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If you intend covering an area wirelessly, you will need a Wi-Fi router. The Best Wireless Router is the one that fulfills your needs

The Wi-Fi router specifically covers the area you want to cover. Note that it will offer you to share or pass data such as web pages, Email, IM and much more.

With the MIMO Technology, TL-Link N450 creates an exceptional and advanced wireless performance, and the best bet for streaming HD video, VoIP, and online gaming.

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Who needs a TP-Link N450 Wireless Router?

TP-Link N450 is for internet users who have more than one device to connect to the web and good for big offices or homes.



Features to note when getting the TP-Link N450

  • Provision of three antennas to ensure increase and improvement of the wireless stability; enables you to stream lag-free video; game online and also gives you enough time to attend to all your essentials at up to 450Mbps over 2.4GHz.
  • TL-Link N450 has easy wireless security encryption.
  • It has an IP based bandwidth control which allows administrators to decide how much bandwidth each gadget has.
  • Its wireless speed is up to 450Mbps which supports bandwidth-intensive tasks like HD video streaming.
  • It is 15 times faster with a 5x range of 802.11g.
  • Availability of parental control to restrict kids and employees access to the internet.
  • TL-Link N450 allows you share files, music, videos and even images over your network using the four Fast Ethernet ports.
  • Its guest network provides external users with Wi-Fi access separate from your primary network, so your system security is not compromised.
  • TL-Link N450 produces exceptional and advanced wireless performance which gives you the speed to work smoothly with virtually any bandwidth- intensive application.
  • The system requirement for the TL-Link N450 includes; Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, VistaTM or Windows 7, Windows8/8.1/10, MAC® OS, NetWare®, UNIX® or Linux.


  • Brand Name: TP-Link.
  • Model Number: Router Only.
  • Connectivity Technology: WiFi.
  • Number of Ports: 5.
  • Network Data Transfer Level: 450 Megabytes Per Second.
  • Width: 200 mm.
  • Display Height: 28 mm.
  • Item Display Weight: 780 grams.
  • Language: English.
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 7.9 inches x 1.1 inches; 1.6.
  • Shipping Weight: 1.45 pounds.
  • Technology: WPA / WPA2

The Tp-Link N450 has a two years warranty.

What We Liked:

  • We love the TP-Link N450 because even with its transmission rate of 450Mbps it shows excellent quality to mitigate data loss over long distances like obstacles in small offices or a large apartment.
  • It is quite easy for you to pick up the wireless network during long-distance connections where other legacy 11g products may not permit.
  • The TP-Link N450 router works well with many of bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP, HD streaming, or online gaming, without the lag.
  • The router’s IP QoS based bandwidth allows you; the network administrator, to work out the quantity of bandwidth allotted to each computer which helps to reduce congestion and prevent bandwidth problems.
  • It has WPA/WPA2 encryption standards that ensure your wireless connection is safe from unwanted users.
  • This WPS button is sleek and found on its exterior design.
  • Three antennas to increase robustness and stability.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It’s easy installation.
  • The TP-Link N450 establishes a wireless network that gets up to 15X the speed and 5X the range of standard 11g.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The TP-Link router is not compatible with phone line internet.
  • The TP-Link N450 is perfect for hardware, but not so effective for Wi-F
  • So how do you set up your TP-Link N450 Router, it is very simple as there are an optimized user interface and setup wizard or the CD which – all in the package.
  • It allows you get online easily and quickly.
  • Or you could setup and manage your Wi-Fi through the TP-Link Tether app, available for both Android and iOS.
  • Its simple layout gives you easy access Wi-Fi settings like guest access, device management, and scheduling on your phone or tablet devoid of complications.
  • You just need to press the “WPS” button and instantly set up your Wi-Fi; ready for you to use.

The TP-Link N450 is a reliable wireless Wi-Fi router and has officially become an indisputable fact that this Wi-Fi router is essential in the home or offices.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the demand and use of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, streaming boxes, etc.

You need a stable and robust internet connection to play games; stream HD videos online, manage your online businesses, and manage multiple social media account without failing your clients and simply for your peace of mind with a safe and reliable internet connection.

The TP-Link N450 will help you achieve just that and more.


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