21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 21 is a big milestone for young adults.  They are old enough to be considered adults and young enough to enjoy not having the full set of responsibilities that older adults have.  The focus of most young adults who are turning 21 is that they are legally allowed to have an alcoholic drink.

While there is a lot more to being 21 than drinking, this is a big milestone to them that they look forward to and talk about in the years preceding this age.

We have listed 10 terrific 21st birthday gift ideas below.  Some are geared towards females and others are for males. If none of these suggestions strike a chord with you, use the ideas to come up with your own suggestions for great 21st birthday gift ideas that they will enjoy.

Customers love that there are no expired or stale snacks in this gift basket; only fresh and delicious choices.

Older teens and young adults are major snackers.  This snack gift basket has tons of salty and sweet snacks that curb any craving.

There are 26 different snacks ion this collection that will please any young adult who is looking for something to munch on.

All of the snacks are individually wrapped for the maximum freshness.  He or she will have plenty to choose from and will never get bored when the munchies hit.

There are no expired or stale products in this care package.  It is perfect for college students and high school juniors and seniors as well.  Included in this delicious present is:

  • Chex mix
  • Rice krispie treats
  • Cheddar cheese pretzels
  • Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies
  • Cracker jacks
  • Gardettos
  • Twizzler twists
  • Kar’s trail mix
  • Quaker chocolate chunk granola bar
  • Fruit roll ups
  • Quaker chocolate chip granola bars
  • Motts fruit snacks
  • Salted peanuts
  • Candy mix

Customers love the sturdy, long lasting, no condensation construction.

Now that he is 21, he will be able to legally try beer. Give him something to try it in, in style.  This double insulated has a layer of air that is between the two walls for maximum insulation.

The mug is made from stainless steel. This insulation prevents messy condensation from appearing on the outside of the mug.  The mug has a handle for convenient holding and no spill lid. (Beer not included)

He will be able to hold 17 ounces of beer in this stylish and convenient mug.  It keeps the beet cold from the first drop to the last.

There is a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee on this sturdy and long lasting mug.  He will love having his own mug to enjoy ice cold, refreshing beer in.

Customers love the rugged construction and easy use of this selfie stick.

College students love selfies so what better way to increase their fun than with this selfie stick.  This tough and durable selfie stick has a well built handle, quick shot button and rugged stainless steel extension.

It is very to use as well. All users need to do is place their phone in the holder, plug in the connector to the audio jack and it’s ready to go.

They will not need Bluetooth pairing or any annoying batteries to get it to work.  It is very compact and portable as well measuring only 7 ½” closed.

It will extend to 32 ½” so they can capture any special moments with their friends easily.  It is the perfect way to take selfies that their friends will be envious of.

Customers love the humorous saying and supreme comfort of this T Shirt.

This fun and comfortable T shirt will be one of their favorite shirts to wear.  It is available in several colors and sizes.

This T shirt was designed in the UK and printed in the USA.  It is made from 100% ring spin cotton that is ultra soft and super comfortable to wear.

This is a man’s shirt but there is no reason a girl who is turning 21 can’t wear it as well if she likes T shirts.  Consumers can choose from small, medium, large, x large and 2 xlarge.

T shirts are a common clothing staple among young adults and this one will be one that others notice and comment on. The funny saying will bring a smile to many people’s faces.

Customers love the brightly colored wine glass that commemorates this special day.

This brightly decorated and celebratory wine glass celebrates the big milestone of turning 21. It is hand painted with bright colors and designs to really stand out.

It holds 15 ounces of wine, sangria or any other drink they want to try.  The number 21 is painted all around the base of the glass and the stem is painted in bright pink and white stripes.

Happy 22st Birthday and Let’s Party are painted on each side of the wine glass.  Add in the silver bling that is added and they will have a glass to put up on a shelf to remember their special celebration.

It comes in a special package for its protection and has a gift tag that can be personalized as well.  It is recommended to be hand washed.

Customers love the identity theft protection this luxury wallet offers.

Receiving a brand new wallet for his 21st birthday will be a very special and adult gift.  This wallet isn’t like most; it offers the holder ID theft protection by blocking RFID signals.  It is a compact style that doesn’t feel bulky in his pocket.

This wallet has 6 credit card slots, 2 bill slots, a clear ID window, and 2 internal side pockets.  There is plenty of room for all of his important cards, cash and IDs.

This attractive wallet comes in either black or brown luxurious Napa leather.  It comes in a high quality gift box and is inside a luxury, velvet pouch.

Customers love the exquisite design and style of these beautiful glasses.

This set of beautiful wine glasses will be a perfect gift for a 21 year old on their own.  It’s the perfect glass for serving wine in to her friends.

The design of the glass was inspired by the Milan Cathedral in Italy. It was handmade with a mouth blown technique so the glass is ultra durable without losing the original elegance and style.

These lead free glasses are dishwasher safe in the top rack and look spectacular where light can shine through then.  They are the perfect adult gift that they will treasure and keep for years to come.

Customers love this gorgeous bow tie heart pendant and chain.

She will adore this beautiful Heart of the Ocean Bowtie Pendant Necklace to celebrate turning 21.  The pendant is heart shaped and wrapped in a zinc alloy, lead free and nickel free metal.

The chain of this beautiful pendant necklace is 18 inches plus a 2” extender.  The heart is made from a Swarovski crystal and is 1” long.  The chain has a lobster-claw clasp to keep it secure.

Presenting her with this beautiful piece of jewelry will help make her day super special.

The necklace will look great for dress up or casual wear as well.  Surprise and delight her with this unique and beautiful pendant necklace.

Customers love the large variety of games that are included in this fun drinking game.

They will have a ton of fun with this silly and fun game for 21 and older.   The rules of the card game are a combination of old school and new school.

If the birthday person is all about games like Quarters, Flip cup and more, they will love Drink-a-Palooza. It is considered the Monopoly of drinking games of all kinds.

The game can be played right in anyone’s kitchen or living room and has everything you need.  2 to 12 players can play at once.

It can even be played with non alcoholic drinks so teens can play.  There are several games included in Drink-a-Palooza including:

  • Kings cup
  • Pour in drink cup
  • Quarters
  • Make a rule
  • Waterfalls
  • Steal a bottle
  • Drunk tank
  • Flip cup
  • Socials
  • Booze your turn
  • High low
  • Beer pong

These are just some of the fun games that they will be able to play.  It can be played with any type of drink at all and is just a lot of fun.

Customers love the intricate and lifelike images.

These incredible window treatments will transform his or her room into something spectacular.

They have 2 panels and are made from a high quality blend of polyester and silky satin. They have a 2 ½” rod pocket for easy hanging and can be cold washed in the washer on the delicate cycle and hung up to dry.

The incredible images on these curtains have accurate and incredible color but may vary a little bit from what your computer screen portrays due to differences in computer monitors.

These images will take your breath away.  The birthday guy or girl will love the lifelike look and the sanctuary like atmosphere they provide.

These Jazz musical notes are perfect for the musician and there are several images available to choose from.

Choosing the Right 21st Birthday Gift

The gift suggestions that have been listed and described above are all excellent gifts for someone who is turning 21.  They are fun, some are humorous but all of them celebrate this exciting milestone.  The key to choosing the right 21st birthday gift is to know some about the person having the birthday.  This way you can gauge the gifts toward their likes and preferences.

We have listed some great tips and pointers to consider when it comes to choosing the right 21st birthday gift.  Following these tips will make the whole process fun and enjoyable and they will love their gifts too.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Make sure that the birthday person wants or intends to drink alcohol before you choose a gift that revolves around it. Not everyone intends to drink once they turn 21 so you don’t want to assume.  This will be relatively easy to find out because if they plan on drinking being the highlight of their 21st birthday, they will be talking about it.
  • Look for other things besides drinking paraphernalia. There are many things that you can get a 21 year old for their birthday: things for their apartment if they have one (or dorm room) things for their room at home, things to wear, jewelry or watches and much more. Use your imagination and take their likes and preferences into account as you are shopping.
  • Make the gifts fun and enjoyable. Even though 21 is considered an adult, 21 year olds are still playful kids in many ways. Don’t make the gift TOO mature.  Look for gifts that are fun and that the birthday person will love to use or play with.


  • Make everything about alcohol. Even though most 21 year olds will be focused on this aspect of the day, it doesn’t mean that every single birthday gift has to focus on it.  There are tons of things that you can choose from.
  • Forget the college related gifts. If the 21 year old is still in school consider gifts that can help them with their classes such as book gift cards, things for their dorm room, pizza gift cards in a fun gift basket and much more.  Remember that most college students are perpetually hungry so giving them a means of snacking and/or eating is a huge favorite.

21st birthdays are so fun.  The gifts they get should reflect a combination of fun, growing responsibility, encouragement and more.  It’s a wonderful age where they feel like they have finally reached adulthood yet still enjoy being young and not having ALL the responsibilities that older adults have.

Follow these tips and pointers and you are guaranteed to choose a gift that the 21 year old will be thrilled about and use often.

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