2020 Moms’ Picks: Best baby monitors

5. Summer Infant Digital Color Video Baby Monitor – Best Color Monitor

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

The Summer Infant Digital Color Video Baby Monitor is an affordable video baby monitor that doesn’t require the use of Wi-Fi or the internet to monitor your infant. It uses the In View baby monitor from Summer Infant.

It comes with a sound activate LEDs, night vision capabilities to view the nursery clearly without switching on the lights. It gives you a holistic and total view of your infant as if you were right next to them.

There is also a zoom feature so you can zoom in to see their sweet face as they breathe without having to enter the nursery to disturb their rest.

There is an option to purchase one or four cameras when you buy the In View system. This allows you to monitor multiple rooms or kids, depending on the need.


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Why moms love it

  • It is quite affordable than other digital video monitors
  • Has a remote zooming feature as well as night vision

Why moms hate it

  • It can get expensive when you add up the cost for multiple cameras
  • There is no wifi or web viewing feature

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6. Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P WiFi IP Security Camera

This device doubles as a baby monitor and a security camera for your baby. It is a great option to have a baby monitor that allows you to track your baby’s regular movement and sounds as well as a security camera that can be viewed from any device with internet capability. As expected in a security camera, it comes with Intelligent Motion Alerts.

The camera has a 90-degree view angle, remote digital zoom for viewing clearer images in the room and a LED night vision. It works as a two-way intercom so you can hear and soothe your baby without being in the same room as her.

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Why moms love it
It has a two-way intercom for talking and hearing your baby remotely
The camera can be controlled remotely and it has night vision as well
This unit can be viewed from phones, tablets or computers
Why moms hate it
The night vision can only work up to 38 feet compared to other models which can go as high 98 feet.
The Android app crashes during use
Storing the video in the cloud can cost you hundreds of dollars.
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7. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor is an all audio baby monitor that picks up on all the sounds your baby makes in the nursery. It alerts you when they laugh, cry or even make the faintest sound so you can always rush down to the nursery to check up on them.

The system uses a secure DCET technology unlike other baby monitors here. The communication cannot be hacked or interfered with. It guarantees total privacy from neighbors turning into your monitoring frequency.

The Philips Avent also features a two-way intercom with a 330 meters range. This would work well within the house but it will be difficult to hear or speak into it when you’re in the garage or the garden composting your waste.

Other features include a temperature sensor; that can be customized with alert notification. It has night light also that can light up the nursery and an optional lullaby that will rock your baby to sleep.


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Why moms love it
Has a two-way talk back system within a range of 330 meters
The baby unit has a night light and an optional lullaby feature
Temperature sensor with alert notifications

Why moms hate it
It’s a bit pricey
The baby unit loses signal with the parent unit a lot, according to current owners
The parent unit’s battery power is not strong.

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8. Yada Tiny Traveler Matte Black Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

When you’re infant is seated on her infant baby seat in the car, it is usually safer for you to be able to monitor her without having to turn your head every couple of minutes. This is where Yada Tiny Monitor comes to place. It could work for parents that use Convertible Car Seats as well as Infant Baby Seats, both of which have been covered in separate reports on our site here.

Some parents resort to using a rear view mirror to view their little ones but this is quite dangerous as it takes your mind off the road for too long.

With the Yada monitor, all you have to do is to glance at the dashboard to view your baby’s cute little face.

It comes with a 4.3-inch display screen, a camera that can be mounted on the window or headrest of the front seats. The camera doesn’t use batteries. It is wireless and runs on 12 v power which can be powered from the car. It also has night vision for those who drive a lot at night. You don’t have to switch on the lights in the car to see your infant.


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Why moms love it
Safely monitor your baby while driving
The camera works via wireless transmission
Comes with a large 4.3-inch display screen that can be mounted on the dashboard.
Comes with a night vision capability for night time viewing
Why moms hate it
It only comes with one camera
It requires a 12 v outlet in the car to power the camera and the display screen
Buy the Yada Tiny Digital Wireless Baby Monitor on Amazon

9. Motorola CONNECT Baby Monitor – Best MultiFunctional Monitor

When it comes to electronics, Motorola’s name is synonymous with reliability.

This baby monitor offers parents options to choose based on the number of babies they want to monitor

This system is sold with either one or two cameras that can be installed in your baby’s nursery or in the room for two kids, a 3.5-inch view screen or a larger 4.3-inch screen.

The camera can be viewed remotely. It can record videos and take image snapshots of your baby’s every little step from within the app. This feature is perfect for capturing adorable little moments that you can share with family members.

The camera in the baby unit has a remote pan, tilt and zoom control from the parent unit. It also works as a two-way intercom.



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Why moms love it
Allows you to view your baby remotely even when away from the house.
Camera can record videos and take snapshots of your baby
It works as a two-way intercom
Why moms hate it
The monitor can get really expensive when you add multiple cameras and a larger view screen to it.
The larger view screen is sold with one camera
It doesn’t have night vision capabilities
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10. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor – Best Movement Monitor

Most of the baby monitors on our list here are good at monitoring baby’s sound and audio, but the Angelcare Monitor is great at monitoring the baby’s movements.

Keeping track of your infant’s movement is a good way of knowing if they are secured or safe at every point in time.

With this unit, you can monitor their sounds and movements from any part of the house. This unit will tell you when they are squirming, alert you when they don’t move at all. It could mean they are distracted or staring at something that caught their fancy.
It comes with a movement sensor pad that is placed under the mattress in the crib. This sensor pad will sound an alarm on the parent unit if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.

The parent unit has full control of the sensor pad and it also comes with a full digital display that informs you on sound level, temperature, night light and other settings needed to monitor your baby and give them the best possible sleep possible.

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Why moms love it
it is affordable
Monitors your infant’s movements with auto-alerts
Includes temperature sensors and a two-way communication system

Why moms hate it
Video monitor is not included
The automatic alerts can irritate your baby
Buy the Angelcare on Amazon


How to buy a baby monitor

You might be asking yourself if you need a baby monitor? What type of monitor do you need? The toughest part about being a parent is the sleep deprivation that often comes with it. When you’re in your room at night, you worry about the temperature of the baby’s room, worrying about how the baby is sleeping, on which side the baby is sleeping and so on.

A baby monitor can help reduce these fears by giving parents an opportunity to observe their baby without actually getting out of the bed or going to the nursery to flick on the lights. Sometimes a baby just makes a sound. It doesn’t mean she is hurt. With a baby monitor, you can zoom into the crib to see why the baby made a sound if the baby is awake and even go as far as taking precious snapshots of your baby’s cute face while he’s asleep.

Here are the important things to consider before buying the best baby monitor

1. Range

For every monitor you see on the market, there is usually a range problem or lack of useful range where the product is very useful as to when it’s not. How far away from the nursery can you be before the monitors stop working? How many walls can be between the baby unit and the parent unit?

The problem with ranges usually starts from customers who don’t read the side of the box or the details on the manufacturer’s website. They end up buying the baby monitor but wonder why they can’t go past 2 walls for the best range connection.
For parents who don’t want to deal with issues of range finding, you can take a look at baby monitors that have Wi-Fi options. With this kind of baby monitors, parents don’t have to worry about the range connection between a baby unit and the parent unit, as long as the Wi-Fi signal is on, the monitor will work well

2. Sound quality

For baby monitors, what you need is not just a video feed that shows you every movement and actions of your little man; you also want to hear the sounds of your baby. Before you buy a baby monitor, you want to be sure that the volume adjust high enough in the parent unit to hear when sleeping. Is there a voice activation feature that only tracks the voice of your baby and not the white noise in her room?

The sound quality from the baby monitor doesn’t have to be home theater quality but you do want it to be loud enough, easy to interpret and for it to accurate reflect what is happening in the room.

3. Visuals

The best baby monitor will offer you clear visuals of your infant at all times. You want to be able to see your baby clearly – that’s the first aim with baby monitors. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this review right now.

Most parent units come with similar display sizes. But when it comes to display screens, bigger is not always better. With the exception of WI-Fi options where visual display is not dependent on a parent unit. You can view your baby on any device and sometimes, even on a computer.

The rule of thumb is to go for a baby monitor whose display can show your baby and the nursery as it really is compared to a large image that renders an unclear and cloudy visual on the monitor. The Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor is our top pick for the best visuals. It offers a lot in terms of clarity and easy to see images for both day and night

4. Night Vision

One of the reasons why night vision capability is important is because you will be spending more time monitoring your baby at night. The problem with the wee hours is that one little creak from the door that leads to your baby’s room could wake the baby. Switching on the light switch could wake the baby. With a baby monitor with night vision, yo don’t have to switch the lights on or go into the nursery unless you baby needs attention.

The problem with the wee hours is that one little creak from the door that leads to your baby’s room could wake the baby. Switching on the light switch could wake the baby. With a baby monitor with night vision, yo don’t have to switch the lights on or go into the nursery unless you baby needs attention.

The baby monitor uses infrared LED to light the baby. In other for this to work, the LEDs must not be too far away from the baby. It is best to leave the camera at 10-15feet away from the baby. Too close to the baby and the cord or the camera could pose a health risk.



Finding the best digital baby monitor might take some time and effort on your part but the rewards on the long run are peace of mind, more time to sleep and multi-task without always feeling the need to check up on your baby in the nursery. While it is true that some of the products that made the list of our best baby monitors are a bit pricey, think about the features that you want to see and how much time they can save you and the amount of peace that you will have knowing that you can always monitor your baby from the other room.

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