The main reason behind the popularity of smoothies is because they are very healthy drinks. Most people take smoothies as an alternative for milkshakes. Smoothies provide a balanced mix of essential vitamins and nutrients in a convenient glass.

Owing to our busy schedules, we have moved away from making healthy and nutritious meals. Rather, we rely on fast, cheap and convenient foods and their effects on our health are drastic.

Making smoothies gives you complete control over your smoothie ingredients. The beauty of homemade smoothies is that you know what goes into it; no added sugars, artificial ingredients or coloring.

You can prepare your drinks according to the benefits you wish to receive. Making your smoothies in the comfort of your home might just be the easiest change for better health that you can make.


It is simply a kitchen appliance used for mixing and transforming fruits and vegetables into juice form. Many smoothie blenders are the same size as a coffee maker and are use on the top of counters.

The blenders have a motor at the base, and through a gear mechanism, the motor spins the blades that are found in the blender, giving it the ability to cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces.

Although there abound several popular drinks that are prepared using the smoothie blenders, smoothies are the most popular drinks made using mixers. We can say that smoothies are blended fruit drinks.

The ingredients used in making smoothies are fruits, sugar, cream or milk and ice. These elements are placed together in the blender and blended into juice form.

The frozen drink is another popular drink prepared in a blender. It means a drink that is made using ice as one of the ingredients.

Also, tequila is one frozen drink achieved in a blender. Tequila mix and ice are blended and served cold. Milkshakes are very well known drinks that made with mixers. They are simply a mixture of ice cream and milk.

Finally, it can spread on a piece of bread. Ranges are very easy to make since it just involves blending the product that you wish to spread on bread into a soft consistency.


  • Jar: This is the hollow part of a smoothie blender where you place all the ingredients that you wish to blend.
  • Lid: This is the part that is used to close the jar so that the contents do not splash out of the jar while you are blending.
  • Cap cover: In the lid lies a cap cover, usually located in the center of the top and it also serves the same purpose as the lid.
  • Blending jar seal: The blending jar seal closes the bottom part, connecting the blade assembly to the pot.
  • Dispensing valve: The blender also has a dispensing valve, allowing you dispense the juice once done. However, this feature might not be available in all blenders.


Smoothies are fast becoming popular these days, and a smoothie maker makes it easy for you to knock it up no matter the constituents. There are smoothie makers that double as kitchen blenders and can blend away on coffee beans, nuts, and seeds.

There are some very essential features that best smoothie makers have which are tough to come by in low-quality type blenders. With these functions present in your blender, making smoothies very easy.

  • Power numbers: Whenever you see figures in a blender’s product name, know that it is probably something to do with the strength of the motor inside. The power of the engine is needful, but it is not a determinant of the quality of a smoothie blender. More often than not, inexpensive smoothie makers with low wattage, motors produce very acceptable results.
  • Multiple speed settings: This provides you more control when blending. We gathered that many blenders have at least two speeds and others have programs made for selected tasks like milkshakes or ice crushing. Please note that if your blender doesn’t have an ice crusher. The setting never tries crushing ice with your regular smoothie blender because it can blunt the blades.
  • Jug type: Plastic jugs are lighter, and can be scratched; absorbs odors with use over time. On the other hand, glass jars are sturdier and are more aesthetically pleasing, but can be hefty when full.
  • Cleaning: While many blenders provide single serving, sealable cups which you can drink from directly, the portable container creates less mess. The reason for the former is often in addition to larger receptacles for preparing smoothies to share with others. If you don’t like the idea of hand-washing your blender, look for a blender whose parts are dishwasher safe. Bear in mind that it is handy if the blade is removable, as it makes it easier to clean thoroughly.
  • Manual speed control: This is one of the features that you will find in an ideal smoothie maker. According to reviews, customers tend to prefer a smoothie maker that has manual Speed control with a good reason which is that it helps you to monitor the speed and at the same time, get juice that has the uniform thickness. The preset speed creates bubbles, making it difficult for mostly frozen ingredients not to spin in the mix. The end product of this has chunks and is far from smooth
  • Large pitcher: This is another feature of a good blender should have. Although you might not want a lot of juice, a large pitcher is crucial as it creates enough room for some of the large sized ingredients such as ice. It is very advantageous, giving you the large space that you need when you are making a lot of juice.
  • Tamper: This is an exotic feature which you will find only in the best of blenders. Its work is to push down unblended ingredients closer to the blade. It is better than using things like spoons to do the job because it does not cause damage to the leaves.
  • Multiprong blades: These individual modules are designed to blend ice. They are critical in the preparation of smoothies as ice is an ingredient. So, the blades do not get damaged once you include ice as one of your ingredients.

Choosing a smoothie maker can be a herculean task as there are many models available and the prices of the smoothie makers vary significantly. However, keeping your focus on the best smoothie maker will make the selection process easy and fun for you can’t go wrong with a high-quality product.

It is essential to choose the best blender for smoothies because of its numerous benefits:

  • A good quality smoothie blender enables you to turn your whole foods into liquid form with a thick consistency because a good blender does not separate the pulp from the fluid.
  • It also increases the number of foods that you can turn into juices. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to every blender. Blenders with low quality cannot blend tougher fruits and vegetables into a smoothie consistency. Therefore, it is advisable to have a high-quality blender in your home.
  • High-quality blenders are very easy to clean. Just a simple rinse with soapy water gets rid of all the dirt in the juicer. This point is critical for someone who wants a quick way to create juice, taking the worries of cleaning the blender away.


The variety of available products can put one in a very tricky position. All the available mixers probably have all it takes to make you a good drink, although, you need to weigh your options before you buy one.

  • Versatility: Restaurants, health food franchises, and juice bars use most of the highest rated smoothie makers for different purposes. It means that they do their jobs exceedingly well and can put up with a lot of use. Do you know a product like that? Try by all means to get it into your home as it will surely reach its full potential.
  • Jug sizes: Your choice of a jar size, from different can sizes, relies heavily on your lifestyle and spatial constraints. While a smaller model that saves space is probably a good idea if you live alone and prepare just little amounts of food, a larger family and more frequent use calls for greater capacity.
  • Practical design: This is something that you should not overlook. We’re not talking about the aesthetic appeal, but the little features that will start taking their toll on you after some use. Things like: Feed tube not full enough or absent? Piece of sticking in within the blades and you are not able to clean them since you can’t disassemble them?
  • Powerful Motor: More power means less ‘sip and chew’ and also better flavor. If you want a powerful blender, go for one with a 1000-watt or higher motor because only the most powerful engines have the ability to liquefy very tough foods and fully unlock the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables that you blend.
  • Strength: Making a smoothie every day, takes a toll on most blenders. It is advisable that you get the best one that you can afford. Look for a blender that comes with 5+ year warranty.

There are many models of smoothie makers on the market, but these stand out for their excellent performance and high customer satisfaction ratings. The smoothie blender is, the more power and performance you should expect.

Outlined below are our best ten picks according to customer ratings .

This model’s combination of blender and mixer system produces one refreshing drink after the other with consistently, courtesy of a powerful and efficient 900-watt motor. This system is easy to use with just a simple push and twist motion. The set consists of a larger cup and flip-top lid.


  • It has a hardcover recipe book included.
  • It has a powerful 900-watt motor.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The blender is a bit loud.
  • Its gaskets wear out over time.
  • It requires an extra shake or two when full.



This smoothie blender takes on even the toughest fruits and vegetables with ease because its 400-watt power pod quickly chops and transforms its contents into a perfect smoothie. It is an ideal choice for room temperature blending as it stands out for its ability to whip up frozen drinks in moments.

You’ll love its anti-spill splash guard if you hate messy cleanups. It has a non-slip base, and user-friendly pour spout. It has a great 48-ounce pitcher that provides extra large space for when you need to make several drinks at once.


  • It features a 400-watt power pod.
  • It has a large 48-ounce pitcher.
  • It is ideal for frozen blending.


  • The blades can prove difficult to clean.
  • It is devoid of smoother blending seen in costlier.
  • It has only one speed.



Vitamix models are famous for their high cost, but this one’s power, performance, and features make up for the initial cost. It can fit perfectly to most counter tops and has a powerful 2.2 peak horsepower motor that effortlessly chops and grinds through even the toughest ingredients.

Apart from its variable speed control, this blender comes with a large 64-ounce container. It can clean itself in less than a minute. It features pulse monitor and offers you to choose between five pre-programmed settings.


  • It has a powerful 2.2 peak horsepower motor.
  • It features multiple pre-programmed settings.
  • It can clean itself.


  • It is costly.
  • You may need to use ice when blending as the blades get hot.



Oster Pro’s pre-programmed settings such as green/frozen smoothies and milkshakes make it easy for you to press a button, allowing the machine produce a delicious result. It features low, medium and high settings for maximum results, making it suitable for slicing food and making salsa.

Apart from the power button, this blender comes with a separate stop button for your safety and convenience. It features a dual direction blade technology which gives it the ability to chop up even the toughest fruits and vegetables. Oster Pro blender features 1200 power watts and 900 watts of power for crushing ice.


  • It has a 1200 watt motor.
  • It comes with a separate blending cup.
  • It has preprogrammed settings.


  • This blender makes a loud noise when blending.
  • The Smoothie cup lid can be tough to remove.



Just like its name, this smoothie blender performs a smooth operation even with its powerful motor that reaches up to 1.6 peak horsepower because it comes with a shield that minimizes blending noise.

Its key features include speed control with the pulse and a filter cap that can work as a measuring cup. Its durable stainless steel blade easily slices through top foods such as nuts and ice.


  • It ensures a quiet blending operation.
  • It features speed control with the pulse.
  • It has a durable stainless steel blade.


  • The blender cup needs to be held down during blending operation.
  • Ingredients may occasionally get stuck to the sides of the blender jar.



With a whopping 1100 watts of professional performance power and innovative Total Crushing Technology, your ice, fruits, vegetables, etc. are pulverized with this ninja blender. Its 72-ounce capacity is more than enough to make drinks for a crowd. It also comes with two disposable cups and lids.

The blender is dishwasher safe. It can be used to perform tasks such as controlled processing, pureeing, blending, crushing ice, with excellent results.


  • It has 1100 watts of performance power.
  • It features a generous 72-ounce capacity.
  • It comes with disposable cups and lids.


  • It is very noisy.



Ninja Nutri’s long blades promote maximum vitamins and nutrients extraction for a healthier and more nutrient-dense smoothie. Its blades rotate at speed high enough to liquefy and smoothens ingredients.

This blender features intelligent blending programs that take the guesswork out of the blending process and a 1,000-watt motor that quickly crushes through ice, vegetables, and fruit in just seconds.

It also has regular and jumbo serve cups along with sip and seal lids to make your drinks effortlessly portable. It comes with a digital countdown timer, which provides the time remaining on your Auto-iQ program of choice.


  • It possesses a powerful 1,000-watt motor.
  • It crushes ice, fruit, and vegetables rapidly.
  • It includes regular and jumbo cups.


  • It may move around on the counter top during the blending process.
  • It has lots of plastic components.
  • It is loud a bit.



The signature feature of this blender is its diamond blending system that blends ingredients together quickly and smoothly. A powerful engine works in synchrony with the one-piece diamond pitcher and with sturdy stainless steel blades.

It is an intelligent motor control system that senses the ingredients then operates at the optimal speed to expertly cut through them. It comes in various colors.


  • It makes use of a Diamond blending system.
  • It has Stainless steel blades and intelligent motor control system.


  • It can be tough to detach the base when full.
  • It is a bit long for some cabinets.
  • It is deafening.



This blender is quite costly, but its performance and durability are worth the cost. Blendtec rushes up ice, seeds, and other sturdy objects without hesitation, this Blendtec blender is worth a close look.

Its FourSide jar is from a durable BPA-free copolyester material that is designed to withstand impacts. The jar comes with a durable, thick safety blade and courtesy of its distinct shape, and more friction occurs provided inside the jar when you blend ingredients together.

With this, hot drinks and soups can heat up faster with colder ingredients also blended smoothly and rapidly. It also features a powerful 1560 watt motor and pre-programmed blending cycles.


  • It comes with 64-ounce blending jar.
  • It has a Powerful 1560 watt motor.
  • It features multiple pre-programmed blending cycles


  • It is quite costly.
  • Its lid can pop off if not pushed in tightly.



This blender is large enough to make smoothies and other goodies without taking up too much counter space with a 64-ounce container. With this blender, you can blend medium to large batches with ease.

It has a handy dial that makes it easy to adjust the speed for a variety of textures throughout the blending process for precise results. Its unique feature is the ability to bring raw ingredients to hot temperatures in just minutes as the blades generate friction heat.

Even the smallest part will be pulverized and smoothly incorporated into your food. This Vitamix blender is perfect for entertaining and making family-size portions.


  • It has a 64-ounce container.
  • With its hand dial, it is easy to adjust speeds.
  • It can turn raw ingredients hot in minutes.


  • It is a bit too large to fit under some cabinets.
  • Ingredients can sometimes get stuck under blades.


It can be quite a job to make a choice among the many smoothie makers available in the market. Having outlined the best ten with their features, we are not in doubt that you will do a great job of making the best choice.

Our favorite pick is the Kitchen Aid Diamond blender with its Diamond blending system, stainless steel blades and intelligence motor control system.



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