19 of The Best Flip-Flops for Summer

December 18, 2018 Shelby Parrish 0

1. Comfy Tevas are long-lasting flops that are capable of adorning your feet all summer long — You’ll be surprised they will last till next summer as well! Promising review: “I absolutely love my Teva […]

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6 Best Bali Bras for Sexy Women

December 18, 2018 Shelby Parrish 0

We understand the inconvenience that having a big breast can cause without the right support of a bra. That’s why it is important to find the right bra; a quality bra that supports your breast without restricting […]

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Skin Care

5 Best Face Wash Cleanser for Women

December 18, 2018 Shelby Parrish 0

We know that washing your face is important and finding the right skincare to do that is, even, more important. However, after a long day, it is the last thing you want to do: the […]

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6 Best Lip Plumpers

December 18, 2018 Shelby Parrish 0

Lip plumpers are the new craze and you probably know why—they look so damn good! Ladies and men (yes, men. More than you could imagine.) spend tons on surgeries and injections just to have that […]

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