10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is a fun, exciting time to get together with friends and family, decorate, spend time doing things for others and of course, exchanging gifts. It can be a really fun time of secrets, planning great surprises and making people happy.

Most people have several women in their family that they will be purchasing gifts for: mothers, daughters, aunts, friends, sisters, grandmothers, wives and even acquaintances are in everyone’s life in some form. Choosing the right gift for the women in your life is not as hard as you might think it is.

Women can be very easy to buy for if you follow some basic tips and pointers and give yourself plenty of time to choose the right gifts for each of the women you have on your list. We’ve listed 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women below that you will want to consider, If none of the suggestions we’ve listed appeal to you, use the ideas we’ve suggested to inspire your own imagination.

Customers love the cooling and soothing towel that is perfect after hard workouts or when out in the heat.

If the person you are purchasing a gift for is into running, working out or yoga, this towel will be a welcome gift.

This unique and functional towel is made from advanced PVA towel material and content that is evaporative and feels dry and silky when you touch it. It is super absorbent and holds moisture for a long time despite the heat.

This cooling towel will help you cool off even after the most intense workouts. All you have to do is soak the towel in water, squeeze it out and it’s all set. It is a great way to keep from overheating whenever you are outside in the heat.

This towel is perfect for yoga, runners, golfers, gardeners, hikers, fishermen and any other person that is doing outdoor activities. It’s even great for times when the power is out and you don’t have AC.

It comes with a convenient storage tube that makes it easily carried in a backpack or duffel bag. The best results come from soaking the towel overnight in cold water inside the fridge (not the freezer). It will be all ready to use the next day.

Customers love the positive message and sturdy construction of this uplifting mug.

This attractive ceramic mug has an inspirational saying on the sides and the top of the coaster is another positive saying/scripture. Live with purpose is the message on both sides of this light beige mug.

It is perfect for starting your day with uplifting words. The mug is dishwasher safe and comes with a matching coaster that functions as a set-on-top lid as well.

This is a great gift for a coffee lover and she can take it to the office too. It holds 14 ounces of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other type of drink she wants. For even more convenience this mug is microwavable as well and has an attractive matte finish.

People like this than no others and it is the perfect gift for a woman you like.

This unique and unusual gift is terrific for the woman who loves to grow things. This non GMO heirloom seed kit has valuable seeds that will be hits with even seasoned gardeners.

Included in this seed kit is corn, carrots, pepper, tomatoes, broccoli and others. They are perfect for planting in the backyard for a beautiful garden right outside your door. You can even use these seeds for container gardening if space is short on supply.

This is wonderful for a teacher gift, your grandmother or mother, friend, aunt, sister or any other woman that you want to choose a great gift for.

The company includes 10 of the best variety of seeds there is and they hand pack each tube with plenty of organic seeds, more than enough to have a great garden.

The seeds also have a very high germination rate due to being packed in small lots. They are always fresh too which makes a difference as well. Inside the kit is an instruction card so they can get your plants started right away.

They will get the following seeds in their kit:

  • Carrot Seeds Tendersweet – 50 to 70 seeds
  • Long Purple Eggplant – 40 to 50 seeds
  • Great Lakes 118 Lettuce – 30 to 40 seeds
  • Golden Beauty Corn – 7 to 12 seeds
  • Red Burgundy Onion – 50 to 70 seeds
  • Brandywine Tomato – 15 to 20 seeds
  • Calabrese Broccoli – 50 to 60 seeds
  • Utah 5270 Celery – 50 to 60 seeds
  • California Wonder Pepper – 30 to 40 seeds
  • Delikatesse Cucumber – 10 to 15 seeds

Customers love the ocean sounds and beautiful light show that this device offers.

This beautiful ocean wave night light projector and music player is the perfect decoration to create a romantic atmosphere or a soothing, telexing atmosphere as well.

The brilliant light show that it creates will help you relax before going to sleep. It has 8brightness modes and several color changes that help to get rid of the stresses of the day.

This item is great for helping restless children settle down at bedtime as well. It has an auto shut off that kicks in after one hour.

It can be powered by USB or battery power and has a built in mini speaker as well. This makes an excellent gift for any woman who loves the ocean and wants to bring it to her home any time of day or night.

Customers love the soothing scent and relaxing effects this bath set has.

Give that special woman in your life a gift that will make the end of her long day relaxing and stress-free. This 6 piece vanilla and Argan oil bath gift set has everything she needs to unwind and rejuvenate.

The vanilla scent is an automatic stress reliever and is not overpowering. Argan oil is in every product that is in this set. Argan oil is known for its healing properties that hydrate the skin and nails too.

Included in the set is:

  • 1 bubble bath
  • 1 body spray
  • 1 shower gel
  • 1 massage soap bar 2.8
  • 1 body lotion
  • 1 bath salt

These products are great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Taking a bath with the bath salts and using the lotion and body spray afterwards gives your body an energetic and soothing boost that will make your evening nice and relaxing.

All of these great items are packaged in a unique tub that has an antique look to it. After the products are removed from the tub it can be used as a decorative piece for a bathroom vanity or dresser.

Customers love the stunning bright aqua color of these glass dangling earrings.

These gorgeous, striking aqua sea glass dangle earrings are a wonderful choice for the woman that loves elegant, pretty things.

These glass earrings are uniquely made from recycled glass. They are set on sterling silver fish hooks. This is a great gift for someone who loves the ocean or beach or even who just loves the color aqua.

The bright aqua color is striking and stands out, especially when the sun hits it. They are also available in other stone/gem colors if desired.

The dangling design of these earrings is sure to please anyone who loves pretty and unusual earrings. They will definitely stand out.

Customers always want these candles for special occasion uses

This unusual LED candle light set offers beautiful light without the worry of having open flame present. The multi-colored light show the candles offer complement the amber flickering flame light.

Real wax is used to make these beautiful candles. They have a hand carved edge and the set comes in three different heights of 4”, 5” and 6”. All three candles are 3” in diameter.

Other benefits of these LED flameless candles are the wind resistance they have (no blowing out, even during windy occasions outside)

They are the perfect gift for any special woman in your life. She will love setting them on the side table, coffee table, dining room table center piece and anywhere else she wants to put them. There is no melted wax to worry about of danger of fires.

There is a remote control that comes with this candle set that allows you to control the amount of flicker and you can set them to be on for 4 or 8 hours at a time. There are 12 different colors to choose from and the settings can be adjusted to run through all 12 colors or just choose one.

Customers love the deep healing chime sound and the beauty of the chimes.

Chimes are almost always popular with women and this stunning Cosmic wind chime set that measures 32” is no exception.

They are precision tuned to Sonic Geometry at 432 HZ which is a deep tone that helps relax the mind. The aluminum metal is powder coated for maximum durability. These chimes are great for outdoors, gardens and patios too.

There is an adjustable striker that allows users to monitor the amount of chiming and can be adjusted to wind conditions as well. They are fully assembled so the gift recipient can use them right out of the box.

Customers love the stunning design of this gorgeous and unique purple zirconia and sterling silver pendant.

This beautiful necklace has a ripple chain that is 18” long and has a spring-ring clasp. The pendant and the chain is sterling silver that has been plated with rhodium.

The brilliant purple, heart shaped stone is the focal point of the pendant that is made of zirconia.

It is accented with eight smaller diamonds. The design of the pendant is really gorgeous and stands out whenever it is worn.

The chain this pendant hangs from lies beautifully and the length of the chain is the perfect length to be worn with a v neck or regular neck top. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will take her breath away and she will love wearing it.

Customers love the durability, style and design of this great genuine leather and canvas travel bag.

If you have a woman or women in your family that travel for business, this striking and functional genuine leather travel tote makes a wonderful gift she will appreciate on every trip.

It has a 47” shoulder drop and is made from high quality, durable material. The large zippers are thick and sturdy. The material is thick Italian imported genuine cow leather with heavy duty rivets.

The heavy duty canvas has double trim stitching and a genuine leather handle. There is plenty of room for 3-5 days worth of travel clothing and accessories. This beautifully styled bag is perfect for short business trips and pleasure trips too. It is available in three different color schemes.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for a Woman

Christmas is a time of giving. Finding the right gift to give is part of the fun although if you don’t follow a few basic guidelines, gift buying can be stressful. The good news is that if you are prepared, gift buying can be very enjoyable and stress-free.

When you are buying gifts for the women in your family and women friends, you will have a very easy time choosing if you know a little bit about their likes, hobbies and interests.

We have listed several tips and pointers below that you can follow when it comes to choosing the right Christmas gift for women. Following these guidelines will keep the Christmas spirit happy and lighthearted and you will feel confident about the gifts you’re giving.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Set a budget for the women on your list. This is actually something you should do with all gifts that you will be purchasing. Setting a budget prevents you from accidentally overspending because you will already know what you can comfortably afford to spend on each gift. When you make a list of people to buy for, you can expect there to be different budgets for different people depending on your relationship with them. For example, you would have a higher budget for your mother, sister or daughter than you would for a female coworker.
  • Pay attention to their likes and interests. This will give you a good list of gift ideas to choose from. Purchasing something that reflects their hobbies or interests guarantees that they will like and use your gift often.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to do the needed research so you have time to get the kind of gifts you want to purchase for the women in your life. When you are not rushing you will feel more relaxed and take the time to make good choices that they will love.


  • Purchase things that you want them to try or be interested in unless she has expressed a desire to receive those types of things as a gift. There is nothing wrong with trying new things but unless it is something she has asked for, it could lead to disappointment in the gift.
  • Forget to have fun when you are choosing gifts for the special women in your life. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with some great Christmas gifts that they will love using. When you remember that Christmas gift buying is about joy and fun and choosing something that you will enjoy giving and watching their happy faces when they open it.

There are many people that dread Christmas shopping because they associate it with horribly crowded stores, stress and even financial strain. If you take the time to plan ahead, Christmas shopping can be a piece of cake and before you know it you will have chosen excellent, thoughtfully purchased gifts for all of the women in your life and everyone else on that list too.

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