Refrigerator Reviews

refrigerator review

Refrigerator Reviews

A refrigerator is a must have in any home. It is one of the most important purchases that you would ever make. The best refrigerators are energy efficient and versatile. The temperatures can be adjusted easily and its design should be appealing. The latter is quite obvious since it would occupy a prominent space in your kitchen. Our editors have analyzed expert and owner reviews with the view of finding out the best refrigerators for any kitchen.

Finding the best refrigerators

We found out that lots of owners are very passionate about their refrigerators and this is quite logical considering the amount of money invested into it. It was quite easy to see why most of the refrigerators had hundreds and even thousands of reviews on popular sites such as and We pored over all the reviews from the popular online stores and analyzed them based on performance, ease of use, pricing and features in order to find the best refrigerators to fulfil your cold storage needs.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

We have a buying guide here that would walk you through the things you need to know when you decide to buying a refrigerator. There are many things that you need to know before you decide to buy a refrigerator. One of such things is space. You need to measure your space carefully. When shopping for a refrigerator, you need to check the height, width, depth and door-swing clearance and direction in other to determine if the direction the door swings to works for you. Another element in the space criteria is the pathway to and from your kitchen to ensure that your new refrigerator can fit through the doorway when it gets delivered.

Another important consideration is the size and performance of the refrigerator. Most people wrongly assume that bigger is always better. This is not usually the case. Even as big refrigerators tend to store more food, they also cost more and use more energy for their day-to-day use. You also need to think through on how you would use the refrigerator. For those who use fresh food on a regular basis, the bottom-freezer arrangement could be the most convenient as they won’t have to bend before they can reach the food items. However, if you use the freezer compartment as much as the fridge, you would be better off with a top-freezer arrangement.

Noise tolerance should be considered as well. One of the major complaints in modern refrigerators is the noise that they produce. If you are quiet sensitive to noises, then a quiet fridge would be your best bet. On the other hand, if your kitchen is quite far from sleeping areas, then noise may not matter much to you when you’re shopping for a new refrigerator.

The best refrigerators on the market have

1.) Flexible layout.

A top refrigerator should have the capability to store wide/tall items with no hard to reach spots/compartments within. It must be flexible enough for daily use.

2.) Interesting features.

Customers love the basic feature that comes with most refrigerators but the extra interesting features are the ones the customers appreciate the most and this includes iced and water dispensers, adjustable shelves that allow you to easily arrange food items that could be too tall or too wide to fit the normal compartments.

3.) Temperature control.

This is an important feature in a refrigerator. It’s common for refrigerators to keep food and drinks cold, but what you need is a refrigerator with good temperature controls that allows you to regulate temperature a little better than top-freezer refrigerators.

4.) Sturdy construction.

We invest a lot on our refrigerators and it is only wise that we pick the one that has a sturdy and durable construction that is well-balanced. The shelving units should not feel flimsy and the bins should be made of durable materials.

5.) High energy efficiency.

Energy is everything especially with big refrigerators. This is the one time when big is not always better. Refrigerators with Energy Star compliance certification guarantees the least energy is expended during use

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