10 Great Gift Ideas for Sister

10 Great Gift Ideas for Sister

Buying gifts for your sister can be a lot of fun. Most people that purchase things for their sisters know their likes and hobbies very well, so that provides an array of choices right off the bat. There are several occasions that you may be looking to purchase a gift for your sister. These will include birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, baby or wedding shower or maybe even celebrating a promotion.

Choosing the right gift for someone as close as your sister is much easier than buying for an acquaintance or relative you may not spend a lot of time with. Once you start shopping keep her interests, hobbies, career choice and other factors in your mind.

We have listed 10 great gift ideas for sister below. If none of these strikes a chord with you, use the ideas to spur your own creativity. If you take the time to choose something that she will really love, you are assured to have a very happy sister on her birthday and she will know how much she is loved.

Customers love the sturdy feel and beautiful design of this coffee mug.

If your sister loves coffee get her a mug that lets her know how you feel about her. This microwave and dishwasher safe mug holds 20 ounces of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you want to drink. It’s made of ceramic with floral designs and a nice saying about sisters on the side.

Coffee mugs are always a special gift because they can be so unique. She will remember your thoughtful gift every time she pours herself a cup of coffee or tea. Add it to a wicker basket with special coffee, tea bags and other coffee/tea related goodies and you’ll have created a gift that keeps on giving.

Customers love the strong cinnamon scent and clean burn of this soy candle.

It’s hard to find a woman that doesn’t like candles. If your sister is among the many who do love them, she will love this 100% soy wax Mason jar candle. This 16 ounce jar has a high fragrance which means when it is lit; it will fill the room with delicious scent. On the label of the jar is the word “Sister” and there is an attached gift card as well.

Soy wax is known to be cleaner burning than any other wax which means healthier air even when you have them lit. There are 4 different scents to choose from. This particular candle has a cinnamon scent that is perfect for any occasion, especially the Holiday season. After the candle is used up, your sister will have a 16 ounce mason jar to use for anything else she wants.

Customers love the genuine leather cover, beautiful accents and elegant feel of this journal.

Many people use journals for diaries and sketch pads. This incredible leather journal will certainly please your sister, especially if she loves to journal her thoughts already.

Its elegant feel and look make writing in it a real pleasure. The decorative stitching adds to its beauty.

There are 200 pages in this leather bound journal that provides plenty of space for her to jot down her thoughts or sketch whatever inspires her.

The pages of this buckle closure journal with the semi-precious stone on the cover are made from 100% recycled material. They are thicker so they don’t tear or blot ink either.

The flower etched border and rope surrounded center is accented with a semi precious stone. The buckle closure is made of brass and keeps the book safely closed. If your sister loves to write, draw or otherwise keep track of her thoughts or goals, she will love this leather journal.

Customers love the elegant design and the beautiful inscription of this bangle bracelet.

Most women love jewelry. Your sister will definitely love this beautiful silver tone bracelet with black inscription and charm that lets her know how you feel about being her sister. The bracelet is for a small to medium sized wrist and measures 2.6” in diameter.

The simple yet elegant design will look great with anything she chooses to wear, casual or dressy. It comes in a pretty gift box with a sister inscription card as well. It is the perfect gift for a teenage or pre-teen sister and will mean a lot to her for life.

Customers love the soft feel of the material and the large amount of compartments it has.

Purses are always fun to receive as gifts, especially if someone knows the style you like. This bag makes a great gift for your sister, especially if she likes to carry a lot of stuff with her wherever she goes. The synthetic leather material is super soft to the touch and has a fabric lining and silver-tone hardware.

The top closure is zippered and prevents the contents from falling out of the two large, interior compartments. One of the interior compartments features a cell phone pocket and the other has a small zippered pocket for small belongings.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable too. This handbag is available in many different colors. Your sister may love this style so much she’ll want to get one in every color they have.

Customers love the unique style and real flowers that these beautiful earrings have.

These unique and beautiful teardrop earrings will thrill and surprise your sister when she opens them. The sterling silver settings hold resin preserved, pressed, flowers that are real. The backings are fishhook design for easy wearing.

Each pair of these earrings has been handcrafted, using flowers that have been gathered from the Taxco fields. Once the flowers are dried, they are pressed in top quality resin for longevity and continued vibrancy.

There are three different flower choices you can choose from for your sister: blue flowers, orange flowers or multi-colored. Chances are she will be one of the few people to have this pair of earrings.

There are matching necklaces in several styles that can be purchased separately if you want to get her a complete set.

Customers love the elegant design of these globes that work well with any type of décor.

If your sister loves snow globes she will flip over this set of 4 seasonal mini snow globes. Each one has a different season scene inside and the flakes or “snow” is color coordinated to the season it depicts. The black resin bases go well in any room. Each mini globe is 2 ¼” in diameter. They are perfect for curio cabinets or mantles.

These 4 snow globes come in a neutral color gift box that contains foam inserts to protect the globes until she opens them. These are going to be huge hits with whoever sees them. The design is stylish and elegant and looks good in fancier settings as well as casually decorated rooms as well.

Customers love the story that comes along with the origination of these oak holders.

Candles are a way to add ambience and style to any room in your house. This unique wine barrel stave candle holder holds 9 tea lights.

The holder is made from actual oak wine barrel staves from Napa Valley. The pretty arch of the holder looks incredible as a dining room table center piece, on a mantle or on a coffee table.

This unique gift has original barrel and wine markings from when it was being used to hold wine which gives this gift an old world history feel to it. Even though it isn’t an antique, it certainly will look like it which provides even more charm. Your sister is going to love this gift and will more than likely use it often.

Customers love the delicious, soothing scent and variety of items that come in this gift basket.

Pamper her and let her know that she deserves to rest and relax with this lavender renewal spa gift set. There are plenty of goodies included in this wonderful gift including a sisal hand mitt, potpourri, lavender body lotion, cleansing bath gel, aromatherapy candle and a sisal body sponge as well.

She will love using the items in this gift basket at the end of a hard day. Each gift is shrink wrapped and ready to give.

It has everything she needs to rest and unwind after work or a day with the kids. She will certainly appreciate it and think of your generosity every time she uses it.

Customers are thrilled with the quality of the diamonds used in this pendant necklace.

Here is another beautiful piece of jewelry that any sister would love to receive. This sterling silver heart pendant has white diamonds on the edges of the heart and three hanging diamonds right in the center. These diamonds that are featured on this jewelry are guaranteed to be conflict free.

This beautiful necklace will be something that she loves to wear both for casual outings and dressy times as well. There is no worry about tarnishing or flaking due to the pure sterling silver and quality diamonds. She will love showing this gorgeous heart pendant off to her friends.

Choosing the Right Gift for Your Sister

When it comes to purchasing gifts, it is probably easier to buy for your sister than someone else simply because you know them in a way you may not know other women in your life.

Taking the time to choose a gift that reflects her likes, hobbies, and interests shows her that you care about her and what makes her happy. No one feels good opening a gift that looks like it was just grabbed last minute.

We have listed some tips and things to think about when it comes to choosing the right gift for your sister. Keeping these things in mind makes the whole process something that can be enjoyed rather than something that you dread or stress about.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Give yourself plenty of time to find the right gift for your sister. Rushing is the biggest reason people end up purchasing something that the recipient won’t like or use. It is also what causes people to spend too much money on a gift without meaning to. Having plenty of time to do the proper research will enable you to find the right gift at the right price.
  • Fit the gift to the occasion. There are occasions that would call for a gift that is more expensive and occasions that don’t call for a lot of money to be spent. This doesn’t mean buy something cheap by any means, but purchasing a gift for a promotion is not on the same level as purchasing a birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Decide on the budget you want to stick to. Budgets are very good ways to keep yourself from spending too much money. Once you have set your budget, unless there is a REALLY good reason not to, make sure that you stick to it. You will feel better about the gift if you have not put yourself in financial stress to get it.
  • Factor in her likes, hobbies and interests when you are researching gifts. If she loves to write, a journal is a perfect gift that she will love and use often. If she spends hours baking, purchase something that she has always wanted to have for her baking hobby. Using these things to help you decide on the type of gift almost guarantees that she is going to love whatever you give her.


  • Purchase something TOO useful. You want your sister to enjoy and use the gift your purchase for her but there is a difference in buying something she uses for enjoyment and something that is related to chores. Let her purchase her own chore related items unless she has REALLY expressed a sincere desire to have something of that nature and tells you exactly what it is. Otherwise, look for things that she can use for enjoyment.
  • Purchase something YOU like, hoping she will too simply because you’re sisters. Even if you are twins, you’re going to have your own likes and dislikes. It is best to stick to the things that you know she loves rather than trying to introduce her to things that you may like.

Gift buying is all about the person you are buying for. You want your sister to be excited when she sees what you have gotten her and that is not difficult to achieve if you keep the above pointers in mind.

You will find that she loves what you have chosen and will use it a lot. Knowing that you have made her happy is the greatest gift you will receive as well.

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