10 Charming Baptism Gift Ideas

10 Charming Baptism Gift Ideas

A Baptism is a significant event in a baby’s life. It is a time for celebrating the birth of the baby and thanking God for their life. During a baptism, godparents are usually named and in some cultures, the child is named and/or a circumcision is performed. (This is mostly in the Jewish faith and is called a Bris)

It is customary to have a get together after the baptism, also called a christening. This get together is a celebratory event with food, gifts and lots of joy.

If you have been invited to a baptism, you will want to get the baby a beautiful gift to commemorate the occasion. There are tons of great baptism gifts available to choose from. The hardest part is trying to decide which one to get. The baby will not remember this event, but it is something that will be written down in baby books and memorialized in photos. Choosing a gift that they will hang onto for decades is an honor.

We have listed 10 beautiful baptism gifts below that are perfect for a little one on their special day. If none of these gifts appeal to you, there are plenty of others to look at. Use the suggestions here to get your creativity going.

Customers love the softness and sweetness of this great christening lamb stuffed animal/blanket.

This precious Christening Lamb blanket is 14” of softness that your baby will love cuddling up to. It is made from 100% polyester and has ‘Bless this Child’ embroidered on the blanket.

The lamb is a plush, super soft stuffed animal with a lined, satin trimmed blanket as part of the body of the lamb. It is easy for baby to grip, even when he or she is young.

This is the perfect baptism gift for a little one. It has a silver cross embroidered on it as well. The parents will also love this sweet little lamb blanket.

It is machine washable so it can stay clean and will easily become one of the baby’s favorite little animals to hold onto as they get older.

Customers love the softness and safe construction of this fleece little lamb.

This soft wooly lamb comes in either soft pink or baby blue for a boy or girl. This little lamb is in a praying position and measures 11” tall.

The shaggy Sherpa fleece and smooth velour fleece is ultra soft and gives the baby two different tactile sensations to enjoy. There are several embroidered features on the lamb which makes it super safe for baby.

The lamb plays Jesus loves me when the tummy is pressed; something the baby can learn to do as they get older. This sweet gift is made from 100% polyester and is surface washable.

It is a great baptism gift that the baby will love holding onto as they get older or parents can put it on a special shelf as a keepsake.

Customers love the beautiful poem and the heirloom quality of the entire gift.

This unique gift is something that will come back around when the baby is grown and getting ready to get married. It is a perfect christening gift that will last a lifetime as an heirloom that is saved for his future wife and then passed on to his children.

This item is packaged in a clear envelope to protect it and has a super sentimental poem that explains what the little boutonniere is and what the parents need to do with it when their son meets the girl of his dreams and decides to get married.

This is a tear jerker for sure, not only when it is given, but when the parents give this to their soon to be daughter in law years later. The poem is printed on high gloss card stock in gold lettering.

Customers love the look of this pewter coin bank that is the perfect start to savings for their baby.

This pewter coin bank is a great place to start saving for your new baby’s college education. This non tarnish-able bank looks terrific sitting on the baby’s dresser or shelf in their nursery.

There are 9 sets of animals featured on this unique bank; 5 pairs on one side, 4 pairs on the other side. There is a lot of detail in this coin bank. It is created of non-tarnish pewter with a brushed look.

The coin slot is at the top of the Ark. The top of the ark is smooth for engraving if you choose to do that. The measurements of the entire bank are 3 ¾” x 2” x 4 ¾”. It comes in a dark blue gift box and makes a terrific baptism gift.

Customers love the cuteness and playfulness of Louie the Lamb who recites the Lord’s Prayer when his leg is squeezed.

This cute little baby’s toy is a great baptism gift. It recites the Lord’s Prayer with a squeeze of one of the legs.

There is also a version that is sold separately that recites three different prayers.

This cotton blend stiffed toy is colorful and appealing to young ones.

It should not be washed in the washer but can be spot cleaned safely. The ears and legs of Louie are bright and colorful which will appeal to little ones.

This is a cute toy to put in the baby’s crib when they go to sleep. This little guy is lovable and will be a favorite of your child.

Customers love the soft warm glow this nit elite provides little ones.

This sweet and soothing nite lite will look wonderful in your baby’s nursery. This adorable and sweet cross features the sun and lovable animals such as a giraffe, elephant and lion and has a short poem inscribed in the center.

There is a lot of joy going on, with this sculpture with jungle animals, butterflies and birds and the sun and stars too.

It measures 6 ½” x 5 ½” x 2 ¼”. It looks beautiful when it is turned on and provides the little one with a soothing soft glow that lights his little animal friends up so he or she doesn’t feel lonely. It is made from a resin and stone mix and makes the perfect baptism gift.

Customers love the poem behind this beautiful little pearl and silver bracelet.

Another incredible baptism gift that will provide generations of happiness. This gorgeous sterling silver and pearl bracelet has an acrylic frame to protect it.

This tiny, sweet little bracelet is meant to be kept according to the wonderful story that is on the card that comes with the bracelet.

According to the card, when the baby is grown and getting married, she will have this tiny and precious keepsake to send her into her married life with joy and happiness.

This adorable bracelet and poem makes a wonderful baptism gift.

Customers adore this adorable first playset that is completely plush and features a cute ark with several stuffed animals for them to play with.

This adorable plush Noah’s Ark set makes a wonderful first toy for any baby. The Noah’s Ark comes with a carrying case that is all plush and has a set of plush animals too including an elephant, white leopard, giraffe, lion, zebra and tiger.

Each of the plush animals is 7” long. The Ark measures 16” long and has a carrying handle. It is washable as well.

This is a terrific toy to bring with you on car trips so the baby has something to play with that they can’t get hurt with. It is very cuddly and soft and makes the perfect gift for a baptism.

Customers love the positive words that are on this wall art.

Here is another beautiful wall hanging for your baby’s nursery. This item makes a wonderful; baptism gift that the parents will love displaying.

It is mounted on a rigid backing so it can be hung up easily. The hanger is included.

This item can be hung up on the wall, stand alone or be put in a coordinating frame.

This wish for the baby makes a wonderful addition to their nursery and can be incorporated into any décor. It is printed in the USA.

Customers love the unique design of this encouraging print that reminds the child that you will always be there for him.

If you are the baby’s godparent this is the perfect gift to give at the baptism. This beautiful Godchild nursery art print looks wonderful on a shelf in the baby’s room and will remind them and the parents of your commitment to them as their Godparent.

The wall art states what your promise is to him or her in a sweet and simple way.

It is done in black with white lettering and matches any décor. It’s made in the USA. This print features a hanger that is already installed on the back.

It can be frameless or framed whichever you prefer. This 8 x 10 print looks like a chalkboard and teaches your Godchild that you will always be there.

Choosing the Right Baptism Gift

Baptism is a special time in both the parents’ and the child’s life. With so many different choices of baptism gifts available, it might even be hard to choose just one. We have listed tips and pointers for you that will make choosing the right baptism gift stress-free and easy.

Following these tips will make any gift buying occasion much simpler and enjoyable as well. The parents of the baby that is getting baptized will appreciate you taking the time to honor their special occasion by attending the baptism and giving the baby a gift.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Look for baptism gifts that commemorate the special event. They csn be plaques, artwork, prints, figurines and in many other forms as well. Purchasing a baptism gift that honors the date can become an item that is passed down to the baby’s children when he or she is grown.
  • Decide on a budget. Baptism gifts don’t have to be super expensive. In fact they usually aren’t expensive at all. Once you choose a budget, you want to stick to it and then look at all the choices that fit within your budget.


  • Feel pressured to find the “perfect” gift. What is more important when choosing a baptism gift id that you choose one that speaks to you and feels like the perfect gift to YOU. Whether it’s a soft stuffed animal for the baby or a piece of artwork for the wall that talks about the beauty of christening a new life. What appeals to you is what you should get.
  • Think you have to believe in the same things or be the same denomination to attend the baptism. You are there for the parents and the baby so it is okay if you don’t believe the exact same way the parents do. You are not going to the baptism or buying a gift to convert to their faith. You can still be who you are and attend a baptism that you have been thought of highly enough to be invited to.

The next time you attend a baptism you will be prepared for the right type of gift to get afterwards with the information you have learned in this guide. You will also understand the type of baptism gifts that are really nice to get and which ones are more of a letdown.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to attending a baby’s baptism, no pressure to be part of their faith, so the next time you are invited to one, you will be able to accept the invitation and enjoy celebrating such a joyous event with the parents without worry or stress and the parents will have a spectacular gift for their little one that you took the time to thoughtfully think about and choose.

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