10 Engagement Gift Ideas

10 Engagement Gift Ideas

Someone asked, and someone said yes…..so now it’s time to celebrate their love with the perfect gift to mark their engagement. These gift ideas are geared towards couples that are heading down the altar and beginning their lives together. We’ve given you an array of items that can be used for the union of couples with varied style and tastes, and aren’t gender specific in all cases. We’ll help you to get started with these great ideas that put your own love into celebrating theirs.

The Knot knows weddings, and this book leaves no detail unaccounted for.

Even the most well organized brides will want a wedding planner. And this can be their go-to guide for questions they aren’t sure of, or storing all receipts and contracts as a couple. The great thing about a planner is that it reminds the bride of all details, so on the big day, nothing is left to think of. It’s also good for the couple, as it will provide conversation starting points to keep them planning together, and not just the bride or groom.

This particular planner includes detailed timelines and worksheets along with a calendar and budget guide. Brides will love the tabbed dividers and pockets, stickers and tear sheets, and endless stream of resources, inspiration, and all of the resources that only a wedding site of expert knowledge like The Knot can provide.

And when the wedding is over, and the gifts have been opened, thank you’s have been sent, and life has settled down, the happy couple will have a keepsake that documents the journey they have taken from the start.

We loved watching these classic romantic comedies to find the humor in those moments of stress during our wedding planning!

Wedding planning is stressful – even with the most well organized couple. But these movies will give the couple a chance to have a night of “not thinking” and laughing at the fact that they are not alone in their chaos! Pair it up with a variety of movie snacks or some popcorn and you’ve given them a series of date nights all planned out.

This four pack classic includes Made of Honor, Maid in Manhattan, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and The Wedding Planner. Each one of them touching on part of falling in love or planning a wedding, and bringing its own style of humor to the situation. Appealing to men and women alike, these films will be a hit with the couple for sure.

This cookbook took us from dating, to newlyweds, to married…and then beyond.

These recipes are geared towards couples. And cooking is fun, and can be sexy, and is a great thing for them to do together – because they will need fun and sexy during the stress that can be brought on from wedding planning!! This is a great book because it contains a story about the author Ashley Rodriguez and her journey with her husband as they “nourished” their relationship. There are quite a few “Newlywed Cookbooks” to choose from, and this one is a little different because it takes them beyond the engagement into staying connected or reconnecting beyond the honeymoon. You could pair this up with a gift certificate to a high end grocery store – and to be funny, include a blank invitation for them to invite you over to dinner for a meal that they can cook together from the book!

This was a great way for us to connect as a couple even more!

For the couple who thinks that they know everything about each other, we give you a great gift idea to open up even MORE conversation between them! These conversation starter cards by Rob Tiegan are a great way for them to get to know each other “again” and perhaps even on a deeper level than they thought possible. Each card has a question on one side and on the other, a Scripture, verse or quote that will further the conversation, or spark laughter. They are sure to uncover their partner’s concerns, an unspoken dream, or even shared joys between them. A great idea for the couple who is strong in their faith together or those who just want to continue to grow together and keep the conversation going.

Customers love that this adds a special touch to all of the correspondence that they doing with the wedding.

This is a great suggestion for a gift because it’s something that we would rarely treat ourselves to, but really adds that extra “something” to the lost art of written correspondence. There will be invites, thank you notes for a multitude of events, and holiday greetings to come that the new couple will love to embellish with their new family monogram. They can personalize blank cards or envelopes with this embosser and maybe even spice up a cocktail napkin for entertaining!

Impression area is on a 1 5/8” embossing die and is precision crafted to make raised impressions on book pages (cookbooks! Journals!) as well as envelopes and stationary invitations…and more!

We were so glad to have this ahead of our honeymoon so that we could take it with us!

The customer feedback sums it up. Giving a couple this gift for their engagement is a great idea because it gives them time to learn about the camera before their honeymoon, and also it ensures that they have had a chance to open it and learn how to use it before the honeymoon – it would be a shame if they waited until after they got back to open wedding gifts, so giving it for an engagement is a great idea. A bit on the higher end of the gift price spectrum, so consider it as a group gift among friends or for a co-worker. Clear and crisp digital photos can be sent wirelessly or stored on the camera until they are home to upload to a computer. It also can record HD videos as well as photos.

A much more grown up version than our set from college!

So here you are, ready to make a speech that celebrates the happy couple. They have made a grown up commitment, so that deserves a toast in a grown up glass. These classic Lenox red wine glasses are the ideal way to start their hosting collection – and ensure that you’ll have the perfect bouquet in your glass every time you visit for a soiree! They are crafted to celebrate the vineyards of Tuscany. The set of four crafted glasses are dishwasher safe and hold 22 ounces each. You could consider pairing it up with a great bottle of red wine or wine glass identifiers that are popular for entertaining.

This book hits on all kinds of topics and does it in a variety of ways!

From historical figures to pop culture icons, this book covers them all and does it with humor and flair that keeps the reader engaged. A great coffee table book, or bedside read before lights out, this book will keep readers attention throughout. We found it to be full of whimsical stories, educational information, and overall stories and sentiments enjoyable to read. Based on an A to Z structure, topics from Anniversaries to Fidelity and Freedom are covered by sex experts, novelists, clergymen and comedians alike. Couples will like to read this on their own or together sharing in the sentiments and laughs provided by comedians like Louis C.K. and Neil Patrick Harris….peppered with antics from Ralph and Alice, this one is sure to be a classic.

[easyazon_link identifier=”0767905016″ locale=”US” tag=”thoroughlyreviewed-20″]A Question Book for Couples[/easyazon_link]

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This was a personal way for us to document who we are for each other and perhaps for our future children!

This book is based on the popular All About Me book, but with this new edition, author Philip Keel has taken it to a different audience with this couple based journal. They will gain insight into each other’s thoughts and feelings – and all of the events that have shaped their bride or groom to be throughout their lives. This takes things beyond a conversation, and gives them the opportunity to document their conversations for future reading by them as a couple, or as mentioned above, perhaps their children and grandchildren. Again, it’s a great way to get to know the person that you think you already know the most about, but doing it in a fun a conversational way over dinner or coffee, tea, or a drink!

A great piece for entertaining together and displaying in our first home together!

This 11 x 17 bamboo cutting board is laser cut and customized to mark the happy couple’s start of their lives together. You can choose to customize the cutting board based on a few options:

  • First Name #1
  • Last Name #2
  • Last Name
  • Wedding, Anniversary, or Established Date

Mark their engagement date with this board, and every time they entertain they will be reminded of the day that it all began. Used as a cheese and cracker board, the crisp laser cut will stand out at events that the happy couple host, and be beautifully displayed when not in use. Bamboo is sustainable and an environmentally preferred option – a great idea for the eco-savvy couple!

Choosing the Right Engagement Gift

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Buy a gift that is for the couple, not just for one person in the relationship.
  • Celebrate their personality “as a couple” …do they both like wine, champagne, or beer – or one likes one, and one likes another. For example, in this situation, consider mixing up the gift with a personalized beer mug AND wine glass instead of two of the same and pair it with a special brew and bottle.
  • Buy something that they will use in their new life together as a couple, or will be something that can be used in their new home together.


  • Buy a household item that is representative of a chore. Like Mother’s or Father’s day, this is not the time to be too practical, this is a time to celebrate their love, not their need to clean up the dog hair in their home with a new vacuum.
  • Buy them something to mark the moment. Personalizing a gift always makes it a little bit more special as well as denoting the date of the happy occasion.
  • Forget to include a personal note or card. Consider including a little story about how you know them as a couple or the first time you met the significant other and knew that your friend was smitten.

This is a time to celebrate their love, and love in general, so your gift should represent who they are together, as well as provide them with an opportunity to enjoy each other and continue to grow as a couple.

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