10 Fun Gift Ideas for Girls

10 Fun Gift Ideas for Girls

If you’re purchasing a gift for a girl, you probably won’t have any trouble at all unless it is a girl that you don’t know at all. If the girl is your daughter you should have no trouble at all since you will already know her likes, interests and hobbies.

These three things are crucial for choosing the right kind of gift for her. Another important factor is her age. There are some gifts that are better chosen for a teen girl and some that are better suited to a younger girl.

We have listed 10 terrific gift ideas for girls below that may be the perfect gift for the girl you are purchasing a gift for. If none of these ideas strike a chord with you, use the ideas as launch pads for your own ideas.

Just remember to keep the pointers and factors in mind that we share with you in this guide and you will choose a gift that will be perfect for her in all ways. For clarification purposes, the gifts suggested below are best suited for girls 3 to 13 or 14 years old depending on what the gift is.

Customers love the durable fabric and bright, colorful print of this multi-pocketed backpack.

Give her a backpack she’ll love carrying to school with this colorful heart splatter backpack with triple pockets. Made of polyester and featuring a contoured shoulder strap that is padded for extra comfort.

There will be plenty of room for her school supplies and books with the mesh pockets and interior organizational system.

The bright colors are fun and bright without being babyish. Perfect for ages 7-13.

The colorful hearts are purple, pink, yellow and blue and look like someone splattered fresh paint all over it for a unique look that she will enjoy showing off to her friends.

Customers love the quality of these Crayola products and the variety of coloring tools it offers.

If she loves to color and draw this 140 piece art case by Crayola is just the thing to get her. It has a handle for easy carrying and is designed to hold tons of crayons, paper and more.

The art case comes with a multitude of things so she can start creating as soon as she opens it if she wants. The compartmentalized tray makes storage easy and convenient.

Included in this case are:

  • 64 Crayola crayons
  • 20 super tip washable markers
  • 18 mini colored pencils
  • Safety scissors
  • 20 pip squeaks washable markers (skinnies)
  • 25 sheets of paper

She’ll be all set to work on her artistic abilities with this wonderful and all inclusive art case and you won’t have to worry about her getting marker on her clothing since they are washable.

Customers love the fact that everything they need is included in the kit.

Most kids love to grow things on their own. This beautiful enchanted fairy garden kit is a perfect gift for a girl who is 7 or older.

She’ll be able to plant the included seeds and beans and water them. There are illustrated instructions included so she can follow along on her own.

Included in this adorable fairy garden kit is:

  • 11” fairy garden dish
  • Resin fairy house
  • 2 resin toadstools
  • Sparkling gems to place around the garden
  • Flower fairy Hannah
  • Pixie dust that glitters
  • 2 butterflies made of tulle
  • Fabric flower bouquet
  • Purple gravel
  • Potting soil
  • Glass opti-stones
  • Wheatgrass and bean mixture of seeds
  • 6 acrylic paints in different colors
  • Fine tipped paint brush
  • Instructions

This garden kit should not be handled by children under 7 unless a parent is right there doing it with them due to all of the small pieces that can be choking hazards to a young one. This gift will be a huge hit and she will love the creativity and how it looks afterwards as well.

Customers love the safety of this great jewelry kit and the indestructible tools too.

If the girl you are purchasing a gift for loves to make things, think about getting her this terrific premium bracelet making kit.

It is great for any gift giving occasion and is perfect for girls of all ages. She will be able to make friendship bracelets, rings, necklaces and much more. It is the perfect gift for the girl that loves to do crafts.

Included in this jewelry making kit is:

  • 24 c clips
  • 1 indestructible loom
  • 600 latex-free rubber bands in assorted colors
  • Beginning video and PDF tutorials
  • 1 extra strong hook
  • Instructions

This kit is 100% safe for kids to use so the parents (or you if this is your daughter you are buying for) won’t have to worry about them getting hurt with anything. She will love turning ordinary rubber bands into really cool jewelry that she can share with her friends and family.

Customers love the hand painted quality and dainty, feminine style of this girl’s bracelet.

If she loves wearing jewelry, she’ll love this colorful enamel bracelet with an adorable heart charm. It is coated with 18k gold plated enamel that has been hand painted.

The heart charm is an added element that she will also enjoy. The heart opens with a hinge as well. There are several color options available that include: pink, teal, white, purple and blue.

There are two sizes that this bracelet comes in: small which is 50mm wide and 5 ¼” in diameter. This is a good size for a child’s wrist.

The medium size measure 55mm wide and 5 ¾” in diameter. The enamel bracelet comes inside a gift box and is all ready to give to her. Both sizes are available in all 5 colors.

Customers love this unique LED teddy bear nightlight as an alternative to other standard nightlights.

Night lights are not just for babies, people of all ages love them. This adorable teddy bear night light will be something she loves in her room when she goes to bed at night.

Perfect for ages 7 and up. The 3d effect LED does not put off any heat so there is no chance of her getting burned. The see-thru acrylic light fits anywhere in her room that she wants it’ on her dresser, bedside table or even a bookshelf.

She can change the color of the light with the push of a button which means she can have a different color bear to put her to bed each night.

This unique night light is powered through a regular plug or a USB cable. (Both included) It doesn’t take a lot of energy consumption. It is the perfect light for her room that will provide soothing, calming light.

Customers love the classic stories and old fashioned values that this well loved series has.

If the girl you are purchasing a gift for loves to read, she will more than likely love the Little House on the Prairie series.

This 9 volume, paperback set takes the reader from the early days of little Laura Ingalls’s life all the way through when she gets married. Each book will entertain and enchant her.

Included in this set is:

  • Little House in the Big Woods
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • Farmer Boy
  • On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • By the Shores of Silver Lake
  • The Long Winter
  • Little Town on the Prairie
  • These Happy Golden Years
  • The First Four Years

It is a rare little girl that does not love the Little House books even if they have never seen the popular TV show that was based on the books from the 80s. This gift will give her the whole series so she doesn’t have to wait to see what happens.

Customers love the quality of the fabric and all inclusive bed set that provides everything needed to make a bed.

Help her redecorate her bedroom with this vibrant comforter set that features butterflies and polka dots.

This set is made from 100% premium polyester that is both durable and warm too. She will have everything she needs to make a beautiful bed. Included in the set is:

  • 1 twin size comforter – 66” x 86”
  • 1 standard size pillow sham – 20” x 26”
  • 1 flat sheet – 66” x 96”
  • 1 fitted sheet – 39 x 75” x 12” drop
  • 1 standard size pillow case – 20” x 30”

Everything in the set is machine washable for easy cleaning. There are brilliant blues, purples and fuchsias in this bed set with a multitude of different butterflies and polka dots of all shapes and sizes. She will love going to bed at night when she can climb into such a bright and colorful bed.

Customers love the topics and story lines of this great series. Perfect for girls of all ages.

If the girl you’re purchasing a gift for loves horses, she is going to love the Saddle Club series. This TV show follows three girls that are horse lovers and on their way to becoming teenagers.

The three season series follows the girls through a multitude of life’s ups and downs with plenty of adventures involving the Pine Hollow Stables.

There are 9 DVDs in this complete series, 3 for each season. She will love the characters, the horses and the adventures they come through. This is a perfect gift that parents can feel good about her watching.

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Customer specially little girls really like to have this doll.

Cabbage Patch Kids are not new by any means. In fact they just celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2013. This adorable celebration girl doll has blonde silky hair with cute pink streaks and blue eyes.

This doll is perfect for girls age 3 and up. She measures 14” tall and has a pretty party dress.

Included with this doll is a cupcake comb and has the wonderful Cabbage Patch smell of baby powder that is so popular.

She also has adoption papers and a birth certificate as well. She will absolutely love this doll and will cherish it for years to come.

Choosing the Right Girl Gift

Choosing a gift for a girl does not have to be a challenge if you take into consideration the things she likes to do, the activities she participates in, and her interests. This leaves a lot of potential gift ideas available so you will have a lot to choose from.

Typically, the younger the girl, the easier it is to buy a gift for her, but even pre-teens don’t have to be complicated if you keep some things in mind when you start shopping. We have provided some tips and pointers for you to consider when you are doing your shopping.

Following these tips and pointers will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable for you and for the girl you are buying for.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Buy age appropriate gifts. Most items like toys and games have recommended ages on them that will help steer you in the right direction. The best way to ensure that you are not purchasing a gift that is too old or too young is to use these recommended age suggestions. If the item doesn’t have that available, use your best judgment and look at things like small parts, difficulty of the item if it is a craft kit or something similar and what you know her skill/ability level is.
  • Take her interests and hobbies into consideration when shopping. If you know she loves horses, purchasing horse related items is something you know that she is going to love. The same applies to activities she enjoys and colors she likes. Younger girls are very easy to please, so if you follow this particular tip, you are assured a very happy girl when she opens your gift.
  • Check with the parent if an item is questionable such as make up for a younger girl or a specific TV show or movie series. If you are the parent, of course this step isn’t important, but if you are buying for someone else’s daughter, making sure that they are okay with what you are purchasing is a consideration they will appreciate.


  • Purchase gifts that are far above a little one’s ability level. Craft kits that are intricate in design or involve a ton of small pieces is not a good choice for a child under 8 or 9. Coloring books and crayons may not be appreciated by a girl that is 13. Age appropriate gifts are extremely important so they are receiving gifts they can use right away and will want to use right away.
  • Force interests or likes. If the girl you are purchasing a gift for hates dresses, makeup and girly things, buying her something of that nature is a sure road to disappointment on her part. If she is a tomboy and loves Ninja turtles or G I Joes, you should purchase items that she will truly like. Her birthday or Christmas is not the time to try and get her interested in things that don’t appeal to her.

Buying gifts for younger girls is something that you will find is much simpler than buying for adults or teenagers. Most young kids love all kinds of gifts, but they will love it even more if it reflects their personalities, likes, and hobbies. Following the tips and pointers above and taking a close look at the great gift suggestions we have listed will help you choose a gift she will be thanking you for, for a long time.

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