10 Beautiful Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

10 Beautiful Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Buying gifts for your girlfriend could possibly be one of the easiest activities around IF you keep several things in mind and follow some tips and pointers that we will provide down below. There are some things to think about that will determine the amount and type of gift that you choose to purchase for your girlfriend.

More often than not, your girlfriend is going to enjoy romantic, pretty gifts. Even if she says that you don’t need to buy her anything, it is always wonderful to receive a gift from someone that you are in a relationship with. Purchasing a gift for a girlfriend shouldn’t be stressful or be a nuisance. We will give you the information and suggestions you need to make the process enjoyable for you to purchase and her to open.

We’ve listed 10 beautiful gift ideas below that you could choose for your girlfriend. These suggestions range from lower cost to higher cost so all budgets are covered. If none of these suggestions ring a bell for you, use the ideas to inspire your own creativity. The main thing to keep in mind is that the gift should be from the heart and not just something you grabbed off the shelf.

Customers love the health and beauty benefits these silk pillowcases provide the user.

Your girlfriend will be surprised when you present her with this deep purple natural silk pillow case that is also hypoallergenic and super smooth.

It is the perfect pillow case for a wonderful, comfortable sleep that is much better for her skin. If she cares about her complexion and hair, she will be thrilled with this gift.

This is a dermatologist recommended product for the prevention of dry, frizzy hair, dry skin, wrinkles, and bed head too.

It is made from 100% 19 momme mulberry silk. There is a hidden zipper to ensure a better fit. Every silk pillow case from Alaska Bear is handmade and will exhibit top quality craftsmanship.

This silky, soft pillowcase measures 20” x 30” and will fit her Queen sized pillow perfectly. The best way for her to wash this luxurious pillow case is hand washing in cold water with neutral, mild soap. She will not want to soak it too long and then to wring it out lay it in a towel and roll the towel up. Don’t wring the pillow case to get rid of the water. Lay flat in the sun to dry.

Customers love the unique and fun “question” game that can turn girls’ night out into something even more fun and enjoyable.

Give your girlfriend something that she can use when she has her girlfriends over for girls’ night in. This is for ages 21 and up and provides a ton of fun through lots of thought provoking and sometimes racy questions.

There are 135 question cards that come in a square acrylic cube to keep them all organized.

This fun gift is small enough to take with her if girls’ night out is at one of her friend’s houses or even at their favorite restaurant or bar.

She will appreciate the support you’ve shown for her get togethers and will also love the laughter these cards will inspire.

Customers love the solidity and durability of this beautiful keepsake.

Present your girlfriend with something she can place on her bedside table, mantle or other shelf and look at to remind herself of your love for her.

This 4” square, glistening keepsake has a beautiful sentiment etched in the Lucite. The edges of the square are beveled and the item will stand on its own without the need for an additional stand.

The one inch thick square makes a great paperweight for the office too so you can keep his feelings close to you even when you’re at work.

This item comes in a glossy gift box that is placed inside a fabric bag. It is all ready to give to her as a gift that she will not forget.

Customers love the quality of these pillowcases as well as the romantic message each one illustrates.

She will see your romantic side when you get her these adorable His and Hers pillowcases that include the “From My Heart to Yours” sentiment on them.

The envelope end keeps the pillow inside easily. Each pillow case measures 30” x 20” and fits queen size and standard pillows.

Each pillow has a white background. On her pillow is a girl receiving a bunch of adorable red hearts. On his pillow is a boy blowing a kiss that is a bunch of little hearts.

Put the two pillows side by side and it looks like one continuous little love scene. She will go to sleep each night, knowing how much you love her.

Customers love the brilliance of the crystals and the gorgeous rosegold setting.

Your girlfriend will go crazy over this gorgeous pink teardrop flower pendant. The main stone is made from Swarovski crystals in a beautiful pink color. The plating of the setting and chain is 18k rose gold plating.

This 1” pendant is feminine and beautiful and will show her how much you care about the things she loves.

The main teardrop crystal hangs below a beautiful rosegold rose with a pink crystal at the center. There is also a row of white crystals along the top of the main crystal. The chain is 15 ½” and has a 2” extender as well.

If you want to thrill her even more, add the matching pink crystal rosegold earrings that match the pendant perfectly. (Sold separately)

Customers love the jeweled top, beautiful brushed silver finish and velvet interior of this wonderful music box.

This beautiful music box is the perfect gift to give her so she has a place to keep her special mementos and jewelry. It features a 4” x 6” photo lid that she can put her own photo in or keep the one that is there.

The music keepsake box measures 8 ¼” x 6” x 2 ¼”. It has a jeweled lid, a velvet lining and glass enclosed music mechanism.

The box plays “You Light Up My Life” when wound up. The finish of the box is brushed silver. This beautiful box will be something she cherishes for a long time to come and has the quality and beauty to become an heirloom she passes down to her own daughter in the future.

Customers love the elegance and beauty of this gorgeous jewelry box.

If your girlfriend has a lot of jewelry, she will adore this gorgeous wooden jewelry box that has plenty of drawers and places to hang all of her jewelry.

The attractive hourglass shape looks terrific with any kind of décor that her room or home may have. There are two necklace doors that have 3 hooks each and catch panels that will keep her necklaces neat and untangled.

The three open area drawers provide plenty of space for bangles. Earrings, watches and other jewelry she may have. There is one ring roll drawer that will keep any of her rings safe and free of bumps and dings.

The pearl accented door and drawer pulls add even more elegance to the whole jewelry box. The lining of the jewelry box is lined with Ivory suede that prevents scratches or abrasions on her jewelry. This item measures 10 ¼” x 5 ½” x 11 3/8” and has a beautiful mahogany finish.

Customers love the large array of bath products and tasty goodies.

Give her the gift that pampers her even when you’re not there. This huge vanilla spa bath and body gift basket contains a large selection of items that are all scented with the delicious scent of vanilla.

The cotton-lined keepsake gift basket is the perfect place for all the bath and body goodies to go. Once the basket is empty she can use it for anything else she wants.

Included in this wonderful gift basket is:

  • Sisal scrubber
  • Vanilla scented hand soap
  • Vanilla scented body lotion
  • Body scrubber
  • Vanilla scented bath salts
  • Vanilla scented bath and body gel
  • Angelina’s sweet butter cookies
  • Vanilla body butter
  • 100% cotton spa towel
  • Rich café latte
  • Country cream potpourri
  • Handmade vanilla caramels
  • Vanilla scented body scrub

Customers love the solid feel and beautiful quality of this unique music box.

Take her breath away with this gorgeous blue crystal music box. The blue sapphire color of this heart shaped box is striking and is perfect for placing on her dresser, night stand or even in the main part of the house.

There are two dark blue roses on top made from crystals. There is the word “love” engraved at the left corner of the crystal.

The musical part of this box is an 18 note song that plays for 3 minutes upon winding it up. The crystal used in the construction of this unique gift is high quality solid blue k9 crystal for excellent quality that will last.

The whole heart-shaped box is made from a solid piece of crystal for a unique and incredible gift that she will never forget. This item comes with a gorgeous gift box with a lovely sentiment inscribed inside.

Customers love the quality and design of this unique necklace that redefines being romantic.

If you are looking for a gift that she will love and cherish forever and that shows her how much you love her, this necklace inscribed with “I Love You” in 120 different languages will fit the bill perfectly. The oval black onyx stone is set in 24k gold. The chain is 18” of Italian gold filled chain.

There is a magnifying glass included with the purchase so she can see the tiny inscriptions on the stone, all saying I love you in different languages.

This is the ultimate in romance and she will love it and never want to be without it. The beautiful necklace comes in a jewelry gift box ready for you to wrap and give to her.

Choosing the Right Girlfriend Gift

Buying a gift for your girlfriend is a wonderful opportunity to show her just how much she means to you. It’s also a chance to let your romantic side out. The gift suggestions we have listed above are all excellent choices that you can choose to give her for almost any occasion including Christmas, her birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

We have put together some helpful tips and pointers to keep in mind when it comes time to purchase a gift for your girlfriend. These pointers will make the whole process of buying a gift for her enjoyable and stress-free because you will already be assured that she will love what you have chosen for her.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Pay attention to her preferences and likes, which are very important when it comes to choosing the right gift for your girlfriend. If she doesn’t like the color pink, choosing pink crystals or flowers is only going to disappoint her and make her feel like you don’t really know her very well.
  • Look for things that reflect her personality and style. The majority of girls love feminine, pretty things so choosing a beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings is going to be something she will feel a lot of excitement about when she opens it.
  • Look beyond the traditional bouquet of flowers. This doesn’t mean you should never give her flowers, but it does mean that flowers should be an addition and not the gift itself. There are so many more things you can give her as a gift that she will truly love and cherish for years to come. Let your imagination and creativity take over and see what wonderful things you can come up with.


  • Get locked into common “default” gifts such as flowers, chocolates, etc. Use creativity and imagination as well factoring in what she loves and you are guaranteed to choose a winner. Just going through the motions and grabbing the usual bouquet and chocolates can make her feel like an afterthought.
  • Don’t ever make her feel like purchasing a gift is a bother for you. Some guys have a bad habit of complaining about holidays that involve gift giving, which can make her feel uncomfortable. When you have someone special in your life, let the occasions for gift giving give you a great reason for getting her things that will make her feel special and loved. She will never forget how you made her feel and that is a great gift for YOU.

Any occasion where you can express your love and devotion to your girlfriend is an occasion to look forward to. Chances are she will feel exactly the same about the occasions to purchase gifts for you as well. Keep the pointers and tips above in mind as you start looking for just the right gift and the whole process will be one that both of you remember fondly.

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