2020 Moms’ Picks: Best baby monitors

3. VTech DM222 Digital Audio Baby Monitor – Best Affordable Audio Unit

VTech DM222 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Glow-on-Ceiling Night Light and One Parent Unit

The VTech DM222 Digital is an audio-only digital baby monitor. This monitoring system is more than just a walkie-talkie type of monitor. It is embedded with more features that ensure the communication from the nursery to your room is unhindered. The parent unit has a 5-level sound indicator for monitoring the sound levels in the nursery for monitoring your infant. It can cover 1,000 feet from the nursery to your room without no obstruction or 150 feet through walls and doors.

The VTech has an entertainment feature that projects images of the stars and the moon onto the ceiling to keep your baby pre-occupied. Sometimes, babies get cranky without warning and they start crying. This monitoring unit can also play the lullaby for your infant.

The unit is adjustable so you can get the best view of your baby at all times.

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Why moms love it

  • Entertains your infant with projections as well as lullaby
  • It is cheaper than video monitors
  • Functional two-way intercom with visual sound monitoring capabilities


Why moms hate it

  • It doesn’t have any video features
  • The operating range is not great
  • There is no temperature sensor

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