Six maintenance tips for your whole house humidifier

Six maintenance tips for your whole house humidifier

Six maintenance tips for your whole house humidifier

Low humidity in the house means dry air which can cause illnesses like cold and flu, it can make you uncomfortable, and it can cause insomnia. Keeping the right moisture levels in your home is crucial, and this is why you need whole house humidifiers in assisting to put the moisture in the air. Having a whole house humidifier creates a whole lot of benefits for you and your family, it makes your house comfortable to stay in, reduces the chances of falling ill, suffering from respiratory problems, allergies and it protects your furniture.

Humidifiers come in room units and those you install permanently with your cooling system or central heating otherwise called whole house humidifiers. They work by measuring the level of humidity, automatically humidifying the air and distributing it to the whole house.

Maintaining your whole house humidifier should not cost you a whole lot of money or time, It can be done efficiently and effectively and with the least amount of effort.

Follow these tips to maintain your humidifier

  1. Check the Humidifier for leaks

A lot of home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and humidifiers often leak out water; most people assume this is normal, so they mop up the water and forget about it till the appliance stops working altogether. You should check your humidifier regularly for leaks as it could be a sign of a bigger problem. If it turns out that the humidifier is leaking, then you should shut off the water supply and have an expert diagnose the problem and fix it.

  1. Clean the humidifier

You don’t have to clean it every single day; you can clean the humidifier every six months or annually. Whole house humidifiers do not need any serious maintenance or cleaning apart from the one you should do annually. Unlike room humidifiers, you don’t have to deal with the problem of mold or bacteria build-up, but the scale, rust, water, and dust deposits in whole-house humidifiers have to be cleaned. You should also attempt to replace the humidifier pad if you can no longer clean the mineral deposits on the filter. Read the guide for instructions on how to disassemble and clean the humidifier.

  1. Check your media panel and drain line

You must remember to follow the instructions in the manual before you attempt to disassemble the humidifier. When you do, take out your media panel to check for debris build-up, rust and corrosion and clean up the panel as best as you can. You should also take a look at the drain line and clean it out; this will make your humidifier work better.

  1. Shut it off

You don’t need your whole house humidifier every season of the year, especially when the weather is moist maybe during summer months or if you live in warmer climates. Leaving your humidifier on during this period can cause too much humidity, too much moisture is just as bad as not enough moisture. Excessive moisture can cause health problems like allergies and illness, while mold and bacteria thrive in moist environments and high humidity can destroy your electronics. Shutting off your humidifier will also save energy costs.

  1. Keep your humidifier level

Keeping your humidifier level will ensure even distribution of water, and this will make the unit less likely to suffer from uneven wear and debris build-up. Also, check the evaporation pad and other elements of the humidifier especially during the season you use it most often. Wash the pad and replace it whenever you discover that it can no longer absorb and hold water.

  1. Switch off your humidifier before cleaning

Make sure you unplug an electronic device from the outlet before you attempt to clean it so as to avoid electric shock. Read your owner’s manual then proceed to disassemble the unit for cleaning. Add chlorine tabs to water and pour it into the empty water reservoir, this kills bacteria and helps to remove build up in the reservoir. Clean the body of the reservoir with a water/white vinegar solution and make sure to clean all the parts of the unit before putting it away for a season.

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