10 Mother’s Day Gifts

10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when it should be all about her. Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mama…..Whatever you call her, without her, you’re nothing. So on Mother’s Day, be sure to honor her with a token or trinket that is something she can carry with her or treasure every day. Moms are often the ones who put themselves last, and they usually buy nothing for themselves….. so what can you buy for her to tell her she’s everything to you? We’ve put together a few ideas that will show her just how special you think that she is.

Consider some of these gift suggestions as options be combined with, or added on to, other gifts as that little extra. You’ll really convey the sentiment of how much she means to you by choosing something that she wouldn’t buy for herself, and shows her how much you’ve thought about what she likes. And despite saying that “she really doesn’t need anything”, she’ll love the thoughtfulness of your gesture.

Customers love this delicate necklace is presented on a card that tells Mom just how magnificent she is.

Hand crafted and made in the USA, the circle represents your unending love for her, and hers for you. The delicately hammered gold metal circle is made to reflect the light with the slightest sparkle and represents Karma, which means what comes around goes around and is a reminder to keep your own life circle peaceful and loving. Perfect for your mom to wear every day, or on that special occasion. Like every Dogeared item, it is presented on a card that adds that special touch, with the saying “thoughtful, wise, patient, beautiful…your heart is pure gold and your love is immeasurable! You make a difference every single day and live life with a full heart…no one could ever take your place.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! The chain measures 18” and is gold plated on sterling silver, and keep in mind, that no two are identical due to the handmade nature of these products.

Customers love the sentiment of this book that is perfect for new moms and moms of older children and adults as well.

This hardcover version of the classic story is a book is treasured by moms everywhere. It depicts the relationship of mother and child from birth to adult hood, and shows how we are born being cared for by our mother’s and then grow into adults that treasure and take care of her in a reversal of roles. It is a kind and gentle story that brings every mother we’ve known to tears! It’s a great option to use as an add on gift, or perhaps for someone special who needs a reminder of what a great mom they are, and incredible job they’ve done. We’ve seen this book at baby showers, Mother’s Day celebrations, and given “just because”. Perfect for reading time with mom and her kids, or for the mother of older children to read and reflect on during her own quiet time.

Customers love the sentimental quote on this artwork which can go in any room of the home.

Universally appealing in a black and white palette, and standing 8 x 10 inches, this print will be perfect for your mom in her home or in her office. The poetic verse is set in mixed typography with a quote that conveys that she’s been the one that has guided you and set you up to be the awesome adult that you are. The durable PVC board chalkboard style artwork is Made in the USA, and is ready to be displayed – since it comes complete with a convenient hanger, it’s ready to hang or stand on its own right where mom can see it!

This book is a perfect gift from children of any age.

Ideal for children of all ages to present to their Grandmas and Mothers alike, this book contains fill in the blank lines in a journal format that can be presented to moms everywhere to read over and over again. A great keepsake – especially as children grow up, you can compare the answers annually to see the funny things that kids say from year to year. Whether you take on a humorous or heart felt approach, this is an item to be treasured for sure! A great idea would be to buy multiple copies and have each child give their own version for a more personalized depiction of the relationship between mother and child. The hardcover little book is 112 pages, and measures 4.5 x 3.25 inches (the perfect size for displaying on an end table or on a shelf) and has a removable clear plastic jacket to protect from spills and sticky hands!

This bag is the ultimate every day carry bag.

A treat for mom, who probably carries around a purse that she has had for years, this new satchel will be her go to bag for every day. Available in multiple color options, it’s durable nylon surface will look good, and be easy to care for. Two front pockets give mom a place to store those things she needs quick access too, and double leather handle options make it versatile for carrying. A favorite of moms everywhere! Dooney & Bourke is a classic American brand that has been providing handbags and accessories for over 30 years. Their products are timeless and iconic, inspired by their New England roots.

This pillow is perfect for any home! The natural linen look is so on trend right now.

Whether you are the person who may not get there to see her often enough, or you love to be with her every chance you can and see her often…either way, this pillow lets your mom know that no matter where you are, your heart is with her, and her heart is your home. This 15×15” neutral colored pillow will go perfectly with any décor, and is a whimsical way to let your mom know that she’s always in your heart and that with her is where your own heart lies. Not to mention, the soft cotton and poly blend gives you a nice place to lay your head when you visit her and take a nap on the couch! Just don’t let her wait on you hand and foot while you’re resting – it is Mother’s Day for goodness sakes.

What’s great about this is that is can be a bird bath, or bird feeder. Either way, it brings nature to you, to enjoy.

For the mother who loves to watch the birds from her porch or window, or just spend time in her yard and garden, this bird feeder and bath combination is the perfect gift to share with her. Pair it up with a bag of birdseed and she’s ready to sit back and enjoy the show and wait for the birdsongs to start! This beautiful cast iron piece comes in an antiqued rust finish, and measures 15×7 inches. Available to hang from a tree, or from a hook on the outside of the house.

Mom’s love this bracelet that they can wear every day, and its popular style makes it all the more the one to have.

Crafted in the Alex and Ani Rafaelian Silver Finish, this expandable bracelet is adorned with a 1” x .66” charm design of flowers and “Mom”. Great on its own, or stacked with other bracelets, Alex and Ani has a cult following of people that love and collect their Made in the USA jewelry. Ideal for anyone with its expandable fit and no clasp style, the smooth finish gives it a casual vibe that is perfect for every day wear. A perfect piece to start a new collection, or an ideal add-on to your Mom’s existing collection of these beautiful bangles.

Hands down, this stuff is amazing.

Her hands have held yours, soothed your tears, and worked hard to give you a beautiful life. Now give them the love that they deserve with this decadent and renowned L’Occitane treatment. This rich hand cream is known by women (and men!) everywhere for its luxurious and soothing formula, and will be loved by your mom. You’ll find tubes of this in desk drawers, kitchen counters, and purses of women world-wide who are ‘in the know’ – it’s not unusual to find out that once you get in on this secret, you want to have it with you everywhere! Shea butter provides unparalleled softness and for hands that want to be nourished. Made with 20% shea butter, honey, almond extract, and coconut oil, this award winning and creamy balm can be applied as needed. Users love how all of the emollients moisturize without leaving any oily trace behind.

You might not be able to take your mother to France and visit Provence, but you can give her gift her with one of its treasures!

This is the perfect decoration and gift for any size home or apartment! Hummingbirds and dragonflies are elusive, but not with these beauties hanging around my garden.

Whether your mom lives in an apartment, or house with a yard, these gorgeous glass ornaments will be a great addition to her home. Made of colored glass in a metal frame with a hanging bell, the built-in hook is perfect to hang them outside and catch the sunlight, or inside on a window. Both are handmade and made of vibrant glass colors that catch and shine when in the sun’s rays. The Dragonfly bell chime measures 8.25 x 13 inches and the Hummingbird bell chime measures 8 x 13 inches. Outdoors they are a chime in the wind, and indoors they can be used as either a sun catcher or bell on a door. A great option to give as a set, or maybe one to each grandmother!

Choosing the Right Mother’s Day Gift

Choose a gift for your mom should not be something you have to stress about or feel obligated to get “just right” – and then you end up with nothing! As a mother myself, I can promise you that every gift is appreciated and loved with our whole heart – so adding that extra effort really makes it priceless.


  • Think outside of the box – what are your mother’s interests and how does she spend her free time? Not sure? Think about the books that she reads or the magazines that she subscribes to…do they have a focus that you can work around when thinking of what she may like.
  • Look at what she already has. Take cues from this, and also be sure to avoid duplicating something too closely or else it will appear that you aren’t that interested in what she has.
  • Buy her something that is special, and not necessarily needed. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate her, treat her with a little bit more of “you deserve this” and maybe less “well you needed this”
  • Steer clear of sizes unless easily exchanged.


  • Buy her something that is centered around her doing housework or another thing that could be considered a chore. This is the time to treat her.
  • Buy her a “family” gift or something that it for her and your dad. Again, this is the time to make it all about her.
  • Forget to include a personal note or card. Tell her how much you love her – she may know it, but reading it can be done over and over to remind her just how much.

There really isn’t a gift that a child can give a mother that will ever be “wrong”, but when you get it “right” – and that’s always done when you put a little thought into it to make it personal, you will see her light up in that way that only you can make her smile.

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