10 Super Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys

10 Super Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys

You may think that teenage guys are difficult to buy for but we have some great suggestions that we know he is sure to love. Finding the right gift for a teenage guy doesn’t have to be a mystery if you think about the things that he likes and the activities and hobbies he has. When you take these things into consideration, choosing the right gift becomes very simple.

We have put together a list of 10 excellent gifts for a teenage guy that may be just what you were looking for. They range in price to accommodate any budget. If the teenage boy you are purchasing a gift for is your son, there are gifts in this list that would be something a parent would get. There are also some suggestions for lower budgets as well. If none of these work for you, use the ideas listed to inspire your own ideas.

Customers love the environmentally friendly focus this company has and the quality of the shirts as well.

This cool Mountain Dragon T Shirt is something that he will want to wear to school or hanging out with his friends. It is made from 100% cotton and is hand dyed, featuring a 3D dragon graphic on the front.

The shirt has been preshrunk to avoid over shrinking when you wash it but you may want to purchase one size larger than you think you’ll need just in case.

The Mountain, the manufacturer of these great T shirts, only uses environmentally friendly inks and dyes. The T shirt is durable, long lasting and super comfortable too. This is definitely a gift that he will enjoy wearing.

Customers love the ease of installation and the array of color choices and light patterns.

If the teen boy you are purchasing a gift for is driving and has his own car, he will flip over this underdash lighting that will have his vehicle looking terrific.

There are 72 LEDs that has 18 wide angle LEDs for each tube. There are 7 solid colors available that include purple, yellow, white, red, green, blue, and teal.

There are several different lighting patterns for him to choose from including chasing effects, strobing, sound activation and fading. The mounting hardware he will need and the instructions for installation are included.

This is not under car lighting but underdash and will illuminate the interior of the car, providing excellent lighting effects at night. He can mount the underdash lights anywhere inside the interior of his car.

When the vehicle’s doors are open, the lights will be activated as well as when the ignition switch is turned or the headlights are turned on. These lights come with a one year limited warranty as well as technical support.

Customers love the durability and features this tough sports watch offers.

This watch is the perfect type and style for any teenage young man who is active. It has a logoed bezel and features a resin band that is durable and long lasting. The quartz movement has a digital display and a protective acrylic window on the dial.

Other features include a chronograph that offers lap and split times, a countdown timer that has 100 hour capability, a repeat feature, dated training logs, split recalls, a 99 lap counter and it is water resistant up to 300 feet or 100 meters. This means he can shower and swim with it on but it is not suitable for scuba diving.

Get him a watch he never has to take off with this Timex Ironman Classic. It will stand up to the wear he puts on it with his day to day activities and provide him the ability to keep track of the time. It also features the popular Indiglo night light for easy viewing at night or in low light conditions.

Customers love all the pockets this backpack has.

Whether he is in highschool or the first year of college, having a durable and accommodating backpack is always a good thing. This 100% polyester backpack is perfect for school books and other school related belongings.

It is not designed for a laptop, but works well for school supplies, cell phone, tablets, and other things.

It even has a dedicated tech spot tablet computer sleeve and media pocket. The monster clip and bottom straps allow for extra gear to be attached. This sharp looking backpack has 4 interior slip pockets and 6 exterior ones for plenty of storage capacity. It is available in a large array of color schemes so you will be able to find one that he will love carrying everywhere he goes.

Customers love the long standing reputation and quality this company and these jeans represent.

Levis is a long standing company that has been around for decades. It is still one of the best jean companies in existence. He will love these original 501s made from 100% cotton with the button fly closure.

The leg openings are 16” in diameter and there is a modified construction of the front fly that prevents any tearing.

These jeans are durable and long lasting and are machine washable and dryable as well for easy upkeep.

These straight-leg jeans have the classic 5 pocket design with the signature Levi stitching on the rear pocket. He will love the comfort and fit of these jeans so much, he just may live in them.

Customers love the quality and construction of this longboard.

This longboard will be one of the favorite things he opens this year. Made of hardwood maple and featuring an artisan deck made of bamboo, this super cruiser.

44” longboard is made to use and to last. The 7” aluminum trucks are rugged and stand up to lots of wear and tear.

It also features a kick tail and strong 70mm wheels. The wooden board and black accents will stand out in a crowd for sure. This is a terrific gift that works well for teens 13 and up. You can be assured that it will see lots of use.

Customers are impressed with the construction and massive storage room this bag has.

If he is in his first year of college, chances are he will have to carry his laptop to his classes. This gorgeous and rugged crossbody messenger bag is just the thing to carry his laptop to class in style.

The durable and quality PU leather has metal fastenings that are used to hard use. It has 6 internal pockets as well as 4 external pockets which makes communication difficult.

Laptop up to 17” will fit in this messenger bag. It will also hold tablets and other devices as well. It is the perfect messenger bag for high school, college and even work.

The comfortable strap of the bag is easy to spot and that is him. The bottom of the bag has a cushioned that protects all of his belongings from bumps. This messenger bag comes with a 12 month product guarantee.

Customers love the features that are offered with this Samsung cell phone.

Get him a cell phone he will love with this Samsung Galaxy j7. Service provider is Boost Mobile and there is no contract required but activation with Boost is required for use.

The phone has an Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, a 5 ½” super AMOLED display, 13MP rear camera, 5MP front facing camera and 16GB ROM/2GB ROM.

In addition, it is 3G/4G LTE where it is available along with a 1.4GHz Octacore processor, 3000 mAH long life battery and much more.

He will receive the phone, a USB cable, headset, wall charger and service guide as well. This is a 2015 model but an excellent phone for a teen.

Customers love the accessories that come with this beautiful electric guitar.

If the teenage guy you are purchasing a gift for loves guitar and wants to learn, this is the perfect package for him.

This Epiphone Les Paul comes in a pack that includes everything he will need to learn how to play. The guitar is a Les Paul Special –II LTD and has two hum bucker pickups as well as a guitar amp that is 10 watts and includes a 10 ft cable.

Also included in this great pack is a clip on headstock chromatic tuner, guitar strap, picks, gig bag, and free downloadable guitar lessons.

Teenage boys and girls love playing games using PlayStation because of its flexibility and operating procedures.

Playstation is one of the most popular video game consoles on the market today. You will make his day with this Playstation 4 500GB Call of Duty/Black Ops Bundle.

He will get the console, a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, and the standard edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

He will be able to enjoy all the latest games with this terrific console package. If he gets the Playstation Plus he will also be able to play online with his friends, save games online get free games and much m ore. This is sure to be one of his favorite gifts that he will use a LOT.

Choosing the Right Teenage Guy Gift

If you are purchasing a gift for a teenage guy, you want to concentrate on getting him something that you know he will wear, use, play with. Teenage guys are a little more difficult to purchase for at times than teenage girls due to having limited activities or hobbies. There are things you can do that will make the process of purchasing a gift for a teen guy much easier.

Aside from the suggestions we have listed above, we have also provided some tips and pointers to keep in mind as you start searching for the right gift. Following these pointers will ensure that you have an easier time choosing a good gift that he is going to love.

Do’s and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take into consideration his hobbies, activities, any sports they participate in and likes they have. Doing this gives you a multitude of choices that you can pick from that are guaranteed to be winners for him.
  • Look for things that encourage his talents. If he loves to read, find out his favorite author and purchase several books that he doesn’t already have. If he wants to learn an instrument, purchase a starter pack for him that provides everything he needs or even purchase professional lessons as well.
  • Look for items that can make his day to day life easier. Items like laptop bags, backpacks, duffel bags, etc for a teenage guy that is in highschool or the first years of college are excellent gifts that not only will he love, they will make his life easier as well.


  • Don’t focus on purchasing clothing unless it is an item or items that he has specifically asked for or that you know he wears such as the Levis or dragon T shirt we suggested above. Clothing can be a tricky gift if you are trying to guess sizes or styles so stick to something else unless you have some guarantees.
  • Don’t purchase things you WISH he liked or wanted. A teenage guy is more than likely not going to be very open to trying things that mom or dad wants him to like or want to do. If it is something he asks for, that is one thing, but a gift should reflect the interests of the teen you are purchasing for.

Purchasing a gift for teens can be tricky if you don’t keep these basic pointers in mind. You want to try to avoid guessing or choosing things that you are not sure of, especially if you are purchasing for teens. It is a lot easier than you may think to find that perfect gift if you avoid trends and fads and stick to the things that you know they like.

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