8 Things Women Hate About Their Bodies and Simple Exercises to Target Each One!


Women! We are so critical of ourselves, especially our bodies. We all spend extended periods in front of the mirror while poking at what we see as less than perfect parts of our body with sighs of frustration. So today, we will be taking you on a short trip through getting the body you want by working on those problems.

Before we begin, it is imperative that you know that the most important thing to note is that self-love is crucial. Even if you looked ‘perfect,’ if you don’t love yourself, you still won’t feel beautiful. That being said, let’s get into the list of 9 things that women don’t like about their body. Oh, and we included some simple exercises too! It wouldn’t be fair to point out the problem without providing a solution now, would it?



Why is it called “love handles” when it’s hated so much? This extra flab may be caused by age, hormones, or a diet that is too high in sugar or fat. To get rid of them, mountain climbers work effectively.


To do this, get into a plank position, and then pull one leg up to your chest, and then extend it back out. Repeat with the other leg.

It’s similar to running in place.



If your butt is anything less than picture perfect, then fire hydrants are the way to go. No, not the one used by firefighters; this is an exercise that will whip your thighs and glutes into shape.


Get on all fours, and look directly ahead. Then slowly raise your right leg to the right side. Hold your knee at a 90-degree angle until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Release, and then repeat with the other leg.



The perfect exercise to tackle that extra flab would be the Russian twist.


To do this, sit on the floor and try to make a V-shape with your torso and your legs. Then start rotating your body from side to side while holding weights, or clasping your hands.



Do you simply detest that extra flab of flesh that does a dance every time you raise your hands? Well, the cavalry has arrived. Dips are a very effective option, and they can be done anywhere at any time. All you need is a stable chair.


To do this, simply stand facing away from the chair. Now, place your hands at a shoulder-width apart distance on a chair. Bend your legs while keeping your back close to the chair. Then, lower your body until your elbows form a 90-degree angle.



Jiggly thighs are very common in women. Some effective ways to get rid of jiggly thighs are lunges, squats, running, etc.



This is caused by the accumulation of fat around the platysma muscle in the neck and under the chin. Neck crunches are a great way to get rid of those fats.


Simply lie on your back facing the sky. Then, bring your chin to your chest and keep your shoulders on the floor. Hold, release and repeat.



Everybody hates that roll of fat above the butt. You can get rid of this with the easy bridge exercise.


This is very easy to do. Lie on your back while keeping your knees bent. Then squeeze your glutes and raise your hips, keeping your knees bent in a way that forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Gently lower your hips. Repeat.



While there isn’t a generally acceptable way of getting rid of cellulite (as it is often as a result of a genetic condition), experts recommend following a low carbohydrate diet to reduce body fat, and working out to make the muscles under the skin firmer. One great exercise for this is step-ups.


This is quite easy to do. All you need is a fitness step or bench. You can even use the stairs. Step onto the bench, and then step down with the same leg. Repeat about 25-30 times, and then switch legs.

So, there it is! The commonest body parts that women complain about and how to put them in shape.


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