4 Must-Know Fashion Tips For Petite Women Over 40


4 Must-Know Fashion Tips For Petite Women Over 40

Oh, congratulations! You have finally graduated from the struggles of the 20s and 30s and entered a new era of womanhood. If you feel a bit terrible about getting older, don’t be. Just take a look at some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood – they are mostly above 40 and they are still glowing. The names Jessica Parker and Madonna spring to mind. This could be your best time yet. You only need to change some of the fashion choices you made when in your 20s and switch it up a little by being wiser and dressing smarter.


Style #1


Slay in a red long sleeve blouse with pink wide leg pants and white leather pumps.


Style #2


A classic move for dinner is to opt for a teal silk evening dress for that picture of elegance mixed with a grey suede heeled sandals for completion.


Tip #1: Buy only quality clothing brands

There are tons of fashion brands all over the internet and sometimes we are bombarded with deals which gives credence to the idea that spending little money as little as possible is the best policy. Nothing could be further from the truth as you age. For under $80, you will be tempted to get a cheap alternative and why bother to invest in expensive clothing since it changes often anyway. The truth of the matter is that fast fashion brands offer bargain deals which helps you mix and match without spending a fortune but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. At 40, quality is everything.

The fabrics, tailoring and the tiniest of details will be scrutinized when you wear them. Why not invest in quality brands then? Also, high-quality apparel gives you confidence and elevates your image and your self-worth. If you’re petite, let go of ASOS and switch to BHLDN or TopShop. If you want to purchase a Trench Coat that won’t go out of style, we advise you consider a Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers or Theory all of which have great timeless pieces which never go out of style.


Style #1

You can style a beige floral trench coat complimented with orange suede pumps.

Style #2

Stay effortlessly chic in this tan trench coat layered on an orange shirt dress. A pair of grey snake leather ballerina flats will definitely leave the kind of classy impressions that you want to give.


Tip #2. Wear nice flats or low heels

When we’re 20, we all love the heels and they often look super sexy, but truth is, it was never comfortable to wear all day. At 40, you need to find a new way to boss it around in the boardroom or as a mother with kids running around in the home. You need flats or low heels which are more practical than wearing stilettos. Well, you might lose a couple of inches but you will gain more confidence and comfort as you walk around.


Style #1

A deep blue blazer with dark blue jeans is a great combination for the fashion conscious lady. Black suede ballerina flats are the best shoes here.


Style #2

Another great way to wear ballerina flats is a navy wool shift dress. These flats are the right shoes to get noticed in this situation.


Tip #3: Reduce the black

Well, you don’t really have to let go of all your colorful prints and wear black all the time just because you’re 40. As a petite woman, reduce the amount of dark-colored outfits that you wear and go with bright colors to emphasize your presence and get that flattering look that is well suited for your flattering frame.


Style #1

A yellow print sheath dress for that work look can be finished off with white leather heeled sandals.


Style #2

Floral fitted dresses are always flattering. You can deck up in a pink floral fitted dress with white leather pumps to complete the look. Don’t forget the handbag and the hat.


Tip #4: Get a nice bag

A quality handbag for a petite woman is everything. You should have some savings at this age, but if you don’t it is time, you consider saving up in the bank. Handbags are an age-old accessory that is gradually becoming one of the safest ways of investing in the future as long as you know how to maintain them and keep them in good condition.

Studies have shown that handbags tend to accumulate in value as they remain a status symbol for the richest women in the woman which makes it recession proof. Now, I’m not saying you should break the bank to get a handbag, ut the next time you consider spending $100 on a bunch of bags, you might want to consider spending more to invest in one handbag that won’t go out of style quickly. These classic handbags tend to cost more but they are timeless and could be a great way to invest in the future.


Style #1

Dress up in a grey dress shirt and blue slim jeans to get a sexy chic look. A hot pink leather heeled sandal will look super exotic and definitely completes the look with the brown handbag.


Style #2

A white coat layered on a white fitted dress is so perfect for that Monday morning work look. Complete your look with a quality white leather pumps for that refined ensemble.

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