19 of The Best Flip-Flops for Summer

19 of The Best Flip-Flops for Summer

1. Comfy Tevas are long-lasting flops that are capable of adorning your feet all summer long — You’ll be surprised they will last till next summer as well!

Promising review: “I absolutely love my Teva flip-flops. I liked this pair so much, I bought two more in different colors! These are very comfortable, and in my opinion, they run true to size. I’ve been able to wear them for hours at a time without any discomfort. I decided to buy these after I saw a friend wearing them and she told me she found them on Amazon. The foam is sturdy and has lasted me all summer; I have no doubt that I’ll still be wearing this pair next year! Very happy with this purchase.” —Aly K.

Get it from Amazon (available in 36 colors and sizes 5–12).


2. Colorful Flip-flops  with straps that sit so well on your feet without giving you blisters

Promising review: “I love Yellow Box flip-flops. They are so much more comfortable for regular wear than any other flip-flop I have worn. They don’t rub the tops of your feet, they don’t irritate the space between your toes, and the way the base of them is made, it feels like you are walking on a cloud. I’ve had my current pair for years and they still look great, so I am sold on this brand and this style. I decided that with the weather getting warmer, I wanted a plain white pair; yet again, yellow box did not disappoint. These shoes look and feel great. I will definitely be buying more!” —Shelleyd73

Get it from Amazon (available in four colors and sizes 5.5–11).

3. With this Classic flops, the dust has got nothing on you. No matter your wild summertime adventures, these flops will stay true to their colors, and remain shiny. They are that tough!

Promising review: “I ordered a lot of flip-flops as I skipped winter and went to tropical places for four months this year. These were my FAVORITE. They run a little small. I am usually an 8 1/2 or 9, but in these I am definitely a 10. The sole is dense rubber, which is great as it doesn’t soak up any water. The strap is comfortable right away and stays looking shiny and new even after a month of constant use in salt water, sand, mud, gravel roads, etc. These are definitely cute enough to wear with a dress out, and yet indestructible with everyday use.” —fbz

Get it from Amazon (available in seven colors and sizes 5–11).

4. Slingback Sanuk sandals with a yoga mat footbed are so comfy that your feet relax like it’s just finished a yoga session.

Promising review: “I love these shoes. I have been having issues with my feet hurting when I wear shoes that are hard, as many sandals are, but these shoes make my feet smile and sing. They are pretty, stylish, and when I walk it feels like walking on clouds. I get support, they stay put, and the straps are so very comfortable. I plan on getting more shoes in different colors. I am hooked, and certainly a fan; and I have recommended these to my friends.” —Play it again Sam

Get it from Amazon (available in 16 colors and sizes 5–11).

5. Or yoga mat flip-flops, though it’s a bit different in style, it falls within the more affordable price range when compared to the ones above.

Promising review: “I originally went for Sanuk flip flops because they are just so comfortable. After seeing the Sanuks were way more expensive than these, I just had to try them. The quality of the materials are comparable to the Sanuk flip flops. These have yoga mat soles and a soft material between the top of the foot and foot strap. I’ve had these for about a month already, and have put them through some serious fun; including a day at the lake. They got absolutely soaked, and after they dried out they were perfectly fine and just like normal! Overall I like these just as well as my beloved Sanuks, but at the cheaper price I would definitely order these again.” —purpledolphin

Get it from Amazon (available in three styles and sizes 7–11).

6. Strappy flip-flops with radiant colors, while looking gorgeous on your feet. Get ready to be the center of attraction when you wear this flip-flops.

Promising review: “Very cute flip-flops! I get compliments on them every time I’ve worn them, and I love the color. They’re also very comfortable to run errands in. No rubbing or blisters on my feet as I’ve had with some. I did have to play with the straps a bit when I first tried them on to get them to where I wanted them, but after the initial adjusting — no problem!” —TS

Get it from Amazon (available in 11 colors and sizes 6–11).

7. Roxy flip-flops that you can wear to the beach throughout the summertime. Even more, you can pair it with any beach outfit.

Promising review: “These were super comfortable. Idk what the squishy material is that they’re made of, but it feels like you’re walking on marshmallows. Without the stickiness of course. And the cloth part is very comfy as well.” —Ellen

Get it from Amazon (available in two colors and sizes 5–11).

8. Gladiator-inspired flip-flops to pamper those wide feet that have just been freshly pedicured. Time to show off!

Promising review: “These flip-flop sandals are super cute and very comfortable. Perfect for wide feet. They fit wonderfully and are not loose. They do not rub me at all. I am a USA size 6, and ordered the 6, they are true to size.” —UKgirl

Get it from Amazon (available in four colors and sizes 5–11).

9. Adorable, true-to-size slip-ons will put you in the summer mood. so you can serve that summer look with ease and go on your summer adventures!

Promising review: “LOVE these shoes!! Sometimes a size eight is a tad too big on me, but these were perfect. It’s an excellent fit, so the big strap isn’t loose.” —Kim

Get it from Amazon (available in two colors and sizes 5.5–8.5).

10. Leather flip-flops designed to last you beyond just one summer. They will fit your feet like gloves to the hand.

Promising review: “Rainbows are hands down the BEST sandals you will ever invest in. I wore my last pair every day for the last five years, and only decided to buy new ones because the old ones were starting to look a little raggedy (they are still entirely wearable, and very comfortable). They won’t be that comfortable for the first week or so of wearing them, but once they’ve molded to your feet, they are absolute heaven.” —mschill

Get it from Amazon (available in 11 colors and sizes 7.5–13).

11. Rainbow flip-flops are not your regular leather, they are made with hemp and designed to survive the roughest wear and tear that flip-flops go through.

Promising review: “The best flip-flops on the planet. My wife and I have been wearing hemp rainbow sandals for more than a decade, and I’m happy to report that they haven’t changed a bit. The hemp breaks in to be softer than the leather, and yet they are also really durable. We used these as our primary footwear for a yearlong project in South and Southeast Asia, and while they took a beating, they survived wonderfully. As with all things, they can wear out with time, but they’ve never failed me once; and I get more than my money’s worth out of each pair. *Highly* recommended.” —Jeff

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors and sizes S–3X).

12. Pineapple flip-flops are cute, aren’t they? Their design looks just like piña coladas. So if you’re looking for other types of flops, this one is for you!

Promising review: “I really love these sandals! I came back and purchased two more pairs. The sole is very comfortable, and the quality is very good. Will update later! Update: I’ve been wearing these for a couple months now and they are really great flip-flops. They show little signs of wear so far. Still love them!” —Wilkey

Get it from Amazon (available in 16 colors and sizes 6–11).

13. Flip-flops featuring an adjustable strap you will be excited about. You just won’t be able to resist sleeping with them on, at night.

Promising review: “I’ll start off by stating I am a true size 8.5; and because of suggestions in reviews; I ordered an 8 in these. Perfect fit! So if you’re a half size, order half a size DOWN. I’m the kind of girl who only wears very comfortable footwear, and these are so comfy and springy! I can really move in these. My husband and I walk two miles every night, and I decided to put these to the test ( I usually wear my running shoes). They felt so supportive, it made me feel like skipping! They also stay on your feet without having to adjust your step, unlike most flip flops. They aren’t bulky or clunky at all, they are very flattering and stylish. Do yourself a favor: stop wearing flat, thin, cheapo flip flops, and pamper your feet with these.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon (available in 18 colors and sizes 5–12).

14. Reasonably priced flip-flops will make you feel like you are walking on the cloud.

Promising review: “I’m super picky about flip-flops. It’s funny how even with something this simple and cheap, there are good ones and there are crappy ones (gives Old Navy some side eye). These are astonishingly comfortable. The foam is really cushion-y, and the fabric straps feel nice on your foot. Snug, but not too tight. I might have to get one in every color.” —Crystal Therese

Get it from Amazon (available in five colors and sizes 5–10).

15. Leather-free slip-ons you can’t walk in unnoticed. They are stylish and slip on your feet easily.

Promising review: “Great for the money, go with everything, and pretty comfortable. I walked miles in these in Bali. Love that they are leather- and cruelty-free.” —S. Nelson Cunningham

Get it from Amazon (available in seven colors and sizes 5.5–11).

16. Beautiful flip-flops that will leave you begging for a vacation at the beach. Let the summer begin!

Promising review: “I am in love with this brand! I have several pairs of the Palm Leaf Plaka design, and now bought the Oceanside — super cute, and very comfortable. I get a lot of compliments and I want all the colors.” —Sharon H.

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors and sizes 5–11).

17. Durable flip-flops you’ll want to make it to every outdoor picnic just to show them off, because they look so cool on your hot and well-manicured feet.

Promising review: “Can’t go wrong with Reef leather sandals. I’ve been wearing these for about 20 years now. I love the fit, comfort and especially the bottle opener on the sole.” —Dan L.

Get it from Amazon (available in five colors and sizes 4–16).

18. Faux wood flip-flops to help you make a statement with your feet and keep your feet comfy like it’s resting on a couch.

Promising review: “These are the best flip-flops I’ve ever owned! They are very sturdy, and yet really soft on your skin. The straps are flexible, so they don’t cut into your toes, and my feet don’t get sweaty wearing them like with normal foam sandals. My favorite part is the look — the faux wood base is super hip — and I love the contrast between it and the straps. I bought my first pair last year, wore them all summer, got tons of compliments, and couldn’t wait to put them on again this summer.” —lytesnhats

Get it from Amazon (available in five colors, sizes 6–12).

19. Metallic glittery flip-flops that’ll give your wide feet a modern look. They are so comfy and come in colors.

Promising review: “These are so much cuter than I expected for the price I paid. Seems pretty well made and the glitter is on a sewn on ribbon, so I don’t think it will wear off. I was hoping they wouldn’t be ‘too glittery’ and they aren’t. I have wider feet, and sometimes flip-flops are cut weird and narrow, these fit perfectly. Really impressed, jumped back on today and ordered two more pairs for my daughters, and I may get these in another color for myself.” —mlph

Get it from Amazon (available in 13 colors, sizes 6–11).


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