Top 10 Best Friend Jewelry Gift Ideas

Top 10 Best Friend Jewelry Gift Ideas

Coming up with a perfect gift idea that celebrates the unique bond between best friends can be challenging to say the least, but there’s nothing more personal than the special feelings truly close friends share. Friendship jewelry is a wonderful solution to your gift giving dilemma. Whether you’re a parent looking for a gift for your daughter and her best friend, or you’re shopping for yourself and a BFF, there are fun, fabulous and affordable best friend necklacesbracelets and rings to choose from.

Best friend jewelry represents friendship that lasts, despite distance and time. Hence, you’ll see many infinity symbols and hearts represented in these pieces. Different than traditional heart necklaces, these jewelry sets tend to have a heart that’s split, and can only be joined when best friends are together. There’s an acknowledgment that best buddies are often also partners in crime, doing nearly everything together. There are jewelry options that embrace that thinking too, including bracelets and necklaces with tiny handcuff embellishments. Younger best buddies might even be so tight that they want to wear matching best friend clothing. For older kids and teens, they are likely to want something a bit more subtle. That’s when custom engraved friendship jewelry can carry their own personal message of friendship. And believe it or not, these engraved pieces are super affordable.

There are lots of friendship necklace sets that come with anywhere from two pieces to more than ten. Those are perfect if you’re searching for gift ideas for groups of friends. There are also special friendship jewelry pieces for sisters who are best friends. I

Best Friendship Necklaces

1. SoulBreezeCollection Best Friends Forever BFF Heart Necklace

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If your daughter has a bestie, a great gift for the two of them is this adorable BFF necklace set. The two-piece engraved heart splits down the middle and each side is adorned with a sparkly rhinestone flower. Each piece of the petite pendant hangs by a sturdy bale from a shimmery 15-inch snake chain. The ELOI Best Friend Two Piece Heart Necklace Set features a shimmery border of multi-colored rhinestones that make it a playful jewelry set that goes with anything your girl might be wearing. You can also get this pendant set with solid pink rhinestones as well. If your daughter has two best friends, consider a three-piece heart necklace set that connects them no matter whether they’re together or far apart.


Buy the SoulBreezeCollection Best Friends Forever BFF Heart Necklace here.

2. You’re My Person Charm Necklace

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Great for an older girl to give to her best friend, or for you to give to your daughter or granddaughter, this pretty best friend necklace shares an important message. The stainless steel “You’re my person” charm is hand stamped and strung on an 18-inch stainless steel cable chain. A one-inch infinity charm and a Swarovski pearl complete this BFF necklace. For another take on that same theme, the Best Friends You’re My Person Compass Necklace Set features two charm necklaces, each with half a heart, a “You’re my person” charm and a compass indicating that no matter where in the world your bestie might be, they’ll always be with you in spirit and heart. The No Matter Where Compass Necklace Set is a similar style with a different sentiment charm, compass, and heart that leads the way.

Buy the You’re My Person Charm Necklace here.

3. Side by Side Best Friends Close in Heart Necklace Set

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Melix Home

Best friends fit together perfectly, just like pieces of a puzzle. This sweet best friend necklace is a bright and shiny way to celebrate that friendship. It lets your bestie know she’s close to your heart, even if she happens to be far away. Each puzzle pendant charm is about one inch by 1.5 inches and hangs from a simple 20-inch cable chain that’s perfect to add other little charms and friendship mementos too. The Best Friends Forever Three Part Necklace turns a shimmery heart into three puzzle pieces to be shared, each adorned with a sparkly rhinestone, and hanging from a playful ball chain. For a larger group of BFFs, the Godyce Puzzle Necklace can be ordered with as few as two, and up to eleven fitted puzzle pieces, in shimmering, non-tarnishing stainless steel.


Buy the Side by Side Best Friends Close in Heart Necklace Set here.

4. True Friendship Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet

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Zoey Jewelry

This beautifully shiny friendship bracelet is made of durable stainless steel and etched with such a special sentiment, “A true friendship is a journey without an end.” Laser etched and filled with black enamel, you’ll never need to worry about it cracking or fading. This pretty bangle bracelet is perfect for your BFF of any age as it can be adjusted to fit wrists from as small as six inches, to larger those up to 7.5 inches. This sweet best friend bracelet is a perfect gift idea for your daughter and her best buddy. Another inspirational friendship bracelet proclaims ” I Am a Better Me Because Of You.” Plated with 14k white, yellow or rose gold, it’s a perfect gift idea for teenage girls to give each other. A set of two Partners In Crime friendship bracelets is a perfect present for true besties as well.


Buy the True Friendship Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet here.

5. Best for Little Girls: Liberty Charms Best Friend Beige Leather Charm & Bead Bracelet

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Liberty Charms

This adorable charm bracelet is a perfectly pretty best friend bracelet that is a wonderful birthday or other special occasion gift idea for a little or big girl. It features five fun charms including a pretty princess enamel face, wrapped present, funky cupcake, best friend heart, and a blue love charm, all strung on a beautifully woven leather bracelet. The bracelet can be ordered in sizes small and larger, so you can create the perfect fit for a bestie of any age. The Liberty Charms Best Friend ‘You Are A Star’ Silver Plated Charm Bracelet features five fun charms and a silver plated metal bracelet.

Liberty Charms makes a wide variety of charm bracelets and BFF bracelets for girls from two to young adults. Find them here.


Buy the Liberty Charms Best Friend Beige Leather Charm & Bead Bracelet here.

6. Best Friend Handcuff Bracelet

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Infinity Collection

Is your daughter’s BFF her true partner in crime? That’s the way it is for so many best friends, and this trendy leather and metal bracelet is a terrific gift idea for teens and their best buds. The braided leather and charm bedecked bracelet front is secured in back with a sturdy lobster claw clasp, so it can take the wear and tear of a teenage girl. It’s adjustable from six to eight inches, so it is easy to custom fit for any bestie. Featuring two tiny handcuffs embellished with the word freedom, along with an infinity knot and a best friend charm, this clever cutie will be a hit, especially with older girls. A two pack of Multi-layer Wish Wrap Cuff Bracelets features charms of love and life along with the best friend charm, at a very affordable price. A simpler set of black beads on stretchy cord bracelets with split hearts reading “partners in crime” are another BFF fave.


Buy the Best Friend Handcuff Bracelet here.

7. Totes Besties Aluminum Twist BFF Ring Set

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Hand Trades

This sweet set of friendship rings features an aluminum twist rings, hand stamped with Totes Besties on the outside and an infinity symbol on the inside. They’re a perfect gift idea to celebrate best friends and how important they are to one another. These BFF rings are adjustable to any size, and they’re made of pure 1100 aluminum, which doesn’t tarnish or turn skin green. Because these best friend rings are handmade, each and every set is unique from any other – just like the friendship between two people. If your best friend seems more like family, get the set of Sisters by Soul Best Friend Rings, stamped with the infinity symbol inside. The hand stamped You’re my Person aluminum cuff rings are another fun option that openly proclaims the special feelings shared between best friends.


Buy the Totes Besties Aluminum Twist BFF Ring Set here.

8. Sterling Silver Best Friends Infinity Ring

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West Coast Jewelry

If your bestie is truly a best friend forever, celebrate your adoration for one another with this sterling silver friendship ring. The infinity symbol makes it a clear declaration that your friendship is meant to last beyond this lifetime, but it’s subtle enough that this looks as much like a fashion ring as anything. The best friends design is cleverly hidden, stamped inside the band, so only you and your BFF need to know. You can also get this pretty friendship ring in rose gold plated or yellow gold plated sterling.


Buy the Sterling Silver Best Friends Infinity Ring here.

9. Best Unisex Friendship Ring: Stainless Steel Anam Cara Celtic Ring

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Beads & Pearls Jewelry

In Gaelic, the word for friend is Cara and the word for soul is anam. This Irish Anam Cara ring represents one’s soul friend and is a perfect gift idea to be given to the person with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings. This beautiful sentiment is engraved in black with the Gaelic on the outside, and the English translation on the inside. This is a perfect ring for girls or guys who are best friends, but it could also be indicative of a shared friendship between the sexes. Either way, it’s a beautiful friendship ring for all ages. If a best friend brings you so much joy, take a nontraditional approach by giving your BFF a friendship ring that simply says happiness. If you’re trying to convince someone of your feelings for them, the Believe Inspirational Ring might just do the trick.

Buy the Stainless Steel Anam Cara Celtic Ring here.

10. Stainless Steel Forever Friends Engraved Spinner Ring

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Beads & Pearls Jewelry

This stainless steel spinner ring is a perfect way to commemorate the enduring friendship between besties. The words Friends Forever are engraved on the front of this beautiful friendship ring, over a brushed finish, while the inside of the ring is brightly polished. For a more personal message, consider a custom engraved Black Stainless Steel Spinner Ring. Add your names to the front and a secret word on the inside, or create a special message that’s only known to you and your bestie. A simple Brushed Black Stainless Steel Band can also be customized with your special sentiment and would be perfect for guys or gals to give to their BFF.


Buy the Stainless Steel Forever Friends Engraved Spinner Ring here.

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