).

8. Maybelline Makeup Dream Fresh BB Cream a water-based creamy formula that serves as both sun protection (SPF30!) and as amazing coverage. It really can’t get any better.

Promising review: “I almost abandoned the idea of using BB creams, as most of the ones I tried were heavy and made me sweat terribly. But I decided to try this brand, and you hardly know you have it on! I saw a girl on Youtube say that you could sleep with it on, and she was right! I like the fact that it’s light and doesn’t make me sweat. It’s very true to shade and makes my skin look natural!” —NatureLover

Get it from Amazon (available in four shades).

9. An adorable  USB-powered desk fan for when the weather gets so hot, you feel like you’re baking. This is easy to carry around and is a life saver.

Promising review: “I needed a little fan to keep on my desk at work. This is perfect! It has two settings and the head swivels up and down so you can control where the air goes. It seems sturdy, and the cord is actually a decent length! It’s way more than I was expecting for the price!” —Mara

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors).

10. A pressure-activated cooling pad that will make your pet love you forever. Imagine how they feel, living in the heat with all that fur.

Promising review: “We have a golden retriever and he LOVES his cool pad. He won’t even let us finish putting it down before he’s trying to get on it. It’s been a lifesaver this summer. He has hip dysplasia and arthritis and with this, he’s almost completely stopped limping. He also gets really bad hot spots in the summer, but so far this year, he’s had NONE! We put it in the fridge to get it even colder. It lasts about two hours. We lay it down right before bed so he can sleep more comfortably.” —Britni Rosenbauer

Get it from Amazon (available in five sizes).

11. A pack of deodorant wipes that should definitely be in your bag. You know, in case it gets so hot, you sweat so bad and your deodorant wears off.

Promising review: “I’ve always suffered from bad odor in my underarms because I have very delicate skin and can’t use strongly-scented deodorants. I’m always trying out cream deodorants or gels, but they either irritate my skin or don’t stop the odor. THESE ARE THE BEST INVENTION EVER. I LOVE THEM!

I can’t believe that something finally works! My armpits don’t smell bad and I can finally move my arms freely. The scent is wonderful and isn’t harsh on my skin. Even after a long day, my underarms still smell like coconut.” —Patricia

Get them from Amazon   (available in three scents).

12. An unbelievable frizz-fighting serum that will keep the humidity at bay, all day long!

Promising review: “I love this product in the summer. It’s hard for my hair to survive the summer without becoming a gigantic frizz ball. I haven’t found any product that tames the frizz better than this. I put a small amount, maybe a quarter-size, in my hands, rub them together, and then run my hands through my hair right after I get out of the shower.” —Sofia

Get it from Amazon.

13. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers for those shoes that stink so bad, you’ve given up on them. They will get rid of the bad odor, and leave them smelling fresh.

Promising review: “These are magic! I have a pair of black leather flats that stank so badly my husband would yell at me if I took them off anywhere near him. But I love the shoes! So I had to find something to make the stench go away without leaving me with an allergic reaction. These were the answer. I honestly couldn’t believe it. A few days after placing them in my prized shoes, I took a whiff from about a foot away. Nothing. I got closer. Nothing. I stuck my nose practically in the shoe. Okay, maybe that’s pushing things, but 95% of the gross broken-in-leather smell was gone. I’m so happy!” —Erin

Get them from Amazon.

14. Maybelline’s Balm-y Day Fundle, a package of every single thing you need when you’re going straight from the beach to an event.

It includes a fun beach towel, pore-erasing primer, tinted lip balm, and mascara. The one problem it can’t solve for you? Actually having to leave the beach in the first place.

Get it from Amazon.

15.  A super comfortable cardigan that is so adaptable that you can wear it over your summer dresses and outfits, and is handy for those days when the office AC is too cold.

Promising review: “I wear a large/XL in shirts and have a 38DDD chest. I ordered the large and it fit perfectly. Not tight, not too loose. I love the snap closure! It’s a fun, soft, and comfortable cardigan. I now have three. The colors are so rich and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about these cardigans!” —S. Drury

Get it from Amazon.

16. A clever melon slicer that makes serving the delicious fruit easier and less messy.

Promising review: “This is the best kitchen tool I’ve ever bought! It used to take me 30 minutes or more to cut up a watermelon and bag it. Now, with this slicer, it’s 10 minutes at most! My only regret is that I didn’t invent this! You just cut both ends flat, put the melon on cutting board, put the slicer on top, gently press down (I rock it side to side a little) and before you know it, it’s cut into pieces.” —Edward D.

Get it from Amazon.

17. An adhesive bra for those pretty summer dresses that are strapless and low cut at the back. They work perfectly, and even for busty ladies too!

Promising review: “Let me start by saying I HATE strapless bras. It’s impossible to get them to fit right and they’re sooo uncomfortable. I ordered an E cup, so clearly I’m busty and need a bra’s support. If I put it on properly, it actually gives me support and I’m not miserable wearing it. It was great all summer and for wearing with strapless cocktail dresses. It’s plenty hot here in the summer, but it stayed on well even in our humidity. I highly recommend this.” —JDC

Get it from Amazon (available in sizes AA-DD/E and in nine colors).

18. A cooling towel with UPF 50 that will keep you cool during your workout, even on days where it seems like someone left a furnace on.

Promising review: “This towel has been an absolute game changer for me. I’m a long distance runner in Northern California, and it can get pretty warm here. With this towel, I’m no longer bothered by the heat. I wet it, wrap it around my neck, and tuck the ends into my bra or shirt to secure it. When I need to refresh it, I take it off, snap it, wipe my face, and put it back on. I do trail races, which can get pretty hot and aid stations can be far apart. Afterwards, I’ll hear people complaining about the heat, and I’m like, NOPE, I didn’t feel a thing. I’ve used it on runs upwards of three hours and it still cools.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon (available in 12 colors and prints).

19. A handy waterproof phone pouch so you can take your phone with you into the waves, take a selfie in the water, and use your phone without damaging it. The touchscreen works too!

Promising review: “This is a summer must-have! I love this holder. This thing is perfect for the beach or pool. I was able to take the cutest video of my daughter swimming underwater and the sound was perfect.” —Toni H

Get it from Amazon (available in 15 colors).

20. A comfortable, freezable eye pillow for cooling down when the heat gives you a bad headache.

Promising review:I love summer, but many of the key features of the season trigger my headaches. Heat? Humidity? Rain? Being active all day? Drinking sugary drinks? Yep, yep, yep, yep, and yep. I love taking this eye mask out of the freezer at the end of a long day and popping it over my eyes or, if I’m reading or watching TV, on my forehead. It’s super comfy and soothing, and no matter how long you keep it in the freezer, it doesn’t get too stiff. It’s also great for when you’re feeling hot in general or feel like you got too much sun on your face.

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors).

21. The Hydro Flask, a priceless insulated waterbottle that keeps your drink cold all through the day. Heat has nothing on this one. It keeps drinks hot in the winter too. Two for the price of one!

Promising review: “This product far exceeded my expectations! I was skeptical that it would truly keep a drink cold as long as it claimed, but I was incredibly wrong! I filled the Hydro Flask with ice water the day I got it, and I kid you not, it still had ice in it on the third day! My mind was blown! It had absolutely zero condensation on the outside during any of those three days. I couldn’t believe it! The texture is a powder coating so I don’t worry that I’m going to drop it. The sport cap is a plus and it doesn’t leak. The Hydro Flask is more expensive than some other water bottles on the market, but it’s well worth the cost.” —Stephanie Midori

Get it from Amazon (available in eight colors). 

22. A BedJet temperature control system that keeps things cool between the sheets. You can sleep without getting hot.

Promising review: “My husband purchased a BedJet for me last Christmas when we lived in Florida. I was always hot in the middle of the night and he liked a thick blanket. I could never get satisfied with the temperature. This was a lifesaver for me. I was able to sleep well and didn’t wake up in a pool of sweat. Recently we moved to Ohio, and let me tell you, it’s so nice to hit the heat button in the evening, go take a shower, and be able to jump into a warm bed. The easy-to-use app can be programmed with a sleep cycle or let you customize your own sleep cycle so you never have to worry about waking up cold or hot. It’s also helped when my husband or I are sick by keeping our body temperatures regulated. Getting a good night’s sleep is hands down the best and most important thing for your wellbeing, and this product delivers that and more!” —Daryl Thomas

Get it or get a double (so you and your partner can each control your own temperatures)  both from Amazon.

23. A chic scarf with a hidden super power-it comes treated with bug repellent, so you can look chic and stay bug-free. Bug bye!

Promising review: “This scarf is wonderful! I didn’t get any bug bites at all and it kept me warm. It matches my wardrobe and is a good size for covering your shoulders. Plus, it fits in my purse when not in use.” —M. Buchanan

Get it from Amazon (available in three designs).

24.  A simple, but extremely effective device for cleaning your pup’s feet, so you don’t have to worry about muddy paws in the house after a walk or visit to the park.

Promising review: “This is the Best. Thing. Ever. This product works like a charm. It gets the sand from between their pads, and is gentle enough that even my most stubborn pup tolerates it! I have a terrier/schnauzer that likes to dig, a mini goldendoodle that is prissy about her paws, and a standard labradoodle puppy that is very fuzzy. We have a farm where it’s extremely sandy and we stay in a travel trailer. The amount of sand they were tracking in to the camper was driving me BANANAS. Now it takes me three minutes to clean and dry off all of their paws. It’s seriously the best purchase I’ve ever made!” —Rachel

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors and three sizes).

25. A wire grill brush, so you don’t have to spend ages cleaning up after your barbeque. You’ll get it done in no time!

Promising review: “This product did a good job of cleaning my grill. It doesn’t have bristles, which is a huge plus because no one wants bristles to fall off and end up in their food. It’s very sturdy, so it can be used to clean tough stains and will hopefully last a long time. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip, which is also a plus. This is a great product.” —Stanley Chan

Get it from Amazon!

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