23 Of the Cutest Socks You Can Get on Amazon


1. A set of pupper socks that are ear-resitable. You can’t help but appreciate these cuties.

2. You wouldn’t want to pull off these thick knit cuties.


Get them from Amazon (available in eight designs).

3. An incredibly affordable pair of socks for Harry Potter Stans. Aren’t we all?


Get them from Amazon (available in four colors).

4. Transparent ankle high socks so stylish, you might want to do away with shoes.

Get them from Amazon (available in three designs).

5. These crew socks would do the swearings for you so you don’t have to, leaving you with happy feet.


Promising review: “I wore these for the first time when I was traveling. I knew I’d have to take my shoes off at security, but I honestly didn’t think TSA would look that closely at my feet. Well, they do. I was standing in the body scanner and the agent directed me to step forward slightly, then exclaimed (while I had my hands up and the scanner was going), ‘Do your socks say @sshole?!’ I blushed so hard, but smiled and nodded. He waved me out and had me stop on the mat in order to call over another agent. He pointed at my feet and said ‘Look at her socks!’ which made everyone around me look down at my feet. Two people asked me where they could find them. It was pretty awesome actually and gave everyone a laugh.” —Lisa Lanigan

Get them from Amazon (available in 105 designs).

6. Care-free Bob Ross socks for anyone who believes there are no mistakes, just happy accidents, and feet.

One thing that would actually be a mistake? Not buying these.Price: $12

7. Super fluffy critter socks that leave you feeling comfy all day (and night) long.


Get them from Amazon (available in 15 designs)

8. You won’t stop staring at these Studio Ghibli-themed socks in admiration when you have them on.

9. Giggling mac ‘n’ cheese socks that are the epitome of comfort.


10. Over-the-knee animal socks that are just the right complements for your fave boots.

Get them from Amazon (available in five animals).

11. Your legs are a work of art, you just haven’t realized it yet. These socks featuring famous paintings would make them come alive!


Promising review: “Wow! I’m truly impressed with these socks. I honestly thought they’d be thin and made of 100% polyester with the design printed on them, but I was pleasantly proved wrong in all areas! They are thicker than typical polyester socks and made with much better materials: cotton and spandex. The design is actually sewn in, which means the artwork will actually last on these socks! It’s visible when turning the socks inside out. Can’t wait to wear these to work!” —Tanya M.

Get them from Amazon.

12. Polka dot Pokémon ankle socks you’d want to wear them all. At the very same time!


Get them from Amazon (available in six designs).

13. Taco-themed bold printed socks hmm.. Yummy!

14. Fuzzy Frenchies for winter. Who says ‘nature cannot be cheated?’


Get them from Amazon (available in five designs).

15. Up your sock game with these Wide Mouth Animal Novelty socks. I know what you’re thinking—yes, they are snug!


Get them from Amazon (available in 11 animals).

16. A set featuring favorite animated characters, for toon lovers like you, you, you, and you.


Get them from Amazon (available in 18 styles total).

17. Pairs of avocado socks that would leave your friends green with envy.


18. A six-pack of everyday ankle socks got you covered, literally and literarily.

19. A set of soft and comfy little ladies that provide you with enough cuteness for more than one winter.


Get them from Amazon (available in four designs).

20. Paws-itively adorable kitty feet socks that are exactly what you should ask Santa Claws for this Christmas.


Get them from Amazon (available in eight designs).

21. Be what you want to be with these hilariously creative tube socks 

Get them from Amazon (available in sizes medium or large and in 52 designs).

22. A trio of hungry Pusheens cat lovers (almost everyone) need in their life.


23. You’d, no doubt, look fresh in these sets of sushi socks. 


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