13 Super Foods That Make Your Buttocks Bigger

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13 Super Foods That Make Your Buttocks Bigger

Trying to get bigger butts for a while now? You have gone through 6 hours in the gym, and the difference in your butt size isn’t what you expected?

Having a big butt has become the dream of every girl, and a lot of celebrities combine rigorous workouts with super foods to help.

Working out in the gym without eating properly will hinder the growth of your butt size that you could have had by eating some certain foods, especially protein. In the process of reshaping and growing your butt, you may need to gain little pounds all over your body for the buttocks to pick up from.

This is not saying you should go for junk food, as lots of people do because it is a very popular misconception.

But the truth remains that eating junk food will leave you with a flabby belly, arms and legs, even though it gives bigger buttocks, would it be worth it?


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Proteins are one of the classes of food will help make your butt bigger, as it helps build your muscle. Here are the foods that make your butt bigger you should incorporate into your diet. 



1. Get Some Nuts

To start your butt growth journey, you need to pack on the nuts i.e. cashews, almonds, and peanuts. Nuts are one of the best foods that make your butt bigger. Most nuts have calories serving of 135 so eating nuts daily will put you on the right track, but if you don’t like eating nuts, as a person, you can eat peanuts or try mixing with raisins.

Our experts recommend these for getting required nuts dosage


2. Whole Wheat

whole wheat

Whole wheat is known for keeping you full longer and for being a healthier choice for your body because it doesn’t turn to sugar like most flour products. Whole wheat works for the body instead, and it contains more calories instead. Replacing your butter bread and white bread for whole wheat bread would be a good idea.

3. Avocado

Avocado is an incredibly nutritious fruit high in healthy fats, monounsaturated fat. A lot of research has shown that it has powerful beneficial effects on health. Avocado can make you gain lots of weight if eaten too much, therefore, eat in moderation.

4. Tuna

tuna fish

Tuna is excellent for the heart as it helps reduce the coronary heart disease and it is loaded with protein and healthy fats. The good thing with tuna is that you can eat a lot of it and still stay fit. If you want a healthy food that makes your butt bigger, then Tuna is your best bet. Tuna should be a must on every diet, butt growth or not.


5. Greek Yoghurt

greek yogurt

Yogurt is a very excellent source of protein; the Greek Yoghurt which is thicker than the regular yogurt has up to 20gms of protein, which is 13gms more than normal. It’s best to eat Greek yogurt in moderation, as the pounds start showing very soon.

6. Eggs 


Eggs are another rich source of protein ready to help your butt growth strategy and just like the Greek yogurt, remember to keep it in moderation as you don’t want to push up your cholesterol level. Two servings per day will serve your diet nicely.

7. Skinless Chicken breasts

skinless chicken breast

Skinless Chicken is another food that should be included in your diet as it is a source of low carbs and high protein content.


8. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Sweet potato has carbohydrates that most people tend to shy away from when trying to lose weight, but it is also a great way getting your butts out. As stated with other foods, eat in moderation, but they are an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and potassium.

9. Dried Fruits

dried frutis


Dried fruits i.e. dried bananas, dried raisins, etc. tend to have a lot of high sugar content and surprisingly helps to pack on pounds that the regular fresh fruits

10. Quinoa



Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat and almost twice more fiber than other grains, quinoa is relatively new on the scene, but it keeps you fuller for a long time, and it’s on par with whole wheat.

11. Lean Beef

lean beef

Lean beef is highly recommended if you want to build up the muscles in your butt, it contains 154 calories, loads of vitamins and protein, which are very useful to the body. The high levels of protein aid the growth of muscles if done with the right exercise.

If you want to build up those muscles in your booty, get yourself some lean beef.

12. Beans


One of the most inexpensive sources of protein, it provides the body with soluble fiber which aids in controlling blood cholesterol levels. Although a lot of diets do not contain beans because of the risk of bloating, the truth is beans is packed with protein that will help build up the muscles

13. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods, they improve digestive system functions, and they are packed full of antioxidants.
All these foods listed above are super foods that make your butt bigger. They help give you the dream butt you have always wanted, naturally. Workouts, when done in collaboration with the right diet plan will also help.



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